5 Best Backlink WordPress Plugins 2020

Some Useful Backlink WordPress Plugins To Monitor The Links To Your Site Right From The WordPress Dashboard


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A list of some important backlink WordPress plugins that will help you to manage the links to your site and grow your business in the right way.

First of all. Do you really need a backlink plugin? What are these backlink plugins?

Well, we will try to answer these questions throughout the post.

Backlinks are extremely important from the SEO perspective. Naturally gained high-quality backlinks from related pages can surely improve the ranking of a page.


Please Note: Bad quality links from spammy sites or links from domains that are completely irrelevant to your niche and business can harm your site. 

The backlinks surely have a great significance in the whole SEO process. The search engines bots use the links on a page to find other pages and sites on the internet.

So, in a way we are helping the search engines to discover new pages by linking to them from our articles and pages.

However, we should only link to the pages that are relevant to the content on the page.

We have already written about the best backlink checker tools that you can use to check the backlinks of your competitor site and replicate them for your site. Or you can use those just to monitor the sites that are linking to your site to keep your backlink profile clean and safe.

In this article, we have listed some of the best backlink plugins that you can use to monitor the links to your site.

Incoming Links

A very simple yet effective WordPress plugin that will monitor the links that are pointing to your site. This plugin is very quick in discovering the new links to your site.

The plugin will index the link as soon as there is a visit from any link. This can be helpful for you in many different ways.

  • You can keep a track of all link
  • Decide to keep or disallow depending on link quality
  • Thank the sites that are linking to your site

The plugin comes with a comprehensive dashboard to give you detailed statistics of all the links pointing to your site.

The plugin will automatically detect the new links and index theme to let you know about it. It will also give you the details of the link if it is follow or no-follow link.


Get The Plugin


Ultimate WordPress Plugin for Backlinks

As the name suggests, this is a top quality backlink monitor plugin that can be extremely helpful in your overall SEO process.

While the good quality backlinks can improve the ranking of your site and increase traffic. Some bad link can destroy your site completely, as Google is very strict about the link quality of a site.

So, it is very important to keep an eye on the overall link profile of your site and disallow the bad links to safeguard your site.

This link monitoring plugin will always keep you updated about the incoming links to your site. You will get the details right on your WordPress dashboard making the process simple and quick.

Wordpress Plugin for Backlinks

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Get Backlinks

Get Backlinks is a very simple plugin that will make it easier for other users to copy an HTML code and link to your site.

This plugin is good for newbie WordPress users who are not tech savvy. It gives you simple HTML code that can be copied and placed on any site to site.

Get Backlinks

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The Consolety plugin will help you to increase the overall exposure of your content. It is a network plugin that can help you to get high authority backlinks on autopilot.

And not only backlinks, but it can also help you to receive a good amount of traffic from many other related sites in the network.

So, this is a link exchange network that displays the links from other sites as the read more links with your content.

If you are spending hours creating guest articles for other sites, this plugin can do similar link procurement but without spending any of your valuable time.


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Backlinks Saver

This is another simple yet very useful backlink plugin for WordPress. In the process of creating content, you receive some backlinks naturally from different sites.

Now, there could be many instances when a particular page may not exist on your site anymore. The time-sensitive content, the content around a product that may be irrelevant currently may not exist on your site.

What about those backlinks that were pointing to those on existent pages on your site? You may have some quality links from high authority backlinks to the pages that don’t exist on your site anymore.

This plugin will help you to save those backlinks for your site by redirecting (301 redirections) those links to the homepage of your site.

This process will help you to put those links to use and increase the overall authority of the homepage of your site.

Backlinks Saver

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Final Word

If you look at the best backlink monitoring services, it costs $90 or more per month. Every blogger or business can not afford to spend that amount.

So, why not use these backlink plugins. These plugins are free to use and it will help you to keep a track of overall backlink profile of your site.


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