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Slack Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

A detailed review of Slack & the top Slack alternatives for a better team communication

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What is Slack?

Slack is one of the most popular and widely used team communication and productivity tools. Regular innovations and updates have helped Slack make its place solid in various industries and business organizations.

One of the biggest takeaways of Slack is the number of unique customization options available. Slack is a complete solution when it comes to collaboration and team communication. 

Slack users regard it as the easiest and the most convenient team messaging application. It’s quick, innovative, and saves a lot of time for all kinds of business organizations across the globe.

Slack Company Details

Founded in 2009, Slack was acquired by Salesforce. It is one of the most popular and widely used team productivity and communication tool that is used by large number of leading businesses.

Company Name: Slack Technologies, Inc.

CEO Name: Denise Dresser

Year Founded: 2009

Employees: 1001-5000

HQ Location: California, US

Slack Screenshots and Media

Pros and Cons of Slack

Pros of Slack

  • Allows for quick and easy communication between team members
  • Use the software for free
  • Can be used to share files and other resources
  • Has a search function that makes it easy to find past conversations
  • Can be accessed on mobile devices as well as web

Cons of Slack

  • Can be distracting if notifications are not turned off
  • May lead to less face-to-face interaction between team members
  • May be difficult to keep track of all the channels and messages

Slack Features

Offers free plan
Channels to keep things organized
Remote team management
Quick video call
Manage any project
Third-party integration
Easy workflow builder
Better team communication
Open & private messaging
Video conference

Slack Pricing

One thing that makes Slack very popular among freelancers & small business users is the free plan it offers. You can use the software for an unlimited period of time for free.

In the free plan, you will be able to access upto 10,000 recent messages from your team, which is good enough for any small team. You can also integrate the software with 10 other apps like Google Drive and more.

If you need more features and options, you can go for an affordable premium plan.


Slack Price Comparison

Compare price of Slack With some of the top competitors.
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Slack Detail

Slack is popular worldwide for its constant updates and innovations. An advanced and easy-to-use interface makes the software a popular choice among team collaboration software.

Users will get an integrated compose button for quick message writing and options to edit it briefly before actually posting it. Also, changes in commands and apps have made Slack even more accessible and quicker than old slash commands. 

Slack, the best team collaboration application, is now available for platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. All you need is an active internet connection to use Slack on your favorite device. 

Users get to use two different versions of Slack, a standard and a beta version. Make sure you choose the one that suits your team. 


Keep Your Team Organized

Slack helps you to keep your team organized and active while the entire team works on any important project. It will make your communication process a lot more quicker and easier.

You don’t have to spend time writing emails to your colleagues as you can get an answer instantly with direct messaging or a face-to-face video call with a click.

Overall, Slack will make your team a lot more productive by optimizing the overall process of communication.

As the manager of a project or an owner of a company, you can use Slack to communicate with your team individually or in a group without any hassle.

Manage a Remote Team

These days, most of the companies work with a remote team. We don’t need to be present in the same place to get things done anymore, thanks to software like Slack.

You can easily manage a completely remote team and optimize overall communication a lot more organized with Slack.


Communicate Better on Slack – Review

Slack is all about communicating with your team. Along with organizing your work and your team, Slack will help you to make your communication quicker and easier with your team.

You can have an open communication as well as a private communication as per your need.

Slack gives you the option to communicate with your team one-on-one or as a group and both are important. There are certain things that you need to convey to a specific team member while there will be updates that you need to send as a group to the entire team.


Video Conference on Slack

As the trend of working from home is increasing, the demand for quality conference software is also increasing. We have seen how software like Zoom became so popular in the recent past.

If you are using Slack, you will have a built-in option for video calling and video conferencing making it simple for the teams to meet every day overall video chat to communicate even more effectively.

In case, you wish to use other popular video conferencing software you can integrate software like Zoom, Cisco Webex Meetings, Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex Meetings, etc with Slack.

Slack Channels

Slack channels are a way to keep things organized and make communication clear. You can create a channel for any team, topic or project to keep things together.

As you start managing a new project, you can create a channel for the project and share everything related to the project in the channel. Everything that you share in the channel, the conversations, and the files can be searched. So, over time it becomes a very important archive for the project to keep things in one place.

Effective File Sharing

While managing a project on Slack, you can share files and you can add the context to the fine so that it is easier for other users to understand the file at any point in time.

As mentioned above, you can create different channels to share files so that it is perfectly organized for longer time.


Slack Integrations

No matter how small or big your organization is, Slack makes things possible with the right integrations. You can use third-party apps and tools along with Slack to extend the functionality and manage everything from a single interface.

You can look at the Slack integration section to find the apps that can be effectively integrated with Slack.

You can integrate a software like Jira,, Asana, Zoom, Trivia, Loom, Google Drive, GitHub, and many others.


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What Kind of Support Does Slack Offer?

Slack is a popular software, so you will find a lot of tutorials and videos around the product that will clear all your issues. However, if you still need help you can contact the team.
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Slack Alternatives

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Frequently Asked Questions About Slack (FAQs)

Slack is a popular team communication and collaboration software that you can use for your business.
Yes, Slack offers a completely free plan along with premium plans.
Yes, you can. Slack gives you the option to integrate it with a number of other third-party apps.
There are a number of software that offer similar features to Slack. You can use software like Microsoft Teams, etc. You can check our alternatives section for more.

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