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Brizy Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Create a great looking WordPress site or a perfectly optimized landing page with Brizy

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What is Brizy Website Builder?

Brizy is a leading cloud and WordPress website builder that comes in a freemium model offering you a completely free option as well as a premium version with a lot of features.

The builder readily offers you a big list of demo design templates that you can use to create your site. The professional-looking designs will instantly make your site look attractive.

You will also have the most comprehensive form builder to make sure that you don’t need any additional plugins to create fully custom forms on your site.

You can convert any block in the site to a slider with just a click. It offers you amazing flexibility to create the perfect design.

If you create a custom design block, you can save it for future use so that you don’t have to work on a similar design again.

Overall, Brizy is one of the most powerful and comprehensive website builders. We will look at the product in details below.

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Brizy Company Details

Brizy is a popular website builder that is used by over 950K websites. Brizy is created by the team behind ThemeFuse that is in business since 2009.

Company Name: ProWebCraft LTD

CEO Name: Dimi Baitanciuc

Year Founded: 2018

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: England, UK

Dimi Baitanciuc Brizy
Dimi Baitanciuc

Brizy Screenshots and Media

Pros and Cons of Brizy

Pros of Brizy

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Ready to use blocks and templates
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Pop-up builder
  • Dynamic content management
  • Marketing tool integration

Cons of Brizy

  • Learning curve for newbies
  • Limited advanced features

Brizy Features

Brizy offers a free version

Brizy comes with a freemium model that you can use completely free to cost.

Ready to use templates

Brizy comes with ready to use templates that you can use to design your website.

Create any design without coding

You may use Brizy to design a completely unique website without any coding.

Built-in pop-up builder

Brizy offers a comprehensive pop-up builder that you may use to design attractive pop-ups.

Brizy cloud website

Brizy offers a complete cloud based website builder that you may use to design your website.

WooCommerce builder

You can use Brizy to design a complete eCommerce website using WooCommerce.

Marketing tool integration

Brizy comes with marketing integration options that you may add to your site to bring in new features.

Multi-language option

Brizy offers multi-language option, so you may use this website builder in a number of other languages.

Brizy Pricing

Brizy website builder gives you two options to go for. The cloud-hosted version is a completely managed website-building solution by Brizy and the second one is the WordPress plugin version.

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee in both versions.

Here’s the price for the cloud-hosted version.

PersonalFreelancerAgencyWhite Label
Monthly Price: $13/moMonthly Price: $39/moMonthly Price: $69/moMonthly Price: $89/mo
Yearly Price: $108/yrYearly Price: $348/yrYearly Price: $588/yrYearly Price: $828/yr
1 website5 websites10 websites10 websites
1 workspace5 workspaces10 workspaces10 workspaces
PRO designs & featuresPRO designs & featuresPRO designs & featuresPRO designs & features
Unlimited visits & storageUnlimited visits & storageUnlimited visits & storageUnlimited visits & storage

Price for Brizy WordPress plugin

PersonalFreelancerAgencyWhite Label
Yearly Price: $60/yrYearly Price: $108/yrYearly Price: $192/yrYearly Price: $300/yr
1 website25 websites50 websites100 websites
PRO designs & featuresPRO designs & featuresPRO designs & featuresPRO designs & features
Pop-up BuilderPop-up BuilderPop-up BuilderPop-up Builder
Landing Page BuilderLanding Page BuilderLanding Page BuilderLanding Page Builder
WooCommerce builderWooCommerce builderWooCommerce builderWooCommerce builder

Brizy Price Comparison

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Brizy Detail

Brizy is an intuitive visual WordPress page builder and a comprehensive cloud platform to create beautiful landing pages. It offers an ease-of-use interface that allows almost anybody to get started on building a fully optimized website. 

So even if you don’t have coding skills or experience in web designing, moving around Brizy and building a website is just a matter of a day or two even for a novice.

If you need to create product landing pages on a regular basis, the Brizy cloud option is perfect for you.

You can use the tool to create a fully optimized landing page using the cloud platform, you will have complete hosting and marketing options well integrated into the platform to make the process easier for you.

There are a number of marketing features in the pipeline that will make Brizy the one-stop platform to create a website, collaborating with the team, and manage all the marketing activities without living on the platform.

Brizy Overview & Features

Brizy is smooth and easy for the users to create a fully optimized interface to create a beautiful landing page.

Here are some of the top features of the Brizy builder.

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop builder
  • Real-time editing
  • Ready to use layouts
  • Ready to use blocks
  • Responsive Editing
  • Email marketing tools
  • Comprehensive editing options
  • Complete cloud-based website
  • Free website builder for WordPress
  • 4000+ Vector Icons
  • Smart, Versatile Buttons
  • Images with Zoom & Focus 

The editing process of Brizy is real-time and the changes can be seen as and when it happens right in front of you.

To edit any aspects of the website, all you have to do is click on the section that you wish to edit which will present you with a toolbar with all the settings and elements suitable for that specific section.

The basic editing elements can be accessed from the toolbar and if you are looking for advanced options and settings, they are available in the right sidebar.

The user interface of Brizy is built on React which is an open-source JavaScript library.

Designing a website with Brizy is an absolute breeze. The ‘Smart Content Tool’ of Brizy shows most of the editing options right on top of that specific element.

This reduces mouse movement massively and saves you a lot of time. The text element used by Brizy is very rich, images have the feature of focus and zoom, quick set-up forms, and more than 4000 vector images.

The colors and fonts will always be under your control and will be applicable across all pages created by Brizy.

The fonts & colors are accessible and can be controlled globally by using the styling panel in the sidebar.

The best part of this global access is that you can test infinite colors and fonts and get a clear picture of how your website looks and moreover, this feature allows you to implement the changes across all the pages and elements of the website.

So, you don’t have to scroll or click through pages and make changes in every single element one at a time.

The images when added via Brizy are automatically configured to be compatible with the desktop screen, tablet screen, and mobile screen.

That’s not all, Brizy also offers a unique toolset for each screen so that the image can be adjusted with impeccable accuracy.

Over 150 Ready-Made Layouts + Over 400 Blocks

ready made blocks

Starting from scratch is not a good idea for newbie users. So, you get access to over 150 pre-made layouts and over 400 blocks with the Brizy so that you have the foundation to build on.

Brizy also has this amazing feature using which you can transform any section of the website into a slider.

Moreover, you can make any design on each and every slide. Just go to that slide using the arrow buttons and create any kind of design to best portray your business.

Oh, you don’t need a slider plugin for doing any of that. You can create as many sections as you want while designing the website and save the extra sections for later use or customization.

Global Blocks and Features

Global Blocks

Another amazing feature that Brizy comes with is the ‘global option’ for sections and blocks. Once you activate the global option for a section, it will save the said section in the global tab.

Once the global option is active on selected sections and blocks, any changes made by you will automatically implement the changes on that section for all the pages.

This feature allows you to customize a section of the website with a single click. Pages such as testimonials, team members, product categories, etc.

Panel Reorder

Then comes the Panel reorder option. This option helps you to reorder blocks without any hassle.

You get to see a thumbnail representation of the blocks that you have created using Brizy and these thumbnails also update the changes that you make in the original block.

Panel Reorder

Brizy is proud when it says that this is a one-of-a-kind feature in the entire digital market and is available only with Brizy.

The Buttons feature allows you to create buttons side by side without the involvement of any complicated structure.

Creating social buttons, menu links or a button grid is a cakewalk with Brizy. You can also create multiple icons side by side, for headers & footers without the involvement of any complicated page structure.

Next interesting feature of Brizy is the focus and zoom options for images that are used for making a website. The focus feature allows you to control and regulate the focus on an image in real-time.

Image Zoom Option

Image Zoom Option

You don’t have to make any extra effort in the image size ratio before uploading, it doesn’t require Photoshop or any other image editing skills, and the focus and zoom features can be modified whenever you wish to do so.

Brizy boasts of a much more advanced form-building system where there is no involvement of a plugin. You can also create any structure for the tab and accordion element.

These elements are in free form and you can create any structure that you can imagine, thus not limiting you to a predefined design.

Use all the resources that Brizy has to offer and create amazing tabs and accordion elements.

The countdown timer adapts itself to any time zone and shows the exact time for an offer to expire based on the visitors’ location.

Section Padding

The paddings for every section can be adjusted by you without the requirement of an additional interface or sidebars.

Smart Text Editor

The text module helps you write as much content as you like. You can start a new paragraph just by hitting the ‘enter’ button.

Once the content is complete, you can modify each paragraph individually by clicking on the options toolbar and have complete control over spacing between paragraphs and typography.

Smart Text Styling

The links feature allows you to point it to a specific section/block of the page. These links will point towards the original block and also perform as a live representation of the original block which makes it easy to identify.

Another feature of Brizy that is truly unique is its independent response skills to devices. In simpler words, any changes made in the tablet or mobile format of the website stay there.

Well, this is not applicable to the text content, nonetheless, you can manage how your website looks on a tablet or a mobile without breaking a sweat.

Brizy allows you to copy and paste content from one platform to another and also within one single page or multiple pages.

The choice to undo or redo changes while developing a website is an amazing asset for the developers, all editing options and shortcuts can be accessed with just a right-click on your mouse.

If you think these features are incredible, then wait till you hear this, every design development or modification done on the website will be auto-saved automatically, you can also allow or restrict access levels in case of multiple users.

However, this feature is available in the Brizy PRO package. The Image lightbox options a giant pop-up of the image. There is a switch on every image and all you have to do is just enable it.

Design Features

Brizy Builder Design Elements

This is where we will take a look at what Brizy can offer with regard to the design, look and feel of a website.

The free version of Brizy allows you to add images, contact forms, maps, buttons, icons, and texts.

But if you have the Brizy PRO package, along with all the aforementioned things, you can also add Gallery, Carousel, WordPress Posts, connect Facebook, and much more.

The PRO package also allows you to customize the color, saturation, brightness, and contrast of your media content to a great extent.

Another thing the Brizy PRO package offers is the 42 unique shape dividers that add a very creative transition effect to the content.

Dynamic Content

Most of the features available in the Dynamic content section are available with the Brizy PRO package.

The single post feature which can be used for blogs, header & footer styling options, the look for the archive list, category listing, editing of the ‘404 Error’ page and the author page are some of the facilities that will be available to you with the Brizy PRO package.

Dynamic Content

Marketing Features

Your email marketing campaigns are taken care of by  WordPress in the Brizy free version.

But if you go for the PRO package, you get a plethora of email marketing options starting with Campaign Monitor, MailChimp Sendinblue, Hubspot, Zapier, ConvertKit, Mailer Lite, Active Campaign, Drip, E-Goi, MailJet and Get Response.

Now let’s take a look at the WordPress tools and the media & font tools that come with the free and PRO packages of Brizy.

In the free package, you get WooCommerce and Yoast for WP tools and YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, GoogleMaps, and Google Fonts to take care of media and font aspects. But, if you go for the PRO package, you get quite a few plugin options.

Brizy Cloud Features

In a way, Brizy Cloud is one platform for you to create your website. You can go for the cloud option to host an unlimited number of websites, and landing pages to run your business.

It is simple and easy to get started. In fact, you can start building your website and see how it works before you go ahead with a plan.

Brizy plans to make the cloud platform a complete solution for the business to create a website and manage all the marketing activities right from a single platform.

A product you must look forward to because it makes life simple for entrepreneurs.

If you need to create a number of landing pages, and websites to promote different affiliate products or your own product, Brizy cloud is the best option for you.

Here you can create the website, and manage your email marketing campaigns. They also have a number of features in the pipeline such as collaborating with your team, and managing analytics and leads from the Brizy platform.

Brizy Cloud Features

Brizy Speed Optimization

Brizy is perfectly optimized for better performance so that your site loads instantly. With the Google Core update, the loading speed of a site has become very critical, and it is an important ranking factor.

So, your site must load quickly in order to rank your content better. Brizy tested with a ready template and scored 97 on the Google speed test, the page loads within 1 second.

Brizy Builder Speed Test

Brizy Free & Brizy PRO

The PRO package is available on yearly payment options and also on lIfetime payment options.

Yes, there is a slight difference in the features that are available in these 2 packages and we will take a closer look to point them out.

For starters, Brizy PRO offers more than 150 premium design layouts. Yes, you guessed it right, you are not getting them in the free version.

Here the layouts are segregated into packs that are again suited to a particular business such as restaurants, studios, parlors, business, corporate, etc.

The layouts within these packs have all the necessary pages for home, about us, contact us, etc. which is of immense help to make a website go live in no time.

Design elements such as the Gallery, Carousel, Posts and 12 other elements can only be found in the Brizy PRO.

Brizy Pro is also compatible with a lot of custom field plugins such as ACF, Tools, Pods & Metabox. These plugins open the doors to a lot of potential.

The Brizy Pro package also comes with a lot of marketing integrations and you can also connect your contact forms and generate leads for your business.

Brizy PRO also offers a pop-up builder with which you can create as well as edit all types of pop-ups using the inbuilt tools of Brizy.

Wait, hold on. There is one more thing about the Brizy PRO that you should know.

It comes with its own cloud storage facility. You can easily create landing pages, funnels, lead pages, projects, etc. much more easily as compared to WordPress.

Moreover, Brizy also takes care of the hosting and security aspect of your website.

They use Fastly and Amazon CDN for content delivery, Amazon Relational Database Server for database, and image processing via Fastly Image Optimizations.

The hosting section is taken care of by reliable partners SIte Ground, Couldways, Inmotion, and Bluehost

Final Word

Brizy is a great option if you are looking for a quality WordPress website builder for your business. You can start with the free version of the WordPress builder which is good enough for any common site, blog, etc.

Once you are comfortable with the builder you can look at the pro version and upgrade your plan.

There are some interesting features that are being planned, the all-in-one cloud platform with team collaboration, and marketing features make it a unique solution to manage a business.

Overall, Brizy is a platform that certainly deserves your attention.

Brizy Website Builder Review

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What Kind of Support Does Brizy Offer?

Brizy comes with premium support for their paid customers. You may start with the support documents and the webinars to understand more about the product. You may also get in touch with the support team if you need any help.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Brizy (FAQs)

Brizy is a drag and drop website builder that you can use to create your website on WordPress platform. You can use the Brizy cloud website builder to create highly optimized fast landing pages.
Yes, you can use the Brizy builder effectively even if you are a complete newbie. The builder offers over 400 ready to use templates you can use to create your website.
Good SEO is a combination of many different factors and loading speed, design quality, responsiveness, performance on mobile devices are some of the important elements of good SEO that are taken care perfectly by the Brizy builder.
Brizy will take care of everything that is required to create a perfectly optimized WordPress site or a cloud based landing page that you can create in a few minutes. It offers offer 400 ready design template, over 700 design blocks and popup templates to make sure that you are able to create a high converting design.

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