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Based on 21 user reviews, TubeBuddy has an overall rating of 4.81 out of 5 stars.


TubeBuddy Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Tubebuddy is a comprehensive browser extension and mobile application designed to provide YouTube creators with advanced analytics, keyword research tools, and optimization tips to improve video performance and audience engagement.

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What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a comprehensive tool designed specifically for YouTube creators that simplifies optimization, video production, and audience engagement. Founded in 2014 by Phil, Jim, and Chuck Starkovich, and later acquired by Ben in 2020, it supports over 10 million users worldwide. Its many features include search engine optimization (SEO) support, thumbnail generation, and advanced analytics, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve the performance and visibility of their YouTube channel.

What is Tubebuddy good for?

TubeBuddy excels at providing creators with the tools they need to improve their YouTube channel’s reach and engagement. It is particularly effective for SEO, helping with keyword research to ensure videos are discoverable. It also helps create eye-catching thumbnails, simplifies the process of scheduling video uploads, and provides detailed insights into channel analytics. This robust platform is also useful for planning content strategies through its keyword explorer, tag suggestions, and competitive analysis features, allowing creators to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Who should use TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is ideal for a wide range of individuals and organizations involved in content creation and digital marketing on YouTube. This includes independent content creators, vloggers, social media managers, marketing professionals, brands, and businesses looking to expand their online presence and engagement with their audience. Whether a creator is just starting or an established YouTuber looking for strategic growth, TubeBuddy offers tailored solutions through its Pro, Star, Legend, and customizable Enterprise pricing plans to meet different needs and improve channel performance.

TubeBuddy Company Details

TubeBuddy, the company behind the YouTube optimization tool of the same name, was co-founded in 2014 by Phil, Jim, and Chuck Starkovich. Since its inception, TubeBuddy has been dedicated to developing tools and services that help YouTube creators improve their channel performance and audience engagement. In 2020, Ben acquired TubeBuddy, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey. TubeBuddy serves over 10 million users worldwide and offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline video production, optimization, and audience engagement. Since its inception, TubeBuddy has become the go-to resource for YouTube creators and brands looking to efficiently and effectively maximize their online presence.

Company Name: Branded Entertainment Network

CEO Name: Ricky Ray Butler

Est Year: 2014

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: California, USA

TubeBuddy Demo & Media

TubeBuddy Top Features

All-in-one YouTube Growth Software

Offers a number of tools and features to grow your channel.

Find Long-tail Keywords

One of the best tools to find the right keywords for your videos.

Keyword Rank Tracking

You can track ranking on YouTube and Google searches.

Best Practice Suggestions

Get the right suggestions for your videos.

Auto Thumbnail Generator

Generate attractive thumbnails for your videos to engage visitors.

Video Scheduling Option

Schedule your videos to go live at the right time.

Update Scheduling Option

You can schedule your updates as well if it is date and time specific.

Bulk Editing Option

Edit multiple videos at once with the bulk editing option.

A/B Testing Tool

Test different versions to improve the overall conversion.

Detailed Analytics

Get detailed analytics for your videos to understand what is working.

Pros of TubeBuddy

  • Offers a free plan
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Comprehensive solution for YouTubers
  • Detailed keyword research
  • Accurate keyword tracking
  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Auto thumbnail generator

Cons of TubeBuddy

  • Important features are available on premium plans
  • The interface looks a little outdated

TubeBuddy Pricing

Along with a completely free plan with limited features, TubeBuddy offers four pricing plans: Pro, Star, Legend, and Enterprise. 

Pro: The Pro plan, which costs $2.80/month, includes essential features such as video optimization, tagging, keyword research, and channel analytics. The Pro plan costs $9.20/month and has more advanced features such as competitor analysis, video A/B testing, and bulk video uploads. 

Star: The Star plan starts at $9.20/month and provides access to exclusive tutorials, tools, and resources to help you maximize your channel’s potential.

Legend: The Legend plan offers data-driven decisions with advanced features for $21.20/month. 

Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is the most comprehensive and can be customized. It includes all the Pro plan features plus additional features such as automation and custom tags. Depending on your needs, you can choose the plan that best suits your budget and needs.

Billing optionPro PlanStar PlanLegend Plan

TubeBuddy Price Comparison

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Founder @begindot
When it comes to growing your YouTube channel, TubeBuddy can be very handy software. It comes with all the important tools starting with keyword research to generating attractive thumbnails for your videos. You have all the important tools under one single platform. You must try the product for your channel.
Eliza Medley
Contributor @begindot
Looking at so many features and options, TubeBuddy certainly deserves the attention of video creators. The Star plan looks like a good plan to start with and then move to the Legend plan as your channel starts growing.
Djordje M. TubeBuddy Reviewer
Djordje M.
Source: Capterra

I was losing a lot of time analyzing data from Youtube to have the best performance. With TubeBuddy, I have a helper, and I am now mostly focused on the content itself. And the results are showing.


This tool will save you a lot of time. You get suggestions for every part of the Youtube uploading, starting from the description, tags, end screens, and card. It will also remind you to share your work, and in addition, it has a Topic planner with keyword research and great analytics (even if they are just taken from Youtube itself). It can also compare your performance with the chosen competitors. I think this was the best value for the money of all my software.


No cons that I can see at this time. I will see when our channel becomes larger, and we need to choose another pricing plan.

Emon A TubeBuddy Reviewer
Emon A
Source: Capterra


TubeBuddy is very helpful for growing and managing your youtube channel especially for the beginners. It shows the right way to upload youtube videos, helps to choose right title and tags. It gives you a clear concept about how to optimize your videos and channel. Great time saver. Thank you TubeBuddy


The paid version is quite expensive. The free version is so limited that it is not going to help you that much. If you are using windows 7 or if your pc has low may face lag or hang problems.

User Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 21 reviews)

Tubebuddy personally i like some because of tool customise

May 25, 2024

best extension to customise your YT video and more views Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Rahul S.
Rahul S.
Review Source: G2

User Friendly and Time saver

May 25, 2024

It is just like lifesaver. Even the free version solves so many problems of SEO ranking. It suggests you keyword popular as per your search , their seo ranking which helps in improving your score and better reach. It is really helpful Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Author name not found
Author name not found
Review Source: G2

The perfect companion for creators!

May 25, 2024

TubeBuddy offers advanced analytics that you just can’t get elsewhere. My favorite aspect is the Keyword Analyzer feature. It helps create the best keywords for your videos based on what real people are searching for on YouTube. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Jon L.
Jon L.
Review Source: G2

The Best Video Optimization Experience

May 25, 2024

How easy it us to use and how in-depth it goes as well as giving you recommendations that make a tremendous difference. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for John B.
John B.
Review Source: G2

Save lot of my time

May 25, 2024

TubeBuddy is the complete YouTube tool that you must have. TubeBuddy help me see in-depth statistic and have many tools that help me with keyword, statistic, thumbnail and much more stuff with the pro version that save a lot of my time in many areas. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Taufik Y.
Taufik Y.
Review Source: G2

What Kind of Support TubeBuddy Offers?

TubeBuddy is well documented with images to help the users understand the software easily. They also have an active community where you can find answers to most of your questions or you can add your own question.
Email Support
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

TubeBuddy FAQs

Paying for TubeBuddy is considered valuable for YouTube creators looking to streamline video production, improve SEO, and increase audience engagement. Its wide range of features and pricing plans, starting at $2.80/month, cater to different needs and budgets, making it an effective tool for maximizing your YouTube presence.
TubeBuddy integrates with several software platforms to enhance its functionality. While specific integration partners are not detailed in the fact sheet, TubeBuddy typically offers integrations with analytics, social media management, and video editing software to streamline the content creation and optimization process for YouTube creators.
TubeBuddy is safe to use for managing YouTube channels. As a trusted tool used by over 10 million creators, it adheres to the required security standards and complies with YouTube’s API Services Terms of Service, ensuring that user data is handled securely.
The number of channels per license with TubeBuddy depends on the chosen pricing plan. Specific details on channel limits per license were not included in the fact sheet, but typically the Pro, Star, and Legend plans offer single channels with varying features, while the Enterprise plan offers more flexibility for multiple channels.
TubeBuddy supports video SEO by providing keyword research tools, tag suggestions, and SEO scores for uploaded videos. These features help creators optimize their content to rank higher in YouTube search results, increasing visibility and audience reach.
Yes, TubeBuddy can help increase subscriber growth by providing tools for A/B testing video titles and descriptions, allowing creators to see what content resonates best with their audience. It also provides insights into optimal posting times and strategies for promoting videos, further increasing subscriber engagement.
TubeBuddy supports audience engagement by offering features like comment filters and canned replies that make it easier for creators to interact with their viewers. It also provides audience behavior analytics to help creators tailor their content to their audience’s preferences and increase engagement. 

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