How 3D Product Configurator Can Help Your eCommerce Start-Up

3D Product Configurator

Lots of money gets spent creating a website, not to mention the long hours of trying to get it right. From the dilemma of selecting the most suitable interface to the choice of content that will generate traffic to your site, everything on there is aimed at one thing—amassing high conversion rates.

In recent times, especially with the advancement in technology, one such tool used to drive these rates up has been the 3D Configurator.

This digital marketing tool solely aims to use 3D models to personalize the user experience on your website. This tool also utilizes 3D models to ensure you are in perfect control of product changes, brand engagement, and return rates, amongst many others. 

People are migrating massively from offline stores to the more convenient option of online stores. That’s why it would be archaic of you to solely depend on just products and videos on your website to drive the much-needed conversion you want.

Here is where the 3D Configurator comes into play.

This feature helps automate the entire user experience and lets you modify certain components of your eCommerce business, such as color, accessories, features, materials, size, and many others.

But that’s not all; as in the list below, you can see how much 3D configurators can help boost your current start-up to new heights.

5 Ways a 3D Product Configurator Can Help Your Start-Up

These are just 5 of the many ways 3D product configurators can take your start-up to the next level. 

Improved Optimization

With customers visiting your website through their devices, you interact more with your 3D product configurator. Their numbers help to leave massive footprints of data for you to analyze, track and optimize customer engagement.

This 3D product configurator tool makes customer engagements easy to track and analyze. It serves as an effective pointer to their preferences, aspects of the goods and services you offer that they like or possibly don’t, and many other things.

With this enormous data pool, you can improve sales levels, better the consumer experience, improve product functionality and innovations, and ultimately provide greater customer satisfaction. 

Increased Revenue

Why are you in business initially if it’s not to make profit? It’s normal to be curious how this tool can drive revenue—it can, through a series of steps.

It can begin by eliminating any production error that might arise. With a good number of settings and options (especially in B2B), customers are given a chance to run their own feasibility checks on products.

To help facilitate this, the 3D Configurator takes it further by ensuring that only possible combinations are available. It also comes with a set of Q and A’s that tackles issues that might arise when planning to upsell or cross-sell.

This 3D product configurator brings them as close to the product as they can be through their computer screen with its detailed visualization feature. 

Higher Customer Satisfaction

What your customer orders and wants will be what they get with this tool, as not only does it enable them to receive their orders in record time, but it also allows customers the opportunity to personalize their orders and get exactly what they desire. 

Suppose you run a fashion store; customers can log on to your online store, look up various designs you have there and curate the preferred outfit for themselves, and afterward, get a Quote.

Such a Sublime feature is sure to improve their overall satisfaction with the services you render and ultimately improve client retention. 

The Days of Product Returns Are Over

With a tool like this that ensures your customers are satisfied, you won’t run the risk of goods returned to you due to fault or whatever reason that the customer could potentially cite.

With the build process provided by this tool, customers can choose products that match their brand and minimize returns whilst optimizing satisfaction. 

Premium Consultation Services 

In the traditional setting, there are sales representatives who are always on the ground to provide product information to potential customers and give them details such as price, delivery dates, availability status, and many others.

With sales consultants, you get people who listen to your preferences, state the available products needed to meet those preferences, and then explore different configuration options with you.

On both sides, this can be a long and stressful process that sometimes ends up in both parties failing to come to a common ground.

Well, that’s a thing of the past with the 3D Configurator. It helps you understand your customer’s requirements in little to no time, tender a price estimate to the customer for the requested product, and guide you through a seamless consultation process.

You make sales without the help of a third-party sales rep or consultant.

Why a 3D Product Configurator Is a Must-Have in 2022 

As earlier hinted in this article, the e-commerce industry is growing in leaps and bounds, and if you must take advantage of this massive growth, you must take steps to continually add value to your online store and give people reasons to keep coming back to you as opposed to the millions of people on the web offering the same service as you do. 

Investing massively in this technology has yielded enormous growth for those into it, with conversion rates peaking.

The configurator improves your ROI and helps to grow your brand perception which is a key component of any successfully run online brand.

Online shoppers are moved by what they see, and inaccurate depictions of the products you sell on your website would hinder sales. The 3D product configurator is here to change that.

With models ranging from $50–$1000 per asset (depending on the complexity of each asset), this looks like the game-changing investment every online store owner needs to make today.

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