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Limewire Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Relaunched, LimeWire aims to redefine content sharing and social media interactions between fans and artists.

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What is Limewire?

By providing a content subscription platform with the idea of ownership at its heart and utilizing the advantages of Web3 and blockchain technology, LimeWire seeks to transform the creator economy.

The platform’s goal is to assist companies, artists, and content producers in building membership-based communities for their most ardent supporters. It gives artists a structure for direct fan membership, enabling them to develop a steady stream of income.

In exchange, fans get access to a special community, exclusive information, direct communication with their favorite companies and musicians, and the opportunity to join them on their journey.

LimeWire.com uses blockchain technology to make exclusive assets and content tradable and ownable, enabling fans to take part in exclusive content creation in addition to consuming it.

Limewire Company Details

Lime Company developed LimeWire, a Gnutella network peer-to-peer file-sharing application, in 1999. With more than 50 million users, LimeWire has established itself as a reliable resource for finding fresh content.

The LimeWire Store, which provides DRM-free MP3 downloads, was introduced in 2008. Lime Company is currently creating a brand-new, ground-breaking service for music lovers. Our team, led by co-CEOs Paul and Julian Zehetmayr, is using Web3 and blockchain technology to create the first content subscription platform that is centered around the idea of ownership, with the goal of completely changing the creative economy.

The Lime Company, with its headquarters in New York City, is committed to developing solutions that let users explore, share, and learn about the digital world.

Company Name: LimeWire

CEO Name: Julian Zehetmayr And Paul Zehetmayr

Year Founded: 2000

Employees: 51-200

HQ Location: European Union (EU), Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

Julian Zehetmayr
Paul Zehetmayr

Limewire Screenshots and Media

Pros and Cons of Limewire

Pros of Limewire

  • Direct Fan Membership where creators can earn.
  • Exclusive Content and private community
  • Blockchain Content
  • Fan Participation
  • Web3 subscription platform
  • Cons of Limewire

  • LimeWire may face legal challenges
  • Tech Complexity
  • Monetization Challenges
  • User Adoption
  • Limewire Features

    Search Tab

    With the search tab, users may quickly locate and download files by utilizing keywords.


    Users of LimeWire can manage and arrange their downloaded files in a library.

    Media Player

    Before downloading files, users can preview them using the integrated media player.

    Monitor Tab

    In the monitor tab, users can control their download queue and see the status of their downloads.

    Web3 Subscription Platform

    The first Web3 subscription service for creators, companies, and artists is called LimeWire.

    Participation in Success

    Supporters have a direct impact on the success of the creators they like.

    Blockchain Technology

    By utilizing blockchain technology, LimeWire.com allows users to own and trade exclusive material and assets.

    Direct Fan Membership

    With the help of LimeWire.com, musicians can offer direct fan membership and develop a recurring revenue stream.

    Limewire Pricing

    Artists, creators, and companies may interact with fans on LimeWire for free. There are no up-front fees when you begin a paid membership; instead, LimeWire takes a cut of your earnings. For every subscriber, every post you share becomes a digital collectible.

    Every post including 300 digital collectibles will be made if you have 300 subscribers. You receive 2.5% of every sale made by your followers as a royalty fee when they trade these collectibles.

    Since every collectible is created on the blockchain, you can be sure that your well-liked material will always provide you with a passive income stream.

  • Upto 20 images per day
  • 4 audios per day
  • 50% ad revenue share
  • Basic Plan
  • 2000 images per month
  • 400 audios per month
  • Access all AI models
  • Faster image generation
  • 50% ad revenue share
  • Pro badge on profile
  • No ads
  • Full creation history
  • Advanced Plan
  • 7500 images per month
  • 1500 audios per month
  • Access to all AI models
  • Faster image generation
  • 60% Ad revenue share
  • Pro badge on profile
  • No Ads
  • Full creation history
  • Pro Plan
  • 10000 images per month
  • 2000 audios per month
  • Access to all AI models
  • Faster image generation
  • 70% Ad revenue share
  • Pro badge on profile
  • No Ads
  • Full creation history
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Pro Plus Plan
  • 22500 images per month
  • 4500 audio per month
  • Access to all AI models
  • Faster image generation
  • 70% Ad revenue share
  • Pro badge on profile
  • No Ads
  • Full creation history
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Limewire Price Comparison

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    What Kind of Support Does Limewire Offer?

    Support from LimeWire is available to users via email and written correspondence. Requests should be sent to support@limewire.com with the user’s first and last name included, or to LimeWire GmbH at Salzgries 19/3-4, 1010 Vienna, Austria. This enables users to report problems, ask questions about the platform, and request help. LimeWire wants to make sure that its users have a great experience, therefore it addresses consumer complaints and offers remedies.
    Email Support

    Limewire Alternatives

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Limewire (FAQs)

    With LimeWire.com, artists, companies, and content producers may use Web3 and blockchain technology to build fan communities that are membership-based.
    LimeWire.com offers a framework and platform for direct fan membership, which assists producers in creating a recurring revenue stream. Moreover, creators can use blockchain technology to create tradable and ownable distinct goods and content.
    In addition to having direct access to their favorite creators, fans also get access to exclusive content, a secret community, and the chance to share in their success.
    Visitors can register for LimeWire.com simply going to the website and going through the steps. Accessing the platform’s features could require them to register an account and provide some basic information.

    System Requirements and Supported Platforms

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