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Microsoft Bookings Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Microsoft Bookings is a cloud-based scheduling software that enables organizations to manage bookings, appointments, and schedules through an automated, customizable web interface that is integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite.

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What is Microsoft Bookings?

Bookings is cloud-based scheduling software designed to simplify the process of making arrangements for and managing appointments. It serves as a comprehensive solution for organizations that want to provide an easy and efficient booking experience for their customers, clients, or colleagues, as evidenced by its high ratings and positive reviews. The software integrates seamlessly with Outlook and provides an easy-to-use web-based booking page that streamlines calendar management and increases flexibility for users. Equipped with features such as email and SMS text notifications to reduce no-shows and improve customer satisfaction, Bookings saves organizations time by minimizing repetitive planning tasks. 

What is Microsoft Bookings Good For?

Bookings is particularly effective for managing and scheduling meetings in a variety of settings. It excels at providing businesses with a customizable booking page that allows customers to easily book meetings at their convenience. This software is instrumental in automating the booking process, sending reminders, and syncing with existing calendars to ensure optimal planning. It is ideal for businesses looking to streamline their meeting management processes, reduce the likelihood of missed meetings through timely notifications, and improve the overall customer or client booking experience.

Who Should Use Microsoft Bookings?

Bookings is suitable for a wide range of users, including small to medium-sized businesses, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and professional service firms. It is designed to meet the needs of any organization or individual that requires a robust, flexible planning system. Whether for customer-facing services, internal meeting management, or consultation planning, Bookings provides a versatile platform that can be customized to meet various operational needs. This software is particularly beneficial for companies looking to improve the efficiency of their planning and management, making it an essential tool for business administrators, service providers, and support staff.

Microsoft Bookings Company Details

Microsoft Corporation, the company behind Bookings, is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Founded on April 4, 1975, by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the corporation has become one of the largest and most influential companies in the personal computer industry. The company employs more than 181,000 people worldwide and operates in more than 190 countries. The company is known for its significant contributions to the development of the personal computer software industry through its Windows operating system, Office suite of productivity software, and more recently, cloud computing services with its Azure platform. It’s commitment to innovation is demonstrated by its substantial investment in research and development, with a budget of more than $19 billion in fiscal year 2020. The company’s enduring mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Company Name: Microsoft

CEO Name: Satya Nadella

Year Founded: 1975

Employees: 10,001+ employees

HQ Location: Redmond, Washington

Satya Nadella, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft
Satya Nadella
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Microsoft
Judson Althoff
Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

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Pros and Cons of Microsoft Bookings

Pros of Microsoft Bookings

  • Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365
  • Customizable booking pages
  • Automated reminders and confirmations
  • Access to scheduling data and analytics
  • Ease of use
  • Flexible customer email communications
  • Daily task tracking
  • Ability to create different meeting types and lengths

Cons of Microsoft Bookings

  • Limited customization
  • Restricted to Microsoft 365 subscribers
  • Difficult to synchronize calendars

Microsoft Bookings Features

Personal Bookings

Personal Bookings helps users manage their own time slots. It allows them to easily configure and share their availability with customers, clients, or colleagues.

Shared Bookings

These are booking pages created and managed for the team. They allow team members to invite customers to book time with the team.

Bookings data and compliance

All Bookings data is stored within the Microsoft 365 platform and in Exchange Online. Bookings follows all data storage policies set by Microsoft, which are the same policies that all Microsoft 365 apps follow. Bookings uses shared mailboxes in Exchange to store customer, employee, service, and appointment details.

Follow-up reminders

Follow-up reminders allow users to stay in touch with their customers after an appointment. For example, booking page administrators can configure follow-up emails to the customer at specific intervals.

Naming Policy Settings

With the naming policy settings in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, users will not be able to create appointment calendars with blocked words.

Microsoft Bookings Pricing

Microsoft Bookings is one of many apps that are available in the Microsoft 365 suite of apps. As such, users who want to take advantage of the app are expected to subscribe to one of the premium Document 365 packages. For example, individuals purchasing for general use can opt for either a family or personal plan, which cost $99.99 and $69.99 per year, respectively. On the other hand, organizations purchasing for business purposes have pricing plan options such as Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, and Microsoft 365 Apps for Business. These plans cost $6.00 per user per month, $12.50 per user per month, $22.00 per user per month, and $8.25 per user per month, respectively.

Microsoft Bookings Price Comparison

Compare price of Microsoft Bookings With some of the top competitors.

What Kind of Support Does Microsoft Bookings Offer?

As with the pricing option, Microsoft Bookings offers the same level of support as any other app in the Microsoft 365 app suite. Microsoft 365 has a help and learning portal that helps users get more done by providing more help and training. With Microsoft 365, users can do more, faster. For example, they can quickly create and share content that stands out, easily manage their schedule, easily connect with others, and enjoy peace of mind. The portal also provides a range of resources, such as those that answer questions like where to enter your product key, how to install Office applications, Outlook won’t open, and more help and learning.
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Microsoft Bookings Alternatives

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Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft Bookings (FAQs)

Yes, it is a legitimate scheduling tool developed by Microsoft. It is designed to simplify the process of planning and managing meetings for businesses and professionals.
Considering its comprehensive planning, meeting management, and Outlook integration features, Bookings offers significant value that can justify its cost, especially for businesses looking to improve customer service and operational efficiency.
It integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products, especially Outlook, allowing for efficient calendar synchronization and sharing. This integration allows for a streamlined planning process and improved communication with clients through email and SMS text notifications.
It is highly reliable for managing meetings, offering features such as a web-based booking page, email and SMS notifications to reduce no-shows, and easy customization to meet different organizational needs, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
Yes, it is included with certain Office 365 subscriptions, providing users with a robust set of tools for booking and managing meetings without the need to purchase additional software.
Yes, Bookings can handle multiple employee calendars, allowing you to efficiently plan appointments and meetings based on individual availability, which is essential for organizations with multiple service providers or team members. 
Yes, Bookings offers customization options that allow organizations to tailor the booking experience to their brand and specific operational needs, including custom fields for booking forms and the ability to customize the Web-based booking page.
Yes, there is a mobile app for Bookings that gives businesses and customers the flexibility to plan, view, and manage meetings on the go, increasing accessibility and convenience.
Bookings improves customer satisfaction by providing a convenient online booking page, sending timely email and SMS notifications to reduce no-shows, and allowing customers to select and book appointments at a time that is convenient for them.
Yes, Bookings can be used to set and manage virtual meetings and integrates with the Teams app to seamlessly create online meeting links to help organizations conduct remote appointments and consultations.

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