How Backlinks Can Increase Organic Traffic


When any website links to your website, a backlink is created. Backlinks are considered as a vote of approval sanctioned by search engines like Google to measure the worthiness of a website.

In short, if there are two competing websites and one of them has a higher number of quality backlinks, it will rank high in search engines – that’s the general consensus.

Now, these backlinks are attained organically or inorganically.

Organic links are those created without any manual interference. For instance, if a popular newspaper publisher like Times of India references an article on your blog and links back to it, your website gains an organic link.

Inorganic links are those created with manual interference. For instance, you must be aware that blog commenting is a popular link-building strategy. Whenever you leave a comment and link it to your website, you create a backlink but it is organic.

Search engines like Google favor organic links over inorganic links. It does not mean that inorganic links do not have any value.

They do and will continue to have value but with the changing landscape of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is essential to remain abreast of current link curation or link acquisition trends.

Sometimes the organic and inorganic links cannot be distinguished clearly; therefore, your priority should be to get backlinks from high authority websites, always.

In this article, I will discuss how to build organic links.

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It is not easy to build organic links. The web is overpopulated and congested. The chance of any publication finding and linking to your website organically is one in a million.

However, there are certain ways or incentives which can help to expedite the process to build organic links.

Let’s see.

1) Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the foremost strategies to build organic links. Consider it as a “first step”. Whenever you share content like a post or an Infographic on social sites, your website gets a backlink.

However, this backlink is a ‘nofollow’ one which means it will not give the website link juice but the strategy is still recommended because social bookmarking drives a lot of traffic.

Some websites, with correct promotion, get a lot of traffic from sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon.

There is a good chance that those who visit your website from such sites will find the published content informative enough to link back to your website, creating an organic link.

Difficulty Level: Easy

2) Recreate Infographics and STEAL Organic Links


Since the last couple of years, Infographics continues to be a trend. There are three steps in this process.

Step 1: Create or Recreate an Infographic

Find out the popular Infographic in your website niche. If you are into technology, Infographics on mobile phones or the growth of technology is widely available.

Since technology is a niche that is changing every day, a lot of those Infographics become unimportant, stagnant and irrelevant within a few months.

Further, once published, most of Infographic creators do not bother to update them and here lies your chance!

Find one such Infographic in your website niche. Also, that Infographic should be published on a lot of high authority sites. Now, your work is to either create a new one on the same or recreate it with all new facts and data.

There are many free online tools like and to create fantastic infographics.

Once done, host it on your website and create an embed code.

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Step 2: Build Organic Links

Make a list of the websites hosting the old Infographic. You can use tools like Moz or Cognitive SEO to find exact webpages where the old Infographic lies embedded.

Your job in this step is to contact those websites, stating that the old Infographic is updated with new and relevant information, and ask if the website owner will be interested to update the new Infographic (created by you).

Most of the time, the reply will be affirmative because established websites want to maintain content freshness. Once you receive a positive response, send forth the new Infographic embed code. Once published, it will earn you a new organic link.

Note that some website owners may not even bother to reply or deny such a request. In such cases, just move on. You can find new authority sites to host the Infographic.

Step 3: Retain Infographic Freshness

Just as you stole someone’s organic link, someone else can steal yours too few months down the line.

If you do not want this to happen, keep updating your Infographic with new and niche-relevant information so as to eliminate any chances of it getting replaced.


3) Write Better Content and Steal Organic Links

Difficulty Level: Medium

The process is the same as outlined in Step 2. You have to search for outdated content, create better content and contact the sites to replace the outdated content or broken link with your content page.

The success rate is very high.

Difficulty Level: Hard

4) News Writing

News writing is not hard but timing is of crucial importance here and therefore, I have classified it in the ‘hard’ difficulty level.

Depending on your website niche, you can cover the latest news or product launches. The second one is a really awesome organic link acquisition strategy.

Have you ever wondered how most of the high authority websites publish in-depth product reviews within a few hours of official launch? As a result, these websites get immense traffic, high search ranking and a lot of organic links when other reviews get about writing their product review. Isn’t it?

If you can get access to premium products in the pre-launch phase, which usually happens if you have good contacts in the industry, this strategy to build organic links will work very well.

Difficulty Level: Hard

5) Writing Tutorials

Tutorials are one of the best ways to build organic links. I define tutorials as ‘no-nonsense’ content that solves a problem and stays relevant with time. It is actionable and informative.

Depending on your website niche, you can write really in-depth tutorials that cover all perspectives of a specific issue. The strategy works really well in the technology field.

Once the tutorial is written, publish it on the website and let the search engines rank it. You can do these things now:

  1. Contact other websites hosting a similar but outdated tutorial and request them to link back to your tutorial.
  2. Rank the tutorial high on the search engines. It will bring constant traffic and organic links.

In either case, keep the tutorial relevant at all times so as not to lose organic links and traffic.

Difficulty Level: Medium


It is of paramount importance to acquire high-quality backlinks. These strategies, if implemented perfectly, will help to build organic links that will benefit your website immensely, in terms of traffic, visibility and engagement.

What organic link acquisition method do you follow? Share with us below.

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