10 eCommerce Business Ideas That Will Help You Make Money

ecommerce business ideas

If you are one among those thousands of people who are looking forward to making money online, then eCommerce is the way out.

Globally, the eCommerce market crossed 1 trillion USD in sales With an annual projected growth of 20%, the global sales are estimated to reach 1.3 trillion USD soon. In other words, a huge market potential is staring at you!

Often, online business owners choose custom eCommerce websites for which the development costs run into thousands of dollars. Unless one has an unlimited business budget, choosing to develop a custom eCommerce solution is hard.

The Internet has changed the way business is done, and eCommerce business is a classic example for this. This is turning out to be a lucrative business, and many people have started to divert their attention to starting an eCommerce business.

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Best eCommerce Business Ideas

01. Automotive Parts Business

The automotive business offers a great market because of the increasing demand for automobiles, in both the affordable and luxurious categories.

If you are planning to get into this segment of business, then you will sure make a lot of sales online with some planning, as there is a huge demand for automotive products.

People who produce spare automotive spare parts sell them online, at a higher margin. There are also a lot of niches that you can look into, which will give you tons of opportunities to succeed. Websites like Amazon and Alibaba easily allow you to do this.

This guide on Bright Hub gives you handy tips to start an auto parts online business.

Automotive Business

02. Consumer Electronics Business

This is probably the most active sector in the e-commerce business. As per news reports, the sales in this sector increased by 15% during summers of 2015.

One truth about this business is that it is a highly competitive sector with some major players already dominating it; therefore, it will be tough to make it big in this niche.

There is still a lot of scopes if you can introduce fairly new products, which are not offered by the big players. You can probably sell something like used electronic gadgets at a much cheaper rate or something on those lines.

If you put your thinking cap on, you will come up with some great ideas to do well in this business.

Consumer Electronics

03. Jewelry ­­Business

This is a niche that will help you scale up your business if you plan things well.

If you can find some really interesting and unique jewelry from some new designers or some sort of rare collections that are not on other popular sites, then you have a good chance of doing well in this business.

This market is still not entirely explored, therefore you can take advantage of it and make more money.

Jewelry ­­Business

04. Apparel Business

This basically will include everything from clothes and other accessories like socks, belts, tie and so on. If you start this business, then try offering some products that are rarely seen in popular eCommerce sites; you will have an edge over your competitors if you do so.

Apparel Business

05. Consultant for Social Media

To become an expert for social media, you will have to be highly knowledgeable. As a consultant, your duty will be to advise your clients on building and improving their social media campaigns.

Mostly, these campaigns include the use of blogs, videos or some forums. This how-to guide on Mashable explains how to use your social media skills to earn extra money.

Social Media

06. eCommerce Service Provider

If you take up this business, you will be taking care of the client’s servers, their warehouse or even support the marketing and inventory of your clients.

There is a huge scope for this business, and you can make a lot of money as an e-commerce service provider.


07. Merchandising Platform

As a business person, this is a great business idea; you can assist in connecting the retailers online along with the suppliers that supply the products to relatively small e-stores. You will be an intermediate between the suppliers and the end consumer.


08. Online Services Platform

If you can think on these lines, you can offer some kind of a platform, which is designed for small-scale businesses.

This platform must provide properly streamlined support for managing the clients and sales like the integrated CRM, some tools for social media and so on. You can make money by charging the users for the services you are offering.

Online Services Platform

09. Online Customer Engagement Business

E-commerce business majorly depends on customer service and it is a mandate to offer the best service to the customers as they have a lot of choices in front of them.

The online customer engagement business platform makes use of video technology with which the e-stores can engage with the users and assist them without any trouble.

Customer Engagement

10. E-Book Author

There has been a great increase in e-book sales after digital reading devices like Kindle came into existence. The e-books are popular, and there have been so many people who are writing their contents and making it an e-book.

If you can find your niche and passionately write something about your interest, you will then be able to make an E-book and sell it on various platforms like Amazon. You can make a lot of money with this business, and the scope is huge.

ebook author

There are always a lot of business ideas; however, one has to decide as to what he or she is good at and make a solid plan and execute it to perfection. That way, whichever business path one undertakes, they will eventually find success with it.

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