9 Resources for a Startup to Scale Marketing Activities


To be successful in raising funds for your start-up is a great achievement! Congratulations, as now you can hire the best people, shift to a proper place, invest the funds efficiently in improving your products and services.

Now, is the time to focus on your marketing…but this is where all the problems arise.

Once, you have all the funds in hand; you get an irresistible feeling to explore all the marketing channels available. And that is very normal! We all have the desire to grow and target our niche audiences with our marketing strategies, but a more careful approach shall yield maximum results without burning a hole in your pocket.

We all have the desire to grow and target our niche audiences with our marketing strategies, but a more careful approach shall yield maximum results without burning a hole in your pocket.

Understand These Two Facts While Marketing Your Start-Up:

  • First is that an excellent product alone is not sufficient to succeed.
  • Second is that a crap product cannot achieve long-term success with any amount of marketing.

“A bad company is killed by Good Marketing.” The combination of a good product with excellent marketing is the key for a startup to be successful.

Brian Halligan from HubSpot has put it in correct words

To be successful, you must match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for your products.

1. Identification of Customer Objectives

The best way is to ask the niche clients their reason for not converting into loyal customers. For this, there are several tools to help you:

  • You can install Intercom to interact in real-time with the visitors of your website.
  • You may ask your visitors to fill the survey form with the help of Survey Monkey. For this, you may have to initiate a giveaway.
  • You may request for their feedback on a forum where many other customers participate.
  • You may use UserTesting.com for Commission few user tests.

By following all these steps, you get a fairly good idea what is preventing your visits from getting converted into leads.

2. Make Brilliant Landing Pages

Firstly, focus on areas that have the most leverage like a call to actions, headlines, and lead capture forms. For this tools like Leadformly can prove to be highly useful as they provide high-converting form without you wasting months of your time in split testing for the different variations.

After your mockups are designed, you may use Visual Website Optimizer to test mockups with the already existing landing pages. You will find VWO very easy to work on and you get to test your website changes without making changes in the coding.

You need to constantly improve your landing pages to see significant improvement in your Conversion rate optimization. If you are using WordPress for your site, you can have a look at some of the best landing page plugins that will help you to create stunning landing pages.

3. Facebook Advertising: Use Segmentation to find your ideal audience

Facebook Ads are the best consumer research tool available.

Let me explain this in more detail: This is no limit to how minutely you can segment your Facebook advertisements. You have the advantage to run the same advertisement on different demographic and psychographic audience segments and then with the help of conversion tracking you get to visualize where you get the maximum conversion rate for your product or service.

In my opinion, Facebook Ads prove to be the optimum way to help you verify your target audience and your cost-per-acquisition for varied demographic segments.

4. Reddit Advertising – Not to Miss!

Many times, we tend to underestimate the advantages of Reddit as a paid marketing channel. The kind of results, I have got are varied, though, but this channel is worth testing as doesn’t cost you much.

You have the facility in Reddit advertising to market your start-up in any of the suitable subreddit. For instance, if you are a music start-up, you may start-up in the subreddits, ‘music’, ‘guitar’, and ‘WeAretheMusicMakers’. All the subreddits have a unique community that helps to market in the niche audience.

The prime reason, I like Reddit Advertising is that it attracts early adopters.   You get honest feedback, and you can target audience without considering at what stage of marketing you are at.

5. Google Remarketing

With Google Remarketing, when any visitor comes to your site, a cookie is dropped off on your computer. When they visit your competitors’ website, an ad is displayed motivating them to come back to your site.

You can get awesome results with different remarketing ads that can be in different stages of your website. For instance, if any of your visitors doesn’t complete your sign-up form, you could encourage them to complete so by pushing an ad to finish up the same with an incentive.

Google Remarketing gives you great results on advertising to people who are already aware of your products. The trick here is to get your frequency accurate and not to get annoying!

6. Content Discovery Platforms

Nowadays, many content discovery platforms are available that aid you in the promotion of your content and articles on some of the major sites like the Guardian and the New York Times.

Some of them are Zemanta, Outbrain, Taboola., These are perfect for giving the backlinks and in the launch of your content but these can cost you a bit depending on the content quality.

7. Video Pre-Roll Advertising

If you have a promo video for your start-up rolled out, then Pre-Roll Advertising would prove to be highly beneficial. You may use TubeMogul, to get your video appear as an advertisement before the videos being displayed on the major video networks like YouTube and 4od.

One of the interesting points here is that you do not pay if your video is skipped and most of the people “skip it”. Right?

Thus, the trick to being followed here is to get the message about your start-up displayed in the first few seconds of your video being rolled out, so that the people are aware of your products without paying heavily for it.

8. Build Exceptional Resources

I cannot finish this article without mentioning about Moz.com’s weather report tool. This is a great tool for the SEO specialist and also generates lot of publicity for Moz.

Sometimes, it is better not to reinvent the wheel and simply it is better to stick to the basics like “what would your customers like?” and build something extraordinary.

9. Email Marketing

A few years ago, the scope of email marketing was only to build your mailing list and send your aautoresponder and newsletters campaigns out.

But gone are those days! Marketing Automation is replacing Traditional email marketing quickly. This is a kind of software through which you can trigger personalized messages on the basis of certain rules.

For instance, if someone signs up for a free trial but skips to use a particular feature in a fixed frame of time then with this software you have the ability to send an automated email reminder so that the feature can be checked out.

There are many email marketing tools but I love using ActiveCampaign as it has the great interface for building marketing campaigns.

At the end, I would like to state that everything mentioned here is one perspective. There would be many cases where the opposite of what I have said would have shown fantastic results.

Marketing is all about experiments and sees what works the best for you.

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