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NightCafe Art Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Use artificial intelligence to create incredible artworks in a matter of seconds, take part in AI art challenges, communicate with other AI art aficionados, and more.

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What is NighCafe AI Art?

An inventive website called NightCafe Art Studio uses artificial intelligence (AI) to turn written prompts into gorgeous digital artworks. Modern text-to-image AI techniques like Stable Diffusion and CLIP are used in this free online and mobile software to create original illustrations and works of digital art.

Simply typing in a prompt allows users to create their images. They can also print and share their artwork, take part in daily challenges, and interact with a thriving online community of millions of other AI art fans.

With social elements like content feeds and chatrooms, along with endless free generations, NightCafe Art Studio seeks to make AI-assisted art production approachable and pleasurable for anyone.

NightCafe Art Company Details

Innovative art studio NightCafe Studio specializes on computer-generated art. NightCafe Studio uses state-of-the-art technology like Procedural Generation and Artificial Intelligence to generate beautiful artwork in a variety of styles.

Additionally, NightCafe Creator, a free app from the studio, lets users make their own AI-generated artworks. Angus Russell founded NightCafe Studio in 2019, and it is a small to medium-sized business with a committed staff of one to one hundred workers.

Company Name: NightCafe Studio

CEO Name: Angus Russell

Est Year: 2019

Employees: 1-10

HQ Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Angus Russell

NightCafe Art Demo & Media

NightCafe Art Top Features

Free trial

New users can explore the platform and its features for free during the trial time provided by NightCafe Art Studio.

Powerful AI capabilities

The platform uses cutting-edge AI algorithms to transform written prompts into gorgeous digital artworks.

Text to image AI

words prompts can be entered by users, and the AI will produce appropriate visuals depending on the words.

Image-to-image AI

Images uploaded by users are converted into original digital artworks by the AI.

5 AI generator modes

There are five distinct AI generator options available in NightCafe Art Studio, each with a distinct output and style.

Social media features

On the platform, users can like and comment on artwork, follow other users, and establish profiles.

Print-on-demand capabilities

The ability to print artwork on demand enables users to produce hard copies of their digital efforts.


Millions of AI art aficionados gather in the colorful online community of NightCafe Art Studio, where members may exchange artwork, take part in challenges, and get in touch with others who share their interests.

Pros of NightCafe Art

  • Simple to use; no technical knowledge required.
  • New users receive free credits.
  • Time and money well-managed.
  • A customizable method for creating images.
  • Stunning photos are produced by advanced AI.
  • Cons of NightCafe Art

  • Limited ability to direct creativity.
  • Needs a reliable internet link.
  • Lack of sophisticated professional tools.
  • Similar output images are possible.
  • Exclusively available via a web browser.
  • NightCafe Art Pricing

    In order to create art, one must have a minimum of one credit in NightCafe Studio’s credit-based system. There is a 5 daily credit restriction on the free plan; to get past this, you must subscribe to a paid plan.

    There are two different pricing options: quarterly (which starts at $14.37/3 months with 100 credits monthly) and monthly (which starts at $5.99/month for 100 credits). Bonus credits could be awarded to new users. Credits that are not utilized are carried over.

    For unintentional memberships, refunds are offered within 7 days. This guarantees a smooth experience and motivates visitors to investigate the capabilities of the platform.

    AI Beginner
    $14.37USD (if billed quarterly)
  • 100 credits every month.
  • Produces 1240 photos every month.
  • Ads free
  • AI Hobbyist
    $23.97USD (if billed quarterly)
  • 200 credits every month.
  • Produces 1640 photos every month.
  • Ads free
  • AI Enthusiast
    $47.97USD (if billed quarterly)
  • 500 credits every month.
  • Produces 2840 photos every month.
  • Ads free
  • AI Artist
    $119.97USD (if billed quarterly)
  • 1400 credits every month.
  • Produces 6440 photos every month.
  • Ads free
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    What Kind of Support NightCafe Art Offers?

    NightCafe Studio provides comprehensive user support via its social media presence, email support, community forums, and Help Center.

    In addition to connecting with other users, reading through news and updates on the site, and finding solutions to frequently asked issues, users can also ask for individualized aid. It also actively seeks out suggestions for enhancements from users and cherishes their comments.

    Email Support
    Social Media
    Forum & Ticket
    Tutorial Video & Help Documentation

    NightCafe Art FAQs

    NightCafe Art Studio is a free AI art generator web and mobile app that uses text-to-image AI algorithms to turn written prompts into unique illustrations and digital artworks.
    When users enter a text prompt, the AI uses sophisticated AI algorithms like CLIP and Stable Diffusion to create an image based on the words.
    Indeed, NightCafe Art Studio provides an infinite number of free generations and is free to use.
    NightCafe Art Studio works with any web browser but needs a steady internet connection.
    While NightCafe Art Studio aims to be user-friendly and enjoyable for anyone, it might not offer all the sophisticated tools and features needed for working artists.

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