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Document360 (2023): Top Features & Pricing

A comprehensive knowledge base software for business to create modern self-help portal.

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Document360 Overview

Document360 is a well-known cloud-based knowledge base solution. Small, medium, and big businesses across different sectors can leverage it to collate, collaborate and publish self-service knowledge bases for their products.

Many companies use it to generate FAQs, share customer self-service resources, maintain internal documentation, and a lot more.

The plus side of adopting Document360 is that you can start using it without training. You do not need to hire or rely on technical experts for knowledge management or to create a knowledge base using Document360. In addition to Mc Donald’s and Harvard University, many well-known organizations use this tool to satiate their knowledge base needs. 

Let us have a quick overview of Document360 before getting into the pros & cons and pricing to wind up our review.

Document360 Top Features

  • Comprehensive knowledge base
  • Searchable knowledge portal
  • Modern online user guide
  • Advanced search option
  • Branded landing page builder
  • Integration and extensions

Document360 can be a go-to tool for any business looking for a long-term solution to technical documentation. Writers can enjoy the product’s capacity to accommodate their content without much fuss. It is a great tool to create manuals and tutorials for various software platforms.

Let us check out some of the best ways to leverage Document360 for enhancement. 

Document360 Review

Simple to edit

You get the WYSIWYG editor for the bulk of a page before converting it to Markdown. This means you can see what the final output will be without using code. Later, you can make final touches like integrating code, images, etc., in the Markdown editor.

Saves time with article categorization

Leverage the power of categorization offered by Document360 UI that benefits users. You can create, amend, and rename categories and pages that make it easier for users to help visitors quickly find what they’re looking for.

You can also reorganize your knowledge base by dragging and dropping pages or whole categories in and out of the hierarchy within the menu structure. You may choose which categories display on your homepage. 

Direct knowledge base access

Often, your visitors will need to exit the website to access the knowledge base in its entirety. But, come Document360 and your users can access the knowledge base without leaving their current page. 

Using Document360, you don’t need to open a new browser window to access your knowledge base. For example, if the user is on a particular page, the knowledge base assistant suggests related material that they may find interesting.

No need to remember passwords

Document360 provides you with the Single Sign-On (SSO) option allowing a person to log in to various apps or websites using the same username and password. It lets you add SSO users to your project in a simple manner, just like adding normal users using enterprise SSO.

When using Document360, you can navigate to Setting ➝ Project Admin ➝ Team & Security ➝ Add Team Member. Then enter their email address & select type as SSO user. 

Faster, relevant search results

Users can get the suggestions on the search box when typing the query. These intelligent search functions are similar to Google search, where it provides you intelligent results based on search queries. 

Database privacy

Private knowledge bases for your team and public knowledge bases for your customers are also options. Create private and public knowledge bases to keep internal teams’ information distinct from customers’.


Readers’ analytics goes beyond simply providing insights to search and usage statistics. You will have a better understanding of the viewership of the knowledge base.

In addition to the user statistics, you can also collect detailed feedback from the team and readers qualitatively. Document360 offers search and user analytics insight that provides details on all search queries, even unsuccessful ones. 

On the readers’ end, the analytics feature provides your team with useful stats like the most recent activities in different articles, the number of articles contributing the most-read content, the most searched term/phrase, and plenty others. 

Downsides of Using Document360

  • Document360 does not work as a complete customer support system. It is a necessary tool to simplify self-help for your end-users.
  • You have fewer third-party integrations with Document360 which includes Freshdesk and Google Analytics. This means you are not left with many choices when it comes to blending in popular ticketing, chat, and support software.
  • You do not get a dedicated mobile app for this tool. You can log in from a mobile browser but its UI may not be ideal.

Document360 Pricing

You have different price plans with Document360 starting at $99 per month for two team accounts. The plan goes up to $499 per month for one project for 15 Team Accounts. You also can get a customized business package as bigger clients have additional business requirements.

Note that each plan comes with a free trial with an option to upgrade or add any feature at any point. Document360’s pricing plans are based on business size and the functional team as pricing bands are tailored to meet the varying demands of each organization.

Startup Plan: This will cost $99 a month with two team accounts. Ideally, this is preferred by startups and small companies. 

Business Plan: This plan will cost $299 a month and it is typically designed for medium to small businesses. Ideally, small and medium-sized businesses with documentation in place but looking to widen their knowledge base resources can benefit from this pricing range.

Enterprise Plan: You have this plan at $499 a month on the upper end of the spectrum. The enterprise package is designed for big corporations to improve customer experience by providing employees with access to a comprehensive knowledge base.

Enterprise Plus Plan: Document360 offers a hosting package that gives you access to a private hosting environment tailored solely for your organization. 

Document360 Pricing


All said and done, 2022 is the right time for your business to indulge and invest in Document360. It remains one of the most powerful knowledge base platforms. As mentioned above, you have a range of those and other features to help you stand out from the competition.

Use it as a customer knowledge base tool or as a support to the helpdesk team. Explore more opportunities with Document360 as your knowledge base tool. Document360 is a true value for money as it offers a great range of powerful features packed in a single tool. Also, you have a professional support team to help you better leverage this tool. 

Document360 FAQs

Q1. What is Document360?

Document360 is software to create a modern and self-help knowledge base portal for businesses.

Q2. Is Document360 Free?

No, Document360 is not free software.

Q3. How Much Does Document360 Cost?

Document360 price starts at $99 per month.

Solution used by over 150,000 businesses

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