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GoLogin (2023): Top Features & Pricing

Create multiple accounts without the fear of getting banned with GoLogin

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GoLogin Overview

GoLogin is an anti-detect browser that spoofs your digital identity. Unlike other anonymization software, such as VPNs or proxy servers, anti-detect browsers are not limited to simply hiding your IP address. They also conceal all the information about your hardware and software.

Modern websites use advanced technologies, such as WebGL, a JS API for rendering 2D and 3D graphics, or WebRTC, software for transmitting audio and video streams in real-time.

While they do make the user experience smoother and more convenient, their usage goes way beyond that. Those technologies are also exploited for identifying people on the Internet and collecting their data without their permission.

GoLogin Review

For example, different operating systems render visual content differently, so that even primitive security systems may figure out your OS merely by parsing your WebGL data and fonts. In some cases, they can even go further with this data and find out what PC exactly you have. 

Another more tangible case. Ever asked yourself how come Amazon or Facebook adjust precisely to the language you speak? They see your language preferences set in your system.

Ultimately, even though you change your location via, say, a VPN, you still risk getting detected through other data your device transmits on the Internet. Long story short: GoLogin prevents you from getting this kind of data leaked.

GoLogin Top Features

  • Cross-platform: Windows, Android, macOS, Linux
  • Regular Google Chrome Emulation
  • Team Solutions
  • Cloud Launching
  • Tor Integration 
  • Browser Automation
  • Crypto Payment
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • User-friendly Pricing

GoLogin Review Detail

GoLogin emulates a new digital fingerprint, also known as a device fingerprint or digital identity. The digital fingerprint consists of many configurations: timezone, fonts, plugins, geolocation, RAM, CPU threads, and plenty of other things, including WebGL and WebRTC data mentioned before.

Instead of transmitting your real data, the anti-detect browser helps you get on the Internet as if you’re entirely another person sitting in front of another device. In other words, it doesn’t just throw you into another place in the world but makes you 100% anonymous for sure.

When launching GoLogin, the software analyzes your real digital fingerprint and automatically generates a new one, so you don’t have to tweak anything on your own.

The new fingerprint will be a bit close to yours yet slightly different. That way, anti-fraud systems will be having even a harder time detecting you, as putting up a new device fingerprint resembling yours creates a great consistency. 

Where It Is Used

GoLogin isn’t just an anonymization tool. You can use it in many fields where you need multiple accounts: affiliate marketing, token sale, dropshipping, betting, web scraping, SEO, crowd marketing, gambling, etc.

GoLogin Review

Say, right now getting to the very last round of an ICO sounds just like mission impossible. But if you are running at least 20 accounts at the same time, your chances skyrocket to almost 100%. Having more accounts increases your profit and diversifies risks.

Among the most advanced advantages GoLogin has over many other anonymization tools, including other anti-detect browsers, is cloud launching. In case you’re too worried about your anonymity, you can use the GoLogin cloud instead of renting an additional virtual machine.

GoLogin comes with its own web browser — Orbita — which fully mimics the regular Chrome browser. The only difference one may find between Orbita and Chrome is that the former is more secure in terms of anonymity.

Another high-tech feature is a mobile app. It allows you to gain even more trust on websites — they find mobile users more trustworthy since more and more people prefer browsing the Internet on their smartphones.

GoLogin also offers solutions for teams, even huge ones. You can invite as many teammates as you wish, creating thousands of different digital identities and operating your accounts together from the same platform.

On top of that, if you are good at coding, you might as well try programming robots, making your work automatic and turning it into a great source of passive income.

GoLogin Pricing

As mentioned above, GoLogin has extremely user-friendly pricing. Starting from the Forever Free plan allowing you to have 3 digital identities simultaneously, the anti-detect browser offers professional, business, enterprise, and even custom plans at the lowest prices on the market.

They also provide a 50% discount for buying an annual subscription and have no hidden fees.

GoLogin Pricing

For more information, you can check their pricing here. Do not forget to at first try the software free for 7 days.

GoLogin FAQs

Q1. Is it legal software? 

Although one may use GoLogin for just about anything one just wants to do, using GoLogin on its own doesn’t break any law unless anonymization tools are prohibited in your country.

Q2. Can I not just create multiple accounts on the same device without this app?

No. Even if you use proxies or VPN services, many websites will still be able to understand that all of those accounts are being operated from the same device. In this case, your accounts will either be suspended or banned.

Q3. Does GoLogin cooperate with any governmental institution?

No. Neither does GoLogin have any access to their customers’ data. All the information stored on GoLogin is end-to-end encrypted.

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