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Microsoft Edge Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Microsoft Edge is a web browser designed by Microsoft to be the faster, safer way to get things done on the web, with tools for web search, personal digital assistance with Cortana, immersive reading, and enhanced privacy controls.

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What is Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is a proprietary, cross-platform web browser built by Microsoft. Launched in 2015, Microsoft Edge was initially integrated into the Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms, marking a significant departure from Internet Explorer and setting a new standard for web browsing with its user interface and performance. The Edge browser was originally developed using Microsoft’s EdgeHTML browser engine and Chakra JavaScript engine, highlighting its capabilities for speed, security, and efficient performance. Reviews often highlight it as the best browser for Windows users. It represents Microsoft’s commitment to innovation in web browsing, offering users a range of built-in privacy features and advanced functionality. 

What is Microsoft Edge Good For?

Microsoft Edge provides a fast and secure browsing experience with top-notch performance, efficient memory usage, and innovative features such as tabbed browsing. It is particularly useful for improving productivity and streamlining online research with the inclusion of AI-powered tools such as Microsoft Copilot and Page Summarize in the Edge sidebar. These tools help users ask complex questions, summarize web page content, and generate visual content with DALL-E 3 without leaving the browser, a unique feature of Microsoft Edge that highlights its advanced sidebar functionality. As a result, the browser is adept at reducing the need for multiple tabs or applications by facilitating comprehensive tasks within a single platform, becoming a viable default browser for many, as often cited in Microsoft Edge reviews.

Who Should Use Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is designed for a wide range of users, including professionals looking for an efficient research tool, students looking for productivity in their academic endeavors, and general users looking for a secure and fast web browsing experience. Individuals who value privacy and data protection will find Microsoft Edge particularly appealing due to its robust security features, including a built-in VPN option for enhanced online privacy and customizable settings. In addition, users who want to take advantage of the latest AI-powered innovations for browsing and searching the web will benefit greatly from Microsoft Edge’s capabilities, including its integration with Bing.

Microsoft Edge Company Details

Microsoft, the company behind Microsoft Edge, is a global technology company founded on April 4, 1975, by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, and has built Microsoft Edge into the leading browser on Windows platforms. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft has become one of the largest and most influential companies in the technology industry, rivaling the creators of browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome. As of 2023, Microsoft employs more than 181,000 people worldwide, operates in more than 190 countries, and generated more than $198 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2022. Known for its Windows operating systems and Office productivity suite, Microsoft has diversified its portfolio to include cloud computing services, gaming, hardware and a variety of software solutions. The company’s commitment to innovation is also demonstrated by the development of Microsoft Edge, a proprietary cross-platform web browser that combines performance, security and advanced features to enhance the user experience.

Company Name: Microsoft

CEO Name: Satya Nadella

Est Year: 1975

Employees: 10,001+ employees

HQ Location: Redmond, Washington

Satya Nadella, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft
Satya Nadella
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Microsoft
Judson Althoff
Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

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Microsoft Edge Top Features

Sleeping Tabs

Microsoft Edge "hibernates" tabs when they are not in use. This improves browser performance by freeing up system resources, such as memory and CPU, to ensure that tabs in use have the resources they need.

Startup Boost

Startup Boost helps Microsoft Edge start faster. It keeps the browser running in the background with minimal resources, so Microsoft Edge starts quickly when opened after a device restart.

PC Gaming Performance

Microsoft Edge's Efficiency Mode keeps games fast and smooth by reducing browser resources when a game starts.

Gaming Themes

Microsoft Edge gives gamers beautiful visual experiences that represent their personality. It makes it easy to personalize profiles with themes from a player's favorite games, such as Minecraft and Halo, or other exclusive themes to enhance the look and feel of their browser.

Gaming Homepage

The new Gamer homepage in Microsoft Edge is tailored to a user's interests and Xbox content. Users can sign in to their Xbox account to see their Microsoft Rewards, recently played games, and titles in the Xbox Cloud Gaming Library.

Edge Secure Network VPN

Edge Secure Network uses VPN technology to prevent third parties and bad actors from accessing a user's sensitive information, so they can make online purchases, fill out forms, and keep their browsing activity away from prying eyes. Best of all, it's built into Microsoft Edge for free.


Autofill suggests completions as a user begins typing in an online form field, so their stored information such as name, email, addresses, and more can be quickly filled in with a simple right arrow or tab.

Microsoft Defender Smartscreen

Microsoft Edge helps Edge users stay safe while browsing by blocking phishing and malware attacks.


Microsoft Edge helps users make the most of their time online with Copilot in Edge. The AI-powered feature that helps users unleash their creativity and do more than they ever thought possible, built right into your browser.

Image Creator from Designer

Image Creator generates AI images with DALL-E directly from the sidebar in Microsoft Edge. Given a text prompt, the AI generates a set of images that match the prompt.

Read Aloud

The Read Aloud feature allows users to step away from the screen by listening to content while performing other tasks, or to improve reading comprehension by listening to content at their own pace in a preferred language. The feature is available in a variety of natural-sounding voices and accents.

Pros of Microsoft Edge

  • Productivity features galore
  • Eases multitasking
  • Requires little CPU memory
  • Browsing speed
  • Updated privacy and password saving options
  • Microsoft rewards program incentives
  • CoPilot AI feature
  • Pleasant and customizable interface
  • Read aloud feature
  • Shopping suggestions

Cons of Microsoft Edge

  • Occasional bugs and glitches
  • Periodically forces to be the default browser on Windows devices
  • High system requirements
  • Occasional difficulty opening complex web pages

Microsoft Edge Pricing

Microsoft Edge is a completely free application available to all Windows and Microsoft 365 users. Interested individuals can simply download the software and start enjoying all of its benefits.

Microsoft Edge Price Comparison

Compare price of Microsoft Edge With some of the top competitors.
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Google Chrome
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Octo Browser
octo browser logo

Microsoft Edge Alternatives

images - 2024-05-02T125044.106 (1)

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What Kind of Support Microsoft Edge Offers?

Microsoft has a dedicated Microsoft Edge Help & Learning portal to help Edge browser users with any issues they may encounter. The portal has dedicated resources for topics such as getting to know Microsoft Edge, exploring Microsoft Edge tips, signing in to sync Microsoft Edge across devices, accessibility features in Microsoft Edge, changing your home page, using the dark theme, clearing your cache, learning about preventing tracking, saving or forgetting passwords in Microsoft Edge, blocking pop-ups, troubleshooting installation and updates, and what to do if Microsoft Edge doesn’t work.
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Microsoft Edge FAQs

Microsoft Edge is a legitimate web browser developed by Microsoft, known for its fast and secure browsing capabilities, with features that appeal to users who use Edge for its enhanced privacy features. It integrates advanced features such as AI-powered search tools and built-in privacy measures to enhance the user experience, setting it apart from Google Chrome and Firefox.
Edge is a free browser from Microsoft that is often considered faster than Chrome in Edge-specific reviews. There are no fees associated with downloading or using the browser, making it a cost-effective choice for users looking for advanced browsing capabilities without a financial commitment.
The browser offers integrations with several Microsoft services and products, including Microsoft Office, Cortana, and Microsoft 365. These integrations provide a seamless workflow and increased productivity by allowing users to access and use these services directly from within the browser. 
Yes, users can install extensions on Edge, including those that effectively manage bookmarks. The browser supports a wide range of extensions, available through the Edge Add-ons Store, that enhance its functionality and allow users to personalize their browsing experience with their favorite bookmarks.
Microsoft Edge does not have a built-in ad blocker. However, users can install ad blocking extensions from the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store to block ads and pop-ups and improve their browsing experience.
Yes, it supports cross-device synchronization. Users can sync their favorites, passwords, and other browsing data across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices for a seamless and consistent browsing experience across all of their devices.
Edge uses the Blink engine, which ensures high-performance web page rendering and compatibility with modern web standards. It’s often cited in reviews for its efficiency and ability to keep multiple tabs open without using excessive CPU. Its design allows for efficient, fast load times and compatibility with a wide range of web applications and services, making it a preferred browser on Windows desktop environments. Users can keep multiple tabs open without significantly impacting CPU performance.
The browser is designed to run on a wide range of operating systems, including older versions. However, for optimal performance and security, it is recommended that you run the latest version of your operating system.
Yes, voice search is available in Edge, furthering its reputation as a browser with advanced search capabilities. This feature allows users to search using their voice for a convenient, hands-free browsing experience.
Edge protects user privacy with features such as Tracking Prevention, InPrivate Browsing, and Secure DNS, setting a high standard similar to Firefox and Google Chrome and making it a strong contender for private browsing capabilities. These features help protect users’ data and browsing activities from unwanted tracking and breaches, underscoring its commitment to private browsing on par with competitors like Mozilla and Google Chrome.
Yes, it supports customization and themes. Users can personalize their browsing experience by choosing from a variety of themes and customizing the look and feel of the browser to suit their preferences, including setting up their favorite sites for easy access in the browser.

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