What is ASO and How Does It Work? [Here’s the Answer]

App store optimization

App store optimization directly improves the ranking of your apps in the play store or iOS. You can optimize or redesign your ASO to generate more traffic for your mobile apps.

Simply put, it is concerned with increasing the viewership of your app in the store.

ASO was somewhat overlooked with the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence. But now once again, it has come into prominence with marketers ready to take the help of ASO to quantify their apps.

The goal of your ASO is generating more traffic in your app’s page, and developers always wish to work in that direction.

App Store Optimization Tips [That works]

ASO requires a crucial understanding of the customer base because the users will be looking at other similar mobile apps.

A developer needs to get out of the crowded field of app stores and create a place for himself in the marketplace. That’s where ASO comes in as it helps to develop and design your app the way you want it to function.

Let’s look at some useful tips to help optimize your app store:

Start Building Your Title

You might not be too concerned as an app developer with titles, but in the algorithm of play stores, it carries a lot of significance.

A well-defined title helps to identify your app and improve its ranking in the play store. Your app title should be related to your app. It should be easy to read and relevant to your title.

It helps your app to get recognition and makes it appealing to your viewers. Currently, there are 30 character word limits available for Apple and 50 available for play store users.

Establish Your Strategy

It is very important for you to understand the market you are operating. You should have clear customer insights in mind while developing your app. Proper implementation of your strategy will help you in reaching to your focused customer base.

You should know the priorities of your intended customer base and clearly focus on this while building your app. You should be strongly customer focused and use the right keywords to achieve your goal.

The aim is to find the users who are interested in your application and generate a higher conversion rate for your app.

Use Your Keywords Wisely

Like in your SEO, keywords are an important factor in your ASO. Like your titles, handling your keywords differs from play store to apple stores. In Apple, you get only 100 character limit for your keyword.

So the ASO strategy should be truncate your keyword use and place them miserly but wisely to generate the desired effect. Whereas with Google Play, there is no keyword limit, and you can play with your keywords comfortably with 4000 characters in your hands.

You can also localize your keywords to country-specific app stores. You push your rankings when you use local language for your apps. For best results, use your keyword 5 times in your app but don’t overstuff it.

You Need to Give Good Descriptions

For both stores, your description is the first page your user would see, so, your description needs to be perfect.

You now have your potential buyer who is looking at your description, so you need to pitch in and close the sale. Your user has very little information about your product, so place yourself in the shoes of the buyer.

You need to answer some basic questions like what does your app do, the type of problem it solves, how will it affect the buyer’s life and the price of your app if it’s paid.

You need to write short, crisp, to-the-point succulent descriptions to grab the attention of the buyer.

Use Attractive Screenshots

You need to remember that the attention span of your buyer is short. So, a great ASO strategy would be to use attractive screenshots to jolt the buyer’s attention.

It is very important how your app store page looks, and that is going to make a big difference in how your app performs. Your screenshot should contain the key advantages and the most interesting features of your app.

The screenshots you are uploading should be promotional materials which show the action of the app and the benefits should be explained in a visual form.

Generate Positive Reviews

Positive reviews have a huge impact both in terms of quality and quantity on your ASO. It’s in your interest to get more positive reviews on your app in your favor. Don’t go for fake reviews as they are easily caught.

You should only use positive, honest opinions from actual users. You can send users to push notifications to give reviews about your app. You can also have pop-ups asking users to give you reviews about your product.

Good Icon Design is Important

The relation between rankings and downloads is directly proportional; that is, the greater your downloads, the higher would be the ranking of your app.

You should know how to design a great app because you have only one design idea to show to your potential user.

This is a very useful ASO strategy to design the icon of your app as they play a very useful role in generating more downloads.

So, it’s a crucial part of your app store optimization. Your app icon should be catchy and a visual treat but not too glossy.

Check Out Your App Size

This is a very important SEO strategy that the developers need to keep in mind. Your app size shouldn’t be more than 100 MB as it consumes very high data while downloading.

Your users may get put off when they have to download large files. So you need to keep your file size small so that it doesn’t take much time for a user to download and use your app. Your app size also affects how they are used in native and mobile web apps.

App Store Optimization is a vital part of your marketing strategy. A winning ASO is not only about searching for the best keywords, but it’s also about finding your feet in the app store.

ASO is an ongoing process, and you need to continuously upgrade your strategy to find the perfect harmony to generate more conversion rates for your app.

So, if you want to have a successful app with lots of downloads and generate income, then you have to pay good attention to these useful tips and optimize your app store accordingly.

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