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Adsterra Review (Sep 2021): Top Features & Pricing

Make good amount of money by monetizing your blog traffic with Adsterra

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Adsterra Overview

Adsterra is a popular ad network that you can use to monetize your website. It offers you multiple ad formats to choose from so that you can maximize your ad conversions and ROI.

Adsterra has over 20K advertisers so they can guarantee you a 100% fill rate to make sure that your ad slot is never idle. It is one of the top platforms for bloggers and marketers to make a regular income.

We will look at how Adsterra can your business in detail below.

Adsterra Top Features

  • Popular ad network
  • Over 20K active advertisers
  • High and stable CPM rates
  • Pays automatically twice a month
  • Multiple revenue model: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPI
  • Multiple ad formats to select from
  • It Covers 248 geo-locations
  • Anti-Adblock system

Adsterra review, a platform to advertise your products, services and to earn a good amount of revenue by monetizing traffic for the bloggers.

Generally, Google Adsense is one of the most popular monetizing methods a new blogger looks wants to get started with. However, not every blog gets approved for AdSense and even if your blog gets approved, you will be making peanuts with AdSense ads.

Here is when a platform like Adsterra makes the difference. You can earn more revenue with the same amount of traffic as compared to AdSense.

It’s a great platform for both advertisers and publishers.

Launched in 2013, Adsterra was to be considered a newbie, but look at the numbers!

Adsterra Stats

Impressions / month

30 Billion

Successful Campaigns

Over 100k

GEO Locations


The popularity of Adsterra is increasing day by day as both publishers and advertisers want the best way to make money. 

However, is it capable of standing on the same platform as Google Adsense?

Is it worth the hype it is getting? 

Let’s find out! 

Table Of Content

Adsterra Overview 

In 7 years, Adsterra has been able to deliver its performance-based solutions to more than 250 countries and emerged as one of the top global solutions. It is among the top CPM networks that you can use to advertise your business or to monetize your traffic.

It meets the needs of both publishers and advertisers.

For Publishers:

Adsterra claims to have the highest CPM rates by offering publishers a quick setup process. Through a variety of web and mobile ad formats, Adsterra provides you with a source to make more money, keeping in mind the full protection of your ads from common malware and bad bots.

You can make a good amount of money by monetizing the traffic that you receive through your blog, application or Facebook page.

For Advertisers: 

Adsterra can help advertisers meet their campaign objectives through payments model such as:

  • CPM 
  • CPA
  • CPL
  • CPI
  • CPC
  • RBT

Moreover, it enables you to target high-quality traffic through the means of smart targeting and retargeting. 

For successful performance, advanced optimization strategies such as budget caps and bid suggestions will help you creatively position your ads.

For potential advertisers, Adsterra offers two types of services: 

  • Fully Managed – In this service, you can either use the help of the manager to run your campaigns or transfer the campaign entirely to the manager. 
  • Self-service – Although Adsterra’s customer support will be there to direct you through the problems, you will be responsible for managing and evaluating your advertising campaigns.

How Does Adsterrra Work? 

It’s not rocket science to make Adsterra work and make some decent money for yourself. Adsterra has devised a simple method for you to get started. We’re going to cover them in this segment. 

Because Adsterra offers its services to both advertisers and publishers, we will cover both their setup methods.

Adsterra For Advertisers: 

The Self-serve Platform (SSP) has a very simple user interface that will help you launch your campaign without many difficulties.

Here are the steps to follow: 

  • Create a new account or sign in if you already have an account. 
  • Select a form of payment and top up your balance. 
  • Create a campaign by yourself or with the help of a manager. 
  • Set up a conversion tracker 

In the process of creating a campaign, you will first have to decide the name of the campaign and the types of pricing, such as CPA, CPC, and CPM. Then, you’ll fill the remaining fields of traffic type, landing URL, budget limit, budget capping, and targeted audience. 

Even though Adsterra is an SSP platform, you’ll have a dedicated personal account manager assigned to solve all your problems. Moreover, you can always assign a manager to take care of your campaigns. 

Adsterra Campaign

What is Retargeting

Retargeting is the process that will make sure that you get the maximum out of your advertising budget.

As an advertiser, you probably know that a very minimal percentage of traffic converts in the first attempt.

When you start as an advertiser, you will have to place a code on your landing page and as a user lands on your page a cookie gets stored on their computer, this will help the Adsterra platform to recognize the user and show your ad again later on other pages.

Adsterra Retargeting

Adsterra For Publishers: 

The process is divided into three easy steps to show how you can make money from your website’s traffic: 

  • Register or sign in with Adsterra 
  • Place their code on your site.
  • Start making money
Adsterra for Publishers

Yes, it’s that easy! 

Although there are certain rules that Publishers need to abide by to run their accounts. 

  • There must be some content on your website. It can not be an under-construction site or a site with no content. 
  • Publisher content does not have adult content as its focus. 
  • Your site isn’t supposed to have too many ads. 
  • There are no limits on the amount of traffic on your website. Phew!

Adsterra for Publishers: Why You Should Join

Adsterra is a great platform to monetize the traffic that you receive through your blog, application, or even on your Facebook page.

So, you can make money with Adsterra even if you don’t have your own website.

Here are some of the highlights:

Easy Monetization For Your Blog

In the previous segment, we addressed how easy it is for publishers to start monetizing their websites with Adsterra. The bonus point is that you can not only monetize your blogs or websites but also your Facebook pages.

So, if you’ve created a good Facebook page that’s full of user engagements, you can monetize your account.

All you have to do is place the code on your Facebook page and start earning with every click.

As Adsterra offers a number of different campaign formats (CPM/CPC/CPA/CPL/CPI) you can choose the one that you wish to go for a start making money.

For example, if you are choosing CPM format and you receive 50k pageviews every day and you are getting $2 for every 1000 views (CPM Rate), you will be making $2X50k = $100 per day, so $3000 every month.

Adsterra Signup as Publisher

Wide Range of Ad Formats

Having a wide variety of advertisement options is not a cause for concern if you are an Adsterra advertiser. 

Popunder ads are the most popular ad format offered by Adsterra, as these ads remain unrecognized until the window is closed. You can also use Retargeting with these ads.

Other Popular ad formats are: 

Popunders, Web Push, Native Ads, Vast (video), Social Bar (OUR NEW FORMAT), Banners (Display)

  • Popunders
  • Web Push
  • Native Ads
  • Vast (video)
  • Social Bar (New)
  • Banners (Display)
Ad Formats

Social Bar: Multiply Your Ad Revenue

A revolutionary ad format by Adsterra that will help you to multiply your ad revenue.

When you display an ad on your site, not all the traffic converts to an ad impression. So, even if your site gets a 100k impression per month, that doesn’t mean that the entire 100k impression will be counted for ad revenue.

This is primarily because the ad is not visible to a certain section of the audience. It could be because of the ad placement or some of those users are using adblockers.

Here is when the revolutionary Social Bar ad format by Adsterra helps you.

This ad format will have the highest visibility and even a user with adblocker will see that that helps you to get revenue for your complete traffic and impression.

Here are some of the advantages of using Social Bar

  • 20x-30x higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) compared to web push, leading to a higher conversion rate.
  • Works extremely well on iOS, dramatically increasing your ad reach (US geos are on top in terms of volumes and CR)
  • Highly customizable
  • Higher CPM rates for publishers thanks to high visibility & user interaction
  • А/B testing of up to 15 creatives at a time
  • Non-aggressive advertising meets Google rules
Social Bar

Customer Support and Security 

The priority of the digital advertising business has been on protection as well as customer service. For customer service, Adsterra appoints a personal account manager to help you execute your campaigns more effectively.

In fact, customer service is a multilingual team that can guide you in the language you’re comfortable with.

Adsterra has developed tons of security layers and third-party fraud detection systems to monitor the security of all campaigns and protect against bad bots. 

No minimum Traffic Restriction and Geo-Targeting 

As long as you drive quality traffic on your website, Adsterra has no problem with the quantity of traffic. In addition, as a publisher, you can use Geo-targeting to display different ads to different segments of your traffic. 

Minimum Payout

When it comes to an ad platform, the minimum payout for the publishers is an important factor to consider., Depending on traffic numbers, the earning of publishers will be different.

There will be some publishers who will be earning thousands of dollars every month, but there will be some who will be making a lesser amount.

If the minimum payout is higher, you may not get paid every month if you don’t meet the minimum threshold.

Here is an advantage with Adsterra, they offer a minimum payout amount of $5, which isn’t that great. Such a minimum payout makes the platform suitable even for a new blogger with lesser traffic.

Comparison With Adsense

We will answer the “Is Adsterra capable of standing on the same platform as Adsense?” question that we raised at the beginning of the article by comparing both networks. 

Getting started with Adsterra is a lot easier than AdSense as the approval process of AdSense is stringent.

Google Adsense, owned by Google, has launched more than 4 million websites for advertising. Adsterra, being new to the industry, doesn’t have too much client list to show off. It does, however, make its mark.

As far as Ad Quality is concerned, Adsterra uses its Popunders, Web Push, and Social Bar (new) format to give maximum benefits. The lead conversion rates of these formats appear to display positive signs relative to those of Adsense.

So, you will be making a lot more than AdSense for the same amount of traffic.

Both advertisement agencies have a minimum traffic requirement on par. Both companies have similar billing and payment policies.

Final Thoughts 

Do we recommend Adsterra to our readers? 


It can not be denied that it is one of the fastest-growing CPM networks. The setup process is very easy. You’ll get a dedicated personal account manager to solve your problems. Even, if you don’t want to use SSP, you can delegate the control to a dedicated ad manager.

It might give Adsense tough competition in the future.

Adsterra Pricing

The pricing will depend on your project.

Adsterra FAQs

Question 1: What are the minimum payout limit and payment method used by Adsterra? 

Answer: The minimum payment limit for Webmoney and Paxun is as low as $5. Adsterra offers a wide range of payment options such as PayPal, Bitcoin, and Wire transfers. For Bitcoin and Paypal, you have $100 as your minimum payout limit and you get paid every two weeks. 

Question 2: Is there any referral program and how does it work?

Answer: Yes, there is an Adsterra Referral Program that pays you to add new publishers on their network. You can use personal invite links and creatives such as social media posts and group discussions to add new publishers. You earn 5% of their revenue through this program. 

Question 3: What are the ad formats that offer retargeting? 

Answer: Adsterra offers just two formats to implement retargeting – Popunders and Display Banners. The Popunders retargeting can be used to target both mobile and desktop users. 

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