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Serpzilla Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Serpzilla is a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) tool designed to help users improve their website's visibility by tracking search engine rankings, analyzing competitors, and offering actionable insights for optimization strategies.

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What is Serpzilla?

Serpzilla is a comprehensive SEO optimization and link-building platform, developed by Serpzilla Limited, focused on improving the domain authority of websites. Launched in 2008, the software specializes in enhancing the ranking of websites and content in line with Google’s search algorithms. It offers users the capability to effectively create backlinks across a vast database of over 1 billion pages, aimed at improving online visibility, increasing organic traffic, and enhancing domain authority. Operating from Nicosia, Cyprus, Serpzilla employs between 10 to 50 experts focused on delivering innovative SEO solutions, services, and strategies for improving domain authority.

What is Serpzilla Good for?

Serpzilla excels in several key areas of digital marketing and SEO strategy, including boosting the domain authority of its clients through effective link-building strategies. Primarily, it is instrumental in ranking websites higher on Google’s search results, thus driving organic traffic. The platform’s extensive database allows for effective backlink creation, which is crucial for strengthening a website’s online presence and enhancing its domain authority. Additionally, Serpzilla’s tools and services are designed to cater to the ever-changing dynamics of search engine algorithms, making it a valuable asset for enhancing site visibility and reaching targeted digital milestones.

Who Should Use Serpzilla?

Serpzilla is ideally suited for a wide range of users seeking to improve their online visibility and search engine rankings. This includes SEO professionals, digital marketers, website owners, and content creators, all of whom benefit from the high-quality resources offered by Serpzilla for enhancing their domain authority. Small to medium-sized enterprises aiming to increase their digital footprint, organic search traffic, and domain authority will find Serpzilla’s offerings particularly beneficial. Furthermore, agencies specializing in SEO and digital marketing services can leverage Serpzilla’s platform to serve their clients more effectively, ensuring optimized results and a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

Serpzilla Company Details

Serpzilla Limited, the company behind Serpzilla, was founded in 2008 by CEO Sergey Pankov. As a leader in the field of SEO optimization and link building, Serpzilla Limited has established itself as a key player in enhancing website rankings and online visibility according to Google’s search algorithms. With its headquarters located in Nicosia, Cyprus, the company operates with a dedicated team of 10 to 50 employees, working toward the goal of improving the domain authority of websites. It boasts a rich database containing over 1 billion pages, allowing users to generate effective backlinks and strengthen their online presence. Serpzilla Limited is committed to delivering innovative solutions and maintaining its excellence in the dynamic domain of search engine optimization, continuously improving the domain authority of its clients.

Company Name: Serpzilla Limited.

CEO Name: Sergey Pankov

Est Year: 2008

Employees: 10-50

HQ Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Sergey Pankov Serpzilla
Sergey Pankov
CEO @Serpzilla

Serpzilla Demo & Media

Serpzilla Top Features

Link Building Dashboard

Automate strategy for links according to data and summarize all generated backlinks in one place.

Day/Subscription Pricing

Place more links at a particular time by paying in small portions or by subscriptions.

Combine Backlinks

Create a new amalgamation of backlinks and create a unique strategy for your content.

Automated Payments

Work with different types of payment portals and create single balance for all payments.

Tier 2 Linking

Boost your SEO scores by creating back links for your existing back links by just setting a budget.

Contextual Links

Organically place links in your pre-existing content without disturbing context.

Sitewide Packages

Purchase thousands of back links in on go and optimize your site exponentially.

Large Userbase

Serpzilla optimized over 1 billion pages and 100 000+ customers worldwide.

Resource Library

Learn to navigate and generate backlinks with extensive resources.

Case Studies & Research

Learn from real life cases and current researches to enhance your strategies.

Pros of Serpzilla

  • Generate backlinks easily
  • Google friendly backlinks
  • 40+ metrics for easy optimization
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Unlimited projects

Cons of Serpzilla

  • Backlink overflow
  • You need to choose a safe strategy for buying links

Serpzilla Pricing

Serpzilla price depends on client’s requirement, price per link starts from 1 cent. You may set your own pricing as per your need to acquire backlinks for your project. You are not charged any membership fee.

Serpzilla Price Comparison

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Serpzilla Detail

Here are some of the key highlights of Serpzilla.

High speed placement

With highly automated back link generation and deletion keeping in mind the context, niche and industries, Serpzilla can generate, delete and place links in a jiffy without losing focus.

Create a project of your choice, select websites to buy backlinks and click buy button. With 3 easy steps, enjoy seamless placement of links in existing and new content in your sites.

40+ metrics

Select from 40+ metrics to analyze your needs for SEO optimization and match from donor websites.

Measure pointers like Moz Domain Authority, Ahrefs Domain Rating, Traffic flow, Price and many others at your disposal.

Smart topics

With a huge base of One billion pages in hold, the platform finds and matches your needs with smart balance and machine learning to generate unique and ranking back links for your website.

You can rank, show up on the niche websites, increase your SEO rankings and top on global results.

Guarantee & Safety

Serpzilla guarantees its users with smart placement and indexation of its backlinks. With algorithm checkers running 6 times a day, they guarantee unique placement and absolute results for your website.

Plus, you only pay for the days your link showed up on its place!

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What Kind of Support Serpzilla Offers?

Serpzilla comes with easy to use dashboard. You may set your project and get started quickly. You may check the webinars and case studies to understand more about the platform and you may reach out to the team if you need any support.
Email Support
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

Serpzilla FAQs

Serpzilla is a legitimate company, founded in 2008 and operating under the leadership of CEO Sergey Pankov. With its headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus, the company specializes in SEO optimization and link building, servicing a range of clients globally.
Given Serpzilla’s extensive database of over 1 billion pages and its ability to effectively create backlinks to enhance online visibility, it is considered a valuable investment for businesses and individuals aiming to improve their digital presence according to Google search algorithms.
While detailed specifics about software integrations are not provided, Serpzilla’s platform is designed to complement existing SEO and digital marketing tools, facilitating efforts in ranking websites and driving organic traffic efficiently.
Serpzilla is engineered with a user-friendly interface, accommodating both experienced SEO professionals and newcomers aiming to improve their site’s domain authority. The platform’s comprehensive features aim to streamline the process of optimizing online content and building backlinks.
With a vast database and a suite of innovative solutions, Serpzilla offers extensive capabilities in SEO optimization, link building, and enhancing the metric of domain authority. Its services are tailored to boosting online visibility, achieving digital goals through effective ranking strategies, and improving the metric of domain authority.
A wide range of sectors, including digital marketing, e-commerce, and content creation, and any business seeking to enhance its online presence and domain authority, stands to gain from adopting Serpzilla. The platform’s ability to drive organic traffic and enhance domain authority makes it a valuable asset across industries.
While there is no specific score provided in the factual information, Serpzilla is highly regarded in the realm of SEO optimization and link building, thanks to its comprehensive solutions and effective ranking strategies.

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