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Taskade Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Taskade makes team collaboration, project management & communication simple

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What is Taskade?

Taskade is a comprehensive remote work management platform where you can collaborate with your team and manage your projects. You can make this your virtual office and work along with your team to plan and discuss your ideas, create visual mindmaps and get work done.

It gives you the option to plan and create great-looking visual workflows so that everyone on the team can easily understand the steps to follow.

We will look at what Taskade has to offer in detail in this article

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Taskade Company Details

Taskade is a task and project management solution founded in 2017. The product comes with all the features and options needed to manage a remote business, collaborate, communicate and work together on a project.

Company Name: Taskade

CEO Name: John Xie

Year Founded: 2017

Employees: 1-10

HQ Location: New York, US

John Xie CEO taskade
John Xie
Co-founder & CEO
Stan Chang CTO Taskade
Stan Chang
Co-founder & CTO

Taskade Screenshots and Media

Pros and Cons of Taskade

Pros of Taskade

  • All-in-one solution to manage projects & tasks
  • Simple user interface
  • Option to create visual workflows
  • Manage unlimited tasks and projects
  • Collaborate with your team
  • 5000+ Automations & Integrations

Cons of Taskade

  • Free plan is only for 30 days
  • User reported usability issues at times

Taskade Features

Comprehensive project managemnt

Taskade offers comprehensive project management solutions to make it easier for users.

Create project mindmaps

Gives the option to create a perfect project mindmap to visualize your project well.

Taskade AI

Taskade AI is a writing solution that can help you write project notes, blog post outlines, and more.

Task management

Taskade comes with a complete task management solution to help teams manage bigger projects with ease.

Team collaboration

Collaborate with your team from anywhere and any device to get things done together.

Real-time communication

Taskade comes with a built-in chat system to allow team members to communicate in real-time.

Video meetings

You don't need third-party software for your team meetings, as Taskade offers a video meeting option.

Manage remote teams

You can use Taskade as your preferred platform to manage your remote team with ready templates.

Works on any device

Taskade works on any device be it iOS, ANdropid, MacOS, or any other system. Manage your business on the go.

Multiple view options

Taskade comes with multiple project views to select from. You can have a list, calendar, board, mind map, and more.

Taskade Pricing

Taskade offers a free plan, you can try everything that Taskade offers for 30 days to check if the product is good for your business.

You have 3 pricing plans to choose from. Here are the details.

Free Plan
Monthly Billing: $0/Month
Yearly Billing: $0/Month
  • 1 Workspaces
  • 1 GB Storage Limit
  • Unlimited Tasks and Projects
  • 5 Workspace Members
  • iOS, Android, Chrome, Desktop Apps
  • Real-time Collaboration & Video Chat
  • Task Management Features
  • Video Chat & Project Meetings: 5 members
  • Screen Sharing
  • Chat and Messaging
  • Team Collaboration
  • Multiple Project Views
  • Self-serve Knowledge Base
Pro Plan
Monthly Billing: $39/Month
Yearly Billing: $19/Month
  • 2 Workspaces
  • 20 GB Storage Limit
  • Unlimited Tasks and Projects
  • 20 Workspace Members
  • iOS, Android, Chrome, Desktop Apps
  • Real-time Collaboration & Video Chat
  • Task Management Features
  • Video Chat & Project Meetings: 20 members
  • Screen Sharing
  • Chat and Messaging
  • Team Collaboration
  • Multiple Project Views
  • 24 / 7 Support
Business Plan
Monthly Billing: $99/Month
Yearly Billing: $49/Month
  • 10 Workspaces
  • 100 GB Storage Limit
  • Unlimited Tasks and Projects
  • 50 Workspace Members
  • iOS, Android, Chrome, Desktop Apps
  • Real-time Collaboration & Video Chat
  • Task Management Features
  • Video Chat & Project Meetings: 100 members
  • Screen Sharing
  • Chat and Messaging
  • Team Collaboration
  • Multiple Project Views
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • On-demand Webinars
Ultimate Plan
Monthly Billing: $199/Month
Yearly Billing: $99/Month
  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • 1000 GB Storage Limit
  • Unlimited Tasks and Projects
  • 100 Workspace Members
  • iOS, Android, Chrome, Desktop Apps
  • Real-time Collaboration & Video Chat
  • Task Management Features
  • Video Chat & Project Meetings: 300 members
  • Screen Sharing
  • Chat and Messaging
  • Team Collaboration
  • Multiple Project Views
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • On-demand Webinars
  • Priority Support
  • Onboarding and Training

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Taskade Detail

The pandemic has hit us all real hard! Companies from across the globe have asked employees to work from home. Working from home is easy if you are a lone wolf. 

However, the entire scenario changes when you need to work with a team from your home remotely. Well, you can let go of the stress, thanks to Taskade.

What is Taskade?

Taskade is the tool that you need for remote teams to get the work done seamlessly. Your office is your physical workspace. Similarly, Taskafe is your all-in-one digital workspace where you can manage tasks, workflow, and communicate via HD video chat. 

Now that you know what Taskade is let us dig a bit deeper and know about its awesome features. 

Taskade Review

Features of Taskade: An Overview

On Taskade, you can create a team with unlimited team members. You won’t have to leave out even a single team member from the project that you are working on. 

Also, you can create and work on unlimited projects here and the projects that you are creating can be shared with unlimited guests. In addition to that, Taskade also supports unlimited subspaces. In short, with Taskade, there is no limit. 

Taskade is your virtual office where you plan projects with your team, discuss, plan, execute. No matter where your team member is, Taskade will bring all of your together to achieve your goal.

Getting Started With Taskade

Taskade is a very powerful platform for professionals, yet it is very easy to get started. The tool is simple and easy to use. There is no learning curve involved unlike many other tools created for a similar task.

Create Your Profile

Start by creating your profile. You can use your Google Account to signup and login to the platform. Follow the steps, fill in the details and you are good to go.

You can define your goal and choose your account type. If you are The tool for your business, your personal use. You can define the goal of your business, select industry type.

Or you can skip these steps and move forward.

Getting Started With Taskade

Simple User Interface

Taskade comes with a very simple and easy-to-understand user interface where you can create your project.

This is how it looks like.

Taskade User Interface

Creating a New Project on Taskade

Click on “New” to start a new project. You have all the options such as bullet points, paragraphs, and other items depending on your project type.

Taskade New Project

Customize The Design That Represents Your Business

You can bring in your own branding to Taskade.

While you manage your project on the Taskade platform and share it with your team or your clients. You can have a complete look and feel with your own color scheme.

You can change the background of the project interface.

Click on the edit option below on the page and select a color or a background image. You have the option to add your own image that will make the interface completely your own.

Change Background

Own Branding

You can also select a color scheme for the buttons and all other elements on the page. Also, you can upload your profile logo.

While you create a new project, you can define these elements. Or you can go to a project, edit it and select the color scheme and upload the logo.

Own Branding

Enable Dark Mode

Taskade gives you the option to enable dark mode. Click on the Taskade icon at the right top corner to enable dark mode.

Enable Dark Mode

Collaboration With Your Team

The primary purpose of Taskade is to bring together the team members so that they can work together remotely. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that Taskade is all about collaboration. Create projects, share them with your team members, chat with them to discuss more of them. 

As the changes happen in the project information on Taskade, you will be able to keep an eye on it because everything is shown in real-time. The sync is impressive across all the devices. The app supports multiplayer synching and real-time collaboration. 

In case you do not want to add a person to a particular project but want to share something from the project, you can go for a shareable link. 

Communication will never be a problem in Taskade, as it supports multiple ways of communication like:

  • Video Conferencing 
  • Team Messaging 
  • Task Commenting

Different team members play different roles in a project, and that is the reason why Taskade allows you to assign tasks and projects.

Have a deadline? Remember about it by setting the due date along with the reminders. In case, some tasks need to be done regularly, or on a regular interval, you can include it in the recurring tasks.

The push notification ensures that you neither miss any deadline nor any change made in the project in Taskade. 

Everything can be tracked instantly here. Want to check the progress on a particular project? You can see it in the workspace, in real-time. 

Inviting a Team member to a New Project

Inviting a team member to a project is simple. You can click on the invite option on your project page or use the at the top of the page to invite a new member.

Invite to Taskade

Add the email ID of the user, defile the role, and proceed. You can also use the invite link option that you see on the invite window.

Inviting a Member

Quick Communication

Quick communication between team members is one of the big advantages of the Taskade platform. While there are many other communication options available on the internet to do a virtual meeting with your team members, doing everything on one single platform certainly has its own advantage.

So, you will never have to leave the Taskade platform while you plan, manage or do a meeting with your team members.

Taskade gives you a quick option to chat, do audio calls or a video conference right from the same interface.

Quick Communication

You can enable notification by going to the setting in your account.

Customize Views

Have you ever used any to-do app? Well, most of the to-do app allow the users to view the list that they have created in the task list format. Do you know there are so many different ways in which you can view your to-do list?

If not, it’s time for you to give your eyes a treat with different views of the task list on Taskade. The different views which are supported by it include:

  • Task List 
  • Kanban Board 
  • Action Sheet
  • Mindmap
  • Org Chart
  • Bulleting Format
Project Mindmap

Ready Templates

You can start with a blank page for your project. If you don’t know how to get started with the things that you need to create, to begin with it, you can choose templates from the templates gallery. The templates available here are broadly divided into categories like:

  • Team Management
  • Remote Work 
  • Design
  • Planning
  • Journalling 
  • Personal 
  • Growth

Once you are familiar with the templates, you can go ahead and create your very own custom templates to meet your very own specific needs. You can further go ahead with the customization by uploading the logo and backgrounds that we mentioned above.

Ready Template


Your projects in Taskade are protected with data encryption. You do not need to worry about losing any data, thanks to the regular backups which are done. 

Additional security layers include:

  • Google Single Sign-On
  • Twitter Single Sign-On 
  • Facebook Single Sign-On

Platforms & Apps

Taskade is available for multiple platforms and browsers. Here’s the list for you:

  1. Mobile Apps
  • iOS
  • Android
  1. Browser Extensions
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  1. Desktop Apps
  • macOS (recommended Mac 10.12 or later)
  • Windows (recommended Windows 8 or later)
  • Linux
Taskade Apps


While working on Taskade, if you stumble across any problem, do not panic. Taskade is there to support its customers 24*7. If you are a premium user, you will be provided with priority support. Also, custom onboarding and training are provided to the users. 

Also, Taskade is planning to launch many new features. The common features in both the packages include schedule templates and email to Taskade. Features that are limited to the Unlimited version include revision history and integration with Dropbox/OneDrive and G-Drive. 

Phew! That was a pretty detailed review. However, we will go ahead and address a few frequently asked questions too.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for a fun way of organizing and collaborating with your team member, there is no better app than Taskade. It has a simple user interface, and it looks great. 

If you are a solo user, even the free version will suffice and if not, even the premium version is also available at a reasonable rate. 

For a start, why don’t you start using the free version of Taskade and try the app for yourself? You can upgrade the package after falling in love with the product. 

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What Kind of Support Does Taskade Offer?

Taskade comes with detailed documentation and a knowledge base to help the users. Also, based on the package you select, you get support through different channels. They offer 24X7 support to all paid plan users.
Email Support
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

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Frequently Asked Questions About Taskade (FAQs)

Absolutely, yes! From planning to journaling templates, Taskade is all about both professional and personal growth and productivity. Taskade supports more than 100 free templates, and you can use them to grow.
You can create multiple projects in Taskade. When you club multiple projects in Taskade, you create a workspace. Basically, in a workspace, you will find a collection of multiple projects. To keep things more organized, one can also create subspaces here.
All your team members can participate in a video chat. Yes, there is no limit. However, if you want to receive the absolute best video quality, please go ahead with ten members per project. However, there is no such limit in a workspace.
Yes, you can share the projects that you have created on Taskade. In case you want to share all the projects that you have created, you can invite the person directly to your workspace.
By default, all the projects that you create on Taskade are hidden. You can share your project when you feel the need to share it. You are in full control of your privacy.
Taskade supports mostly all credit cards. The payment is then processed through the Stripe process.
You can cancel the premium Taskade subscription anytime when you want. You will find the option for the same on the Settings page. Even when you cancel your subscription, you will be able to access all the data that you have stored in the app. Please note that the refunds are issued in the form of Taskade credits.
To be honest, $5 is a very reasonable rate in such a competitive environment. However, if you still need a discount, you might get one if you are using the app for nonprofit or educational institutions. For knowing whether you are eligible for the discount, you can directly contact them.

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