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Bitrix24 Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Bitrix24 is a comprehensive CRN and project management solution for businesses to manage everything from a single dashboard.

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What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is a popular CRM, team collaboration, and project management solution that you can use to manage your business efficiently.

It comes with a comprehensive interface to make your customer relationship management process smooth and easier.

Bitrix24 can be your virtual workspace to manage everything from a single dashboard making it easier for you and your team to be more productive.

Let’s have a look at the platform in detail.

Bitrix24 Company Details

One of the leading CRM and project management solutions, Bitrix24 is used by over 10 million users currently as claimed by the platform. Bitrix24 is a team of over 500 employees across 12 different locations.

Company Name: Bitrix, Inc.

CEO Name: Sergey Rizhikov

Year Founded: 2011

Employees: 100-500

HQ Location: Virginia, US

Sergey Rizhikov CEO Bitrix24
Sergey Rizhikov
Co-founder 7 CEO
Dmitry Valyanov co-founder Bitrix24
Dmitry Valyanov

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Pros and Cons of Bitrix24

Pros of Bitrix24

  • Offers a free plan with handy features
  • Complete CRM & project management solution
  • Team collaboration option
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Multichannel communication option
  • HR & automation features
  • Built-in website builder
  • Mobile apps to manage the business on the go

Cons of Bitrix24

  • Relatively complex user interface
  • Basic customization
  • Limited & basic reporting

Bitrix24 Features

Complete CRM solution

Bitrix24 comes with all the features needed for better customer relationship management.

Sales pipeline management

Bitrix24 offers a complete sales pipeline management option to make sure you don't miss any potential customers.

Multichannel communication

The platform offers you multichannel communication options for better customer management.

Comprehensive lead tracking

The Lead Tracking feature of Bitrix24 makes it simple for businesses to track a customer through the sales funnel.

Marketing Automation

The marketing automation features give you the option to automate email campaigns and to automate regular tasks.

Team collaboration

Bitrix24 is a team collaboration software as well, you can use it as your virtual office and manage your team effectively.

Task & project management

The task and project management features give the option to plan and manage a project from start to end.

Remote office management

If you are managing a business with a complete Remote team, Bitrix24 can help you through all processes.

Productivity tools

Bitrix24 comes with a number of productivity improvement tools such as a to-do list maker, time tracking, kanban boards, and more.

Workflow management

Create customized tasks and automate regular workflows with workflow management features.

Bitrix24 Pricing

Bitrix24 offers one of the best free plans when it comes to CRM and project management solutions. You can use the free plan for unlimited users making it a very good solution for small businesses and teams with a tight budget.

Even in the free plan, you get features to manage projects, tasks, team collaboration, and more.

Let’s have a look at all the pricing plans.

Free Plan
  • Team Collaboration
  • Chat
  • HD Videocalls
  • Calendar
  • Company workspace
  • Feed
  • Knowledge base
  • Tasks & projects
  • CRM
  • Drive 5GB
  • Contact Center
  • Website Builder
Basic Plan
Yearly Billing: $49/Month
  • 5 Users
  • Team Collaboration
  • Chat
  • HD Videocalls
  • Calendar
  • Company workspace
  • Feed
  • Knowledge base
  • Tasks & projects
  • CRM
  • Drive 24GB
  • Contact Center
  • Website Builder
  • Online store
Standard Plan
Yearly Billing: $99/Month
  • 50 Users
  • Team Collaboration
  • Chat
  • HD Videocalls
  • Calendar
  • Company workspace
  • Feed
  • Knowledge base
  • Tasks & projects
  • CRM
  • Drive 100GB
  • Contact Center
  • Website Builder
  • Online store
  • Marketing
  • Online documents
  • Customer support
  • Administration
Professional Plan
Yearly Billing: $199/Month
  • 100 Users
  • Team Collaboration
  • Chat
  • HD Videocalls
  • Calendar
  • Company workspace
  • Feed
  • Knowledge base
  • Tasks & projects
  • CRM
  • Drive 1024GB
  • Contact Center
  • Website Builder
  • Online store
  • Marketing
  • Online documents
  • Customer support
  • Administration
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Automation
  • HR

Bitrix24 Price Comparison

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Bitrix24 Detail

Bitrix24 can help a business by automating some of the core processes like sales and marketing and making it a lot easier. It is a simple and easy platform to get started.

How to Use The Bitrix 24 CRM? 

Bitrix 24 is one of the most comprehensive customer relationship management software available out there.

The process of setting up the software and customizing it as per the requirements is pretty simple and takes hardly any effort.

And yes, the process is quite similar to setting up any other CRM software. Just follow the steps below. 


Setup Your Account

First of all, like in many other CRM providers out there, you have to set up your Bitrix 24 account. The setup is very simple and hardly takes up a few minutes. 


Add Users

This is the most common step in setting up any customer relationship management software.

Here, you add your team into the software and create a common workstation for your team.

Add your colleagues, partners, and all those people you want to include in the overall customer management process.

Bitrix 24 also provides the feature for all users to switch to another interface language, in case they need to. 

Add-Users Bitrix24

Create Workflow

This step is the setting up of the workflow that you follow. Customer relationship management software creates a pipeline according to your working structure.

This is where you create also those specific fields in your CRM pipeline that match your actual selling process. Make sure your team knows the process that is being followed and your CRM pipeline matches the real selling and management process. 

Create Tasks

Additionally, Bitrix 25 CRM allows you to create tasks and workgroups for handling sub-tasks, and create schedules in the company calendar.

Unlike in many other CRMs, Bitrix 24 also helps you organize your document library with the help of a common document library feature. Creating and managing events is also possible in Bitrix 24. 

Create-Tasks Bitrix24

Create a Custom Dashboard

Now, finally, here you get to customize and create your dashboard. The most common practice you can apply here is placing the most used features and tools at the forefront.

Also, Bitrix24 allows you to configure the access permissions for different access levels and workgroups. Also, you can configure the worktime configuration of your CRM. 

Create-a-Custom-Dashboard Bitrix24

Overview of Bitrix24 CRM features

Bitrix24 offers a lot of different CRM features that altogether help your business and sales perform better.

Some of the most important and noticeable features of this CRM include:

Email Marketing


Bitrix24 is a free CRM that offers you an email marketing option. The free plan has a limitation of 12 users and 5GB storage.

You have the option to integrate MailChimp for email marketing.

The iOS and Android offered by Bitrix24 will make it easy for you to manage your business on the go.

Team Communication: Chat, HD video calls & conferences

As Bitrix24 is used as a virtual office, it comes with all the different communication channels to communicate with your team effectively.

It comes with a comprehensive chat system so that you can get in touch with any team member quickly. It offers HD-quality video calling and conference options to make sure that you don’t need any external software for your team meetings.


Calendar Sharing

Calendar-Sharing Bitrix24

Sharing tasks and assignments, as well as time bounds for them becomes much easier with Bitrix24’s calendar-sharing feature. You can create a time-specific task, add members to the task and monitor the progress. 

User Profiles    

Creating and managing user profiles for all customers becomes much easier with the user profile feature of Bitrix24. 

Repeat Sales and Manage Subscriptions 

You can actually keep track of your recurring deals, repeat leads, repeat deals, manage high recurring sales, manage recurring invoices, and so on.   


Integration Bitrix24

Bitrix24 allows you to integrate a ton of unique tools and applications, which can be integrated with the Bitrix24 software to increase overall productivity and to increase workflow speed.

Apps like MailChimp, Slack, Skype, Office 365, Zapier, Quickbooks, Google Drive, and Xero. 

Contact Center 

Communication through the software becomes way easier with the contact center feature. You get a common platform for doing chats and task-related conversations with Bitrix24. 

Advanced Reporting Feature

Bitrix24 offers you a set of amazing tools to monitor all your major activities, such as lead generation and management reports, deal reports, sales, and overall business reports, custom user-generated reports, and overall activity reports as well. 

CRM Permission Management

Bitrix24 allows you to manage the access levels of all your users and workforces. You can set role-based permissions, you can set automatics client routing, and also set rule-based lead distribution with Bitrix24.

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What Kind of Support Does Bitrix24 Offer?

You can go through the extensive knowledge base created by the Bitrix24 team to find the answers you are looking for. They have multiple video tutorials and webinars to help the users. You can also contact the support team if required.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Bitrix24 (FAQs)

Bitrix24 is a sales CRM and project management software that you can use to manage and grow your business.
Yes, you can. Bitrix24 offers a completely free plan along with premium plans.
You may need some time to understand the interface and the features that the platform has to offer. However, you don’t need any technical knowledge as such.
Yes, Bitrix24 offers complete project management features along with a number of other features and tools.
It offers all the features you expect in a good CRM solution. However, it comes down to your requirements as there are multiple quality CRM solutions available in the market.
Yes, you can. Bitrix24 offers you all the features and options such as team collaboration, smooth communication, task management, project management, and other features to manage everything for your business from a single dashboard.
Yes, you can manage all your marketing processes using the Bitrix24 dashboard. It comes with features like workflow automation, client management, and multichannel communication to make your marketing process smooth and easy.
You can use Bitrix24 to manage your HR process as well. It comes with employee management, eLearning solution, employee engagement, and all other important features needed for HR management.

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