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Based on 296 user reviews, Craigslist has an overall rating of 1.42 out of 5 stars.


Craigslist Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Founded in 1995, an online platform for classified ads, job listings, and local services, connecting users globally.

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What is Craigslist?

Craigslist is a widely-used online platform founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark. Initially a simple email distribution list, it has grown into a hub for classified ads, job postings, and services across multiple cities globally. With over 20 billion views monthly and millions of listings, it offers easy navigation, detailed postings, and customization options for local searches. Despite the rise of new platforms, Craigslist maintains its popularity, providing a reliable space for buying, selling, and connecting with others.

What Is Craigslist Good For?

Craigslist is excellent for various purposes, including buying and selling items, finding job opportunities, and accessing local services. Its wide-ranging categories cater to diverse needs, from household goods to employment listings and freelance gigs. The platform’s simplicity and accessibility make navigating and posting listings easy for users. Moreover, Craigslist’s discussion forums foster community engagement and networking. Craigslist is a versatile online marketplace where users can connect, trade, and discover opportunities within their local communities.

Who Should Use Craigslist?

Craigslist is beneficial for a broad spectrum of users. Individuals looking to buy or sell items, whether it’s furniture, electronics, or vehicles, can utilize the platform. Job seekers can find employment opportunities across various industries, including entry-level positions and freelance gigs. Local service providers, such as plumbers, tutors, or musicians, can advertise their skills to attract clients. Additionally, those seeking to engage in community discussions or networking can benefit from Craigslist’s discussion forums. Overall, Craigslist caters to anyone seeking to connect, trade, or engage within their local or global community.

Craigslist Company Details

Founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark, Craigslist is a local listings platform spread throughout the globe, catering to job listings, selling pre-marked items, and localizing services. The platform is still privately owned.

Company Name: Craigslist

CEO Name: Jim Buckmaster

Est Year: 1995

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: San Francisco, USA

Jim_Buckmaster_(293611199) (1)
Jim Buckmaster

Craigslist Demo & Media

Craigslist Top Features

Easy navigation

Cruise easily through the platform with an easy-to-navigate interactive interface

Detailed posts

Listers can put out detailed posts briefing their products and job listings for an easier decision-making process

Local customisation

Customize your search to find listings in your locality that best match your skills and needs

Detailed posts

Listers can put out detailed posts briefing their products and job listings for an easier decision-making process

Subcategorized listings

The platform makes easy-to-discover listings for visitors by dividing them into decent-sized subcategories

Direct communication

Connect with listers and customers directly without interference from the platform


Design and self-advertise your listings in a matter of minutes without hassle

Discussion forums

Discuss your ideas, listings and advertisements on the open discussion forums

Reliable platform

The platform is very reliable due to its dated existence and high yields.

Low-fee access

Gain access to amazing listings and locally sourced items at a minimal sign-up cost

Non-traditional gigs

Find listings that are unique, non-traditional, and one-of-a-kind!

Pros of Craigslist

  • Well-known and established platform
  • Entry-level jobs for higher access
  • Local-listing
  • is a no-cost search for job applicants
  • Freelancers can easily network.
  • Cons of Craigslist

    Doubtful/illegitimate postings

    Low-budget listings for job applicants

    Craigslist Pricing

    Craigslist offers free postings for most categories, including items for sale, community events, and discussion forums. However, certain listings require a fee: job postings ($10-$75 depending on location), apartment rentals in specific cities ($5), and therapeutic services ($10). Fees are also charged for car and truck sales by dealers ($5), and some commercial advertisements. These fees help maintain the platform and reduce spam.

    Craigslist Price Comparison

    Compare price of Craigslist With some of the top competitors.
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    Craigslist Alternatives

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    User Reviews

    1.4 out of 5 stars (based on 296 reviews)

    Going back to the square wheel era

    February 4, 2024

    I’ve been on computers since 1991 and this is the most ridiculous platform I’ve ever come across in my life. When eBay classifieds was around or with Facebook marketplace now you simply check off all the ads that you want to renew and it’s done.This useless outfit is so backwards that if you don’t renew your ad on the day that they decide that they are going to take the photographs away from the ad, and unless you’re up between approximately midnight and 3:00 a.m. California time craigslist deletes your photographs.Then you’ve got to search on your phone for the photographs, it is so backwards. I wouldn’t recommend this to anybody until they update their stupid software.Then when you finally renew five ads when you get to your sixth ad it says that you’re redoing to rapidly. Hence my point above why not just have you check off the ads that you want to renew when that time is coming up and renew them like Facebook marketplace.

    Avatar for Johnny Anderson
    Johnny Anderson
    Review Source: Trustpilot

    All my ads have been getting flagged for removal.

    December 11, 2023

    Every single ad that I have posted has been flagged for removal. Useless web site.

    Avatar for John
    Review Source: Trustpilot

    Terrible Customer Service

    December 9, 2023

    I’ve listed my stuff on CraigsList for a few years.In the last few weeks, they have removed my listings, for no good reason. I create posts to sell DVDs, but then they’re immediately removed.The worse thing is that there’s no way to contact a person there.

    Avatar for Shawn M
    Shawn M
    Review Source: Trustpilot


    November 18, 2023

    CRAIGSLIST IS THE WORST! Ad’s continue to get flagged for removal, due to no reason. This has happened for years. There are no administrators to contact and no recourse.

    Avatar for Joanne
    Review Source: Trustpilot


    November 4, 2023

    If your credit card is not from America or Canada, forget it! This organization does not have the capacity or willingness to accept it!Very disappointed!

    Avatar for Brian Jimmieson
    Brian Jimmieson
    Review Source: Trustpilot

    What Kind of Support Craigslist Offers?

    Craigslist provides customer support primarily through its help pages and user forums, offering guidance on common issues and safe usage tips. Direct customer service contact, including a specific email address or phone number, is not publicly listed. Users can access help resources and report issues via the “Help” section on the Craigslist website.
    Forum & Ticket
    Tutorial Videos & Documentation
    Tutorial Video & Help Documentation

    Craigslist FAQs

    Craigslist is a legitimate platform, but users should exercise caution due to the potential for fraudulent postings and scams.
    Whether Craigslist is worth paying for depends on individual needs. For some, the low-cost access may be valuable, while others may find free alternatives sufficient.
    Craigslist primarily operates as a standalone platform, offering no direct integrations with other software. Users typically engage with Craigslist through its website or mobile app interface.
    When using Craigslist, meet in public places, bring a friend, and inform someone of your plans. Avoid sharing personal information, verify the legitimacy of listings, and use caution with transactions involving large sums of money.
    Common Craigslist scams include fake rental listings, overpayment scams where buyers send counterfeit checks, phishing emails requesting personal information, and listings for non-existent items. Always verify listings and deal locally to avoid these scams.
    To post an ad on Craigslist, visit the site, choose your city, click “Create a Posting,” select a category, fill in the details, and submit. Confirm your email to publish the ad.
    When negotiating on Craigslist, research fair prices beforehand, start with a reasonable offer, communicate politely, and be prepared to compromise. Meet in person to finalize deals and inspect items before exchanging money.

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