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Crocoblock Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Create a powerful dynamic website with the Jet Plugins offered by Crocoblock. Create Custom Post type, Custom Fields, Taxonomies and more.

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What is Crocoblock?

In this Crocoblock review, we will have a look at it can help your WordPress site and the important products it has to offer.

If you ever wanted to create a dynamic website like top authority sites such as Yelp or Airbnb, you can get it done on WordPress now, thanks to Jet Plugins.

Crocoblock comes with a number of plugins that can help you to create custom post types and custom fields and adds them to any section or post type on your site. You can create relations between different post types and pull content dynamically.

You can add advanced search, and filters to your site and make it easier for the users to find content on your site.

Let’s have a look at some of the top plugins Crocoblock has to offer.

Crocoblock Company Details

Andriy Andreyev founded Crocoblock in 2018 and made it easier for WordPress users and developers to create dynamic websites with custom posts and fields. Crocoblock plugins are used by over 20K users and it is growing bigger with time.

Company Name: Jetimpex Inc

CEO Name: Andriy Andreyev

Year Founded: 2018

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: Ukraine

Crocoblock Screenshots and Media

Pros and Cons of Crocoblock

Pros of Crocoblock

  • Enables you to create a dynamic website
  • Powerful search & filter options
  • Build relations between post types & pull data
  • Create unlimited custom fields & add them to any post type
  • Create an advanced eCommerce site
  • Modern post templates, design modules
  • deeper integration with Elementor

Cons of Crocoblock

  • Steep learning curve
  • You will have to buy a bundle or multiple plugins to create a complete site

Crocoblock Features

Advanced functionalities for WordPress site

Create a completely dynamic website, unlike the default WordPress setup.

Create dynamic website

Create custom fields and add them anywhere in your content.

Create unlimited custom post types & fields

Create as many custom post types and fields and pull content anywhere within your site.

Create post relations & pull data

The relations makes it easier to display content dynamically from various post type.

Advanced search and filter option

Create advanced-level dynamic search filters for various post types.

Advanced modules & design elements

Offers ready design elements and modules that you can use on your pages.

Advanced eCommerce features

Customize your WooCommerce website with amazing modern features.

Business listing and review plugin

Create a business listing site like Airbank or Yelp with features offered by these plugins.

Advanced booking functionality

Create a modern booking website with comprehensive modules and forms.

Create multipage forms

Create single or multipage forms as per your need with Jet Form builder.

Crocoblock Pricing

Crocoblock offers multiple pricing options to select from. You can go for a single plugin or select a bundle if you need a comprehensive site with all advanced features.

You also have the option to select a product for a single project or unlimited projects depending on your need.

JetEngine is the basic plugin that you will need to create custom post types, custom fields, and taxonomies. The product comes for $43 for one year if you need it for one project or $88 for unlimited projects.

Here’s the pricing for one project.

Crocoblock Pricing for Single Project

Crocoblock Price Comparison

Compare price of Crocoblock With some of the top competitors.
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Crocoblock Detail

Crocoblock developed JetPlugins keeping in mind the Elementor community & dynamic websites. The focus of all these add-ons is to make your website faster and more optimized for search engines without hiring a developer.

You can get the JetPlugins individually or in a set. They are all well documented, with proper instructions on how to install and use them.

In this Crocoblock review, we will look at the products offered by the platform. If you are looking forward to creating a dynamic website with custom fields and creating custom post types, the plugins listed below are going to be very handy for you.

Let’s get started.


01. JetElements

JetElements plugin lets you add 40+ Elementor widgets to design any kind of Elementor website that you can think of.

Some of the popular widgets are Lottie files, Advanced sliders, pricing tables, post layouts, portfolio image gallery, testimonials, advanced maps, progress bar, animation charts, and so on. 

JetElements provides third-party integrations so you can showcase all the content from Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram feeds, Twitter handles, etc. If you’re an avid designer, you can play along with parallax effects, creative headline animations, flip boxes, and comparison boxes.

It will cost you $24 per year in case you decide to buy JetElements as a standalone plugin.


02. JetEngine

In case you’re using third-party plugins like advanced custom fields, or PODS for creating a dynamic listing website, then JetEngine is here to replace them.

JetEngine is provided as a dynamic content management system that can be used as an alternative to Elementor Pro’s custom fields. With JetEngine you can create content types, custom classes, dynamic post types, taxonomies, and custom meta boxes with ease!

It is fully compatible with Elementor PRO, WooCommerce, ACF, Pods, CPT UI, RankMath, and Yoast and is now integrated with Gutenberg builder as well so you can benefit from the dynamic listings from the block editor as well.

JetEngine standalone plugin will cost you $26 per year which is quite affordable as compared to other dynamic field plugins.


03. JetTricks

If you have used ElementorPro, you might have come across the sticky option and motion options available in the advanced settings for widgets. JetTricks lets you add more visual effects to your Elementor website at just $19/year.

JetTricks brings in motion-centered widgets like Tooltips, Hotspot widgets, Sticky column options, Parallax effects, and background particle effects. You can play with these effects to add more life to your business website.


04. JetMenu

Next on the list is a dedicated plugin for creating a mega menu on your website. With Jetmenu you can create a mega menu to broadly showcase the different categories and improve customer navigation on your website.

With easy drag-and-drop options, you can add Elementor elements like images, icons, maps, and many other widgets. You get options for creating horizontal, vertical, hamburger menus and set them to different breakpoints.

JetMenu is optimized for speed and provides all the necessary styling settings so you can match the look and feel of your website without any compromise. You can purchase JetMenu at just $24 for a single-year subscription.


05. JetPopup

If you use the free version of Elementor, you’ll know it doesn’t support floating popups or slide-ins. That’s where JetPopup comes in. As an add-on for Elementor from Crocoblock, It is designed to create popups and slide-ins that work seamlessly with Elementor.

JetPopup has all the features of Elementor’s popup builder: display conditions (where the popup should appear) and action triggers (for example showing a popup when someone lands on a page). You can also set custom styles on your base template so that the theme will take care of everything else!

This plugin is very affordable at $22 for a single-year subscription.


06. JetAppointment

JetAppointment is a plugin developed for appointment booking capabilities. It allows appointment settings such as fixed time slots, recurring appointments, filterable calendar settings, etc. 

The plugin is well integrated with popular payment gates and automation tools like Zapier so that users can easily register for appointments or send reminders by making use of these toolsets.

You can set appointment forms on a single page or through pop-up windows on your website and extend the functionality of the form using JetEngine which is a companion add-on for this plugin.


07. JetWooBuilder

JetWooBuilder is the first WooCommerce plugin on our list in the eCommerce website space. It sets the base for other WooCommerce plugins that are a part of the JetPlugins bundle.

You can create an entire WooCommerce store from scratch. Simply create templates and replace them with the default pages like the account page, products page, cart, checkout, and thank you page.

JetWooBuilder offers all the necessary layouts, design settings, and custom behavior options to match the look and feel of your products. It won’t make sense to buy this individual plugin because you will miss all the configurations with other WooCommerce modules.


08. JetProductGallery

The name itself defines the use of this plugin. JetProductGallery allows you to add beautiful product images and create WooCommerce galleries in classic and modern formats.

You can add images from the WordPress media gallery and set a featured video for any product and adjust the parameters for the product page. JetProductGallery offers fresh designs for creating product sliders, navigation options, and advanced image click features.

With 4 product layouts and slider options, JetProductGallery looks attractive at just $15 per year.


09. JetReviews

Jet Reviews is a great add-on for generating reviews and making the process for website owners and users easier. It’ll allow you to get more engagement and grow your business by creating a space where content creators can leave meaningful ratings, comments, and likes on a specified piece of content.

You can analyze the insights provided by this plugin to create better copies of your website pages to boost engagement. The only drawback is it lacks schema support for reviews.

Still, it’s a good buy at $22 for a single-year license.


10. JetSmartFilters

JetSmartFilters is the perfect solution to add advanced AJAX filters for your custom post types and WooCommerce products. And it’s so easy! With just one click you can start adding Elementor’s dynamic AJAX filter modules to your WordPress site.

Users have the ability to cut down product choices using the 9 layered filter types and find the exact product for their requirements. In case you have a niche site, the hierarchical filter in JetSmartFilters is a good way to organize the categories on your website.


11. JetCompare&Wishlist

Most of customers usually compare products before finalizing a purchase on any website. 

You can use JetCompare&Wishlist to compare products from multiple brands or sellers on a single page. This gives the customers the ability to save and share products for later purchases or comparisons! 

Also, you can add this plugin’s additional feature called Wishlist which also allows customers to add a product to their wish list for later purchase.


12. JetBlocks

JetBlocks is a dedicated Header and Footer builder plugin from the JetPlugins team. This plugin is especially useful if you’re creating an eCommerce website where users need to register and login into their accounts.

As mentioned, you can use this plugin to add advanced features in headers like the hamburger menu, breadcrumbs, navigation options, search buttons, and login widgets that are commonly used on popular eCommerce websites.


13. JetSearch

JetSearch is a powerful standalone plugin that you can use for making customer’s life easy. It comes with powerful Ajax search capabilities that narrow down the results from post types, taxonomies, category pages, and so on. Since it is based on Ajax, the results load blazing fast without even refreshing the page.

This plugin makes searching on your website easier and offers some advanced features like adjusting the excerpt length, styling, and pagination options for the results.

Overall, it’s a good plugin at just $19 per year for your Elementor website.


14. JetTabs

JetTabs is one of the widgets that were designed specifically to help you display content in a way that’s better for your visitors.

Content can be displayed in an accordion or tab format, and you can even configure it to show images as well! For added convenience, JetTabs comes with three different widget styles ready for you to use with just about any template.

This feature exists in the Elementor Pro plugin, but unfortunately, it does not support different content templates. In case you need this feature, JetTabs is the perfect plugin for your needs.


15. JetBlog

JetBlog plugin is one of the best blog plugins for Elementor. It is the best-suited blog plugin if your niche is a content-focused website like a magazine, blogging, or newspaper journal.

As mentioned earlier, the JetBlog plugin is suitable for writers, bloggers, and magazine editors to build beautiful blog sites. The best thing about JetBlog is that it has very nice typography and grid layout which makes the site look awesome on all devices (Desktop, Tablet & Mobile).  It is a fully responsive and retina-ready Elementor blog.

You can use the advanced pagination options and even embed a Youtube playlist to show videos from a Youtube channel on your blog page.


16. JetStyleManager

JetStyleManager is a lightweight plugin that you can use to add styles to Gutenberg blocks. The plugin extends the WP editor’s core functionality and adds more options for styling the frontend look using blocks.

The plugin is free and works with all the JetPlugins without any issues. You can use this plugin to add style control settings like borders, padding, and margins. It also lets you add a responsive style controller so you can alter the settings for different-sized devices.

JetStyleManager is compatible with other Gutenberg plugins and helps you load beautiful skins without causing any website speed delays.


17. JetThemeCore

Till now, we have covered almost all the modules that the Jet plugin provides to cover a particular aspect of the design like a popup, comparison module, filters, and so on. None of these modules provide an easy way to edit the templates that are provided by the theme.

JetThemeCore is similar to the theme builder editor that comes in the Elementor Pro plugin. You can create readymade templates for core pages like archive pages, single pages, product pages, taxonomies, etc.

JetPlugin proudly provides a magic button that provides access to hundreds of pre-built templates so you can simply click and design the core theme in minutes.


That’s it! We have discussed a lot about the paid modules. Let’s have a look at some of the free Crocoblock add-ons:

Kava theme: A free theme offered by JetPlugins that integrates well with all their plugins.

JetSticky: Set important sections on your website as sticky to grab customer attention.

JetGridBuilder: For creating grid layouts for posts, products, and images on your website.

Jet Content Widgets: For organizing the content on your website in a clean way to match the UI of other JetPlugins.

Besides these, JetGridBuilder, JetFormBuilder, WP Query generator, etc. are some of the other free widgets offered by the JetPlugins team. 

The free plugins are compatible with the latest Gutenberg updates. You can utilize the benefits of free JetPlugins along with paid plugins without any speed-loading issues.

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What Kind of Support Does Crocoblock Offer?

Crocoblock has a comprehensive knowledge base section where you can find answers to a lot of your questions. They have a large number of video tutorials around almost every feature offered by each of their plugins. You can also get in touch with the support team through email or live chat.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Crocoblock (FAQs)

Crocoblock is the home site for Jet Plugins that you can use to create a dynamic website like top authority sites.
No, Crocoblock is a premium store. You have the choice to buy a single product or go for bundle plans.
Yes, some of the features offered by Jet Plugins work well with Gutenberg. However, the product is primarily created to work with the Elementor website builder.
No, you may have conflicts or issues if you use the Jet Plugins with any random theme. You must stick to popular and recommended themes such as Astar Theme, Generate Press, Hallo Theme, etc.
It depends on what you wish to build. You can create a dynamic website only with the JetEngine plugins. However, you will need products like Jet Search, and Jet SmartFilter if you need advanced search options. Similarly other plugins as per their functionalities.
There is no free trial. However, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

System Requirements and Supported Platforms

Review Method

At Begindot, we go through each product in detail so that we can prove the most authentic information to our audience. We try the products, go through documentation, do research in user sentiments before adding our final recommendation. 

Affiliate Disclosure: Begindot is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Dhiraj is the Founder of Begindot.

At Begindot, we are using Jet Plugins to create different post types and custom fields. The JetEngine plugin has made the process really simple and easier for our team to create various post types and pull data dynamically to display. Other than the JetEngine, we are using plugins like JetSearch, JetSmartFilter, and JetElements to get things done.

Crocoblock User Reviews and Ratings

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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Best for Dynamic Site

Rated 5.0 out of 5
September 6, 2023

The plugins that Crocoblock offers are great for dynamic websites. It brings in amazing possibilities into a WordPress site. We have created a business listing website that display business with a number of custom fields that are fetched dynamically and displayed on the front-end. It has been a great experience using thees plugins.

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Ron Dany

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