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Leonardo AI Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Leonardo.AI is an AI platform that swiftly and reliably produces high-quality visual assets, improving project speed, quality, and style while enabling creators in a variety of sectors to optimize their workflows and take their projects to new heights.

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What is Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI is a cutting-edge AI platform made to boost innovation and creativity in a variety of fields. With features like Image Generation, AI Canvas, and 3D Texture Generation, it provides an extensive toolkit.

With adjustable settings, the Image Generation tool caters to all skill levels of creators and brings conceptions to life. Pixel-level control is made easy for editing and refining using the AI Canvas.

Design projects are elevated by the 3D Texture Generation function, which enhances texture creation with contextual knowledge. Character design, concept art, graphic design, fashion, marketing, advertising, product photography, architecture, and interior design are among the fields in which Leonardo AI excels.

Leonardo AI Company Details

The CEO and co-founder of Leonardo.AI is JJ Fiasson, who founded the company in 2022.

A generative AI platform called Leonardo.AI is being developed to revolutionize content development in the gaming and entertainment industries. The company’s platform lets artists, designers, and developers quickly iterate and produce material with a consistent look or style.

It does this by offering a drag-and-drop interface, pre-trained models, and a variety of tools for producing and modifying high-quality, production-ready content.

Company Name: Leonardo.Ai

CEO Name: JJ Fiasson

Est Year: 2022

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: Asia-Pacific (APAC), Australasia

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JJ Fiasson
CEO and Co Founder

Leonardo AI Demo & Media

Leonardo AI Top Features


All-inclusive image processing tool that controls elements, dimensions, resolution, texture, aspect ratio, enhancement, pre-models, and multi-image processing.

Produce pictures with a few models.

Create pictures using a few pre-trained models that have been tuned for particular genres, such as pixel art, isometric fantasy art, and photorealistic.

Train your model

By uploading and processing photos, you can use Leonardo AI's integrated tools to train your own model.

Multiple image creation

Create several photos simultaneously so that you may compare them and choose the best one for the job.

Text to Image Conversion

In a matter of seconds, it can transform written descriptions into corresponding visuals, enabling conceptual art to be realized online.

Game Asset Creation

Leonardo AI aims to offer game developers valuable assets like textures, objects, and concept art, while also providing beautiful image assets for various projects beyond gaming.

Pre-trained AI Models

In response to user instructions, it uses pre-trained AI models to create production-ready assets with distinctive styles, facilitating quick ideation and iteration.

Leonardo Freemium Service

This allows customers to generate a set number of photographs per day without paying anything.


It is easily navigable through a dashboard on their primary website.

Pros of Leonardo AI

  • Simple to employ
  • An extensive complimentary trial
  • A community for motivation
  • Genuine AI visuals
  • Quick picture synthesis
  • Strong, Flexible, and Scalable
  • Cons of Leonardo AI

  • Comparatively little credits
  • Lots of graphic material
  • Challenging for newcomers to navigate
  • Minimal personalization
  • Occasionally slow
  • Leonardo AI Pricing

    It is an invaluable tool for creators across a variety of industries since it fosters creativity, streamlines mastering, and accelerates invention.

    A variety of price tiers are available from Leonardo AI to meet various demands. The Apprentice Plan costs $10/month for 8,500 photographs/month, the Artisan Plan costs $24/month for 25,000 images/month, and the Maestro Plan costs $48/month for 60,000 images/month. The Free Plan only permits 150 images every day.

    Free Plan
  • 150 quick generations every day.
  • 300 upscales/unzooms, 150 (768×768) generations, or 75 background deletions are possible each day.
  • Daily free tokens if balance is less than 150, and one pending work.
  • Availability of Leonardo models, including one model that can be trained and kept.
  • Priority infrastructure, private generations, and a loosening of the generation queue.
  • Apprentice Plan
    $120.00 excluding tax (if billed yearly)
  • 8,500 tokens each month for a maximum of 4,250 background.
  • Removals, 1,700 upscales/unzooms, or 8,500 (768x768) generations.
  • Daily free tokens if the balance is less than 150, and five pending jobs.
  • With access to more extensive Leonardo models and capabilities like 3D texturing and Leonardo Canvas, you can train and keep up to 10 models each month.
  • Artisan Plan
    $30.00/per month
    $288.00 excluding tax (if billed yearly)
  • A maximum of 25,000 (768×768) generations, 5,000 upscales/unzooms, or 12,500 background deletions will receive 25,000 tokens each month.
  • Ten outstanding tasks and daily bonus tokens when the balance falls below 150.
  • With features akin to the Apprentice plan, but with higher caps, you can train and retain up to 20 models each month.
  • Maestro Plan
    $576.00 excluding tax (if billed yearly)
  • 30,000 background deletions, 12,000 upscales/unzooms, or 60,000 (768×768) generations of tokens every month.
  • Daily free tokens if the balance is less than 150, and 20 pending jobs.
  • With the highest limits, this subscription plan offers similar benefits to others while training and retaining up to 50 models per month.
  • Leonardo AI Price Comparison

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    What Kind of Support Leonardo AI Offers?

    Customer service from Leonardo AI can be reached by email at [email protected]. Users can also interact with the community and forums to post queries, provide advice, and work together to create images.

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    Forum & Ticket

    Leonardo AI FAQs

    With the help of Leonardo AI, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform, users can produce excellent visual assets for a variety of tasks, such as graphic design and game development.
    A complete toolbox, comprising Image Generation, AI Canvas, and 3D Texture Generation, is provided by Leonardo AI. With the use of these tools, users can easily create, modify, and enhance photos.
    A feature-limited free trial of Leonardo AI is available. Depending on their demands, consumers can select from a variety of price plans following the trial time.
    It is possible to utilize Leonardo AI for commercial applications, but before doing so, users should read the license agreements and conditions of use.
    Email customer service and a community forum are provided by Leonardo AI, allowing users to exchange advice and ask questions.
    Yes, customers are free to end their Leonardo AI subscription whenever they like, and they won’t be billed again for that particular cycle.

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