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Based on 339 user reviews, Serpstat has an overall rating of 4.77 out of 5 stars.


Serpstat Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Serpzilla is a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) tool designed to help users improve their website's visibility by tracking search engine rankings, analyzing competitors, and offering actionable insights for optimization strategies.

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What is SerpStat?

SerpStat is a comprehensive SEO and marketing analytics platform founded in 2013. Initially developed as a keyword research tool, it now offers over 50 tools for detailed marketing and SEO analysis. Designed to provide a complete suite of solutions for effective SEO strategies and marketing campaigns, SerpStat serves a widespread user base of over 200,000. The platform is tailored for both personal and business use, offering features that facilitate keyword research, competitive analysis, and much more under one roof.

What is SerpStat good for?

SerpStat excels in offering a wide range of SEO and marketing tools, making it highly effective for keyword research, competitive analysis, and PPC analysis. It provides users with the insights needed to develop and refine SEO strategies, execute marketing campaigns, and improve online visibility. In addition, its comprehensive analysis capabilities are ideal for tracking performance metrics and uncovering actionable data. SerpStat is particularly suited for individuals and businesses looking to optimize their online presence affordably and efficiently.

Who should use SerpStat?

SerpStat is designed for a wide range of users, including SEO professionals, marketers, content creators, and businesses of all sizes. SEO and marketing agencies can use its comprehensive toolset for client projects, while individual bloggers and website owners can use it to improve their site’s search engine rankings and online visibility. SerpStat’s detailed analytics and competitive pricing plans also make it accessible to startups and small to medium-sized businesses looking to build or improve their digital marketing strategies.

Serpstat Company Details

Serpstat was founded in 2013, initially focusing on being a keyword research tool. Since its inception, the company has grown significantly and positioned itself as a leading SEO and marketing analytics platform. With a commitment to providing over 50 tools for in-depth analysis, Serpstat supports a massive user base of over 200,000 individuals and businesses. The scalability of Serpstat’s platform is designed to meet a wide range of SEO and marketing needs, making it a versatile tool for individuals and businesses alike. Over the years, Serpstat has continued to evolve, adding new features and refining its algorithms to meet the changing demands of the digital marketing landscape, reaffirming its commitment to providing comprehensive analytics solutions.

Company Name: Netpeak Group

CEO Name: Ekaterina Kabakova

Est Year: 2013

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: New York, US

Oleg Salamaha Founder Serpstat
Oleg Salamaha
Artem Borodatiuk Founder Serpstat
Artem Borodatiuk
Ekaterina Kabakova

Serpstat Demo & Media

Serpstat Top Features

50 Tools Under One Roof

A comprehensive solution with almost all the tools that you need for various analysis.

All-in-One SEO Software

All important SEO analysis tools under one roof. Grow your site with proper SEO analysis.

Rank Tracker Tool

Track the ranking of all your important keywords and take action at the right time.

Comprehensive Site Audit

Comprehensive SEO audit tool to understand the SEO issues your site might have.

Competitor Research Tools

Do detailed research on your competitor's site and find their best practices, top keywords, and links.

Keyword Research Tool

Comprehensive keyword research tool to discover profitable keywords for your business.

Backlink Analysis Tool

Detailed backlink analysis tool to find all the backlinks with important data for any domain.

Detailed Content Analysis

Comes with a number of tools for proper content analysis. speed up content creation with AI tool.

Content Keyword Clustering

Create a content cluster with proper keyword analysis and grouping to improve overall SEO.

PPC and Advertising Analysis

Detailed paid traffic analysis, ad copies, and all other important data from your competitor's ads.

Pros of Serpstat

  • 50 Tools under one roof
  • Detailed competitor research
  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Complete website SEO audit
  • Track keyword ranking changes
  • PPC and advertisement analysis

Cons of Serpstat

  • Expensive for larger sites
  • Free version is very limited

Serpstat Pricing

Serpstat platform offers a number of pricing plans to choose from. The price starts at $55 if you go for annual billing, this price includes a 20% discount.

Here’s the list of detailed pricing plans.

Serpstat Pricing

Serpstat Price Comparison

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Founder @begindot
Serpstat is a very handy SEO and marketing analysis software with over 50 different tools for all kinds of analysis. While there are other comprehensive solutions like Semrush, Ahrefs, etc, Serpstat is a lot more affordable when you compare pricing while it offers similar functionalities. Serpstat comes with a simple user interface and there is no learning cure as such. Overall, a good solution if you are looking for a quality SEO analysis tool.
Contributor @begindot
I have used Serpstat's keyword research tool extensively in the past. While the traffic data may not be accurate at times, it is certainly a good tool to discover some quality keywords that can be worked on. Also, when we look at value for money, Serpstat is a good option to explore.
anonymous Icon
Source: Financeonline

What are the best aspects of this product?

It's packed with cleaner keyword databases made available for the UK, USA, Ukraine, and Russia. These are the countries that we're currently operating in. The search suggestion is perfect for content marketing. On-demand support is excellent.

What aspects are problematic or could work better?

Its UX/UI needs some improvement. It can be confusing sometimes. Some European countries lack support.

anonymous female avatar
Marina Polishchuk
Source: Trustpilot
Many tools for marketers (organic and paid traffic): - Keyword collection and clustering - Keyword ranking - Content optimization tool - Data on backlinks (donors, acceptors) and much more. And the price is lower than most tools! Analytical data is really a lot, I do not use them all... The tool needs time to display some data...

User Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 338 reviews)

Service, which I have been using for more than a year. All tools on 1 service.?ll inclusive.

May 25, 2024

You can track and collect the keywords of competitors that bring, a lot of traffic, write articles and on the topic that is most in demand.

Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for ??? .
??? .
Review Source: G2

Great new tool for SEO...

May 25, 2024

Customer support is great. Also like the historical tracking feature. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Jeff C.
Jeff C.
Review Source: G2

One of the best in industry

May 25, 2024

Fast insights in a second, I can see what my competitors are doing. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Ivan M.
Ivan M.
Review Source: G2

SerpStat Is Uh-Maz-Ing!

May 25, 2024

I like how it combines the best aspects of SEMRush and SpyFu all in one place – with a dash of aHREFS’s platform too! Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Alex V.
Alex V.
Review Source: G2

The Best All-in-One SEO Tool. Recommend it!

May 25, 2024

Ordered custom plan based on their existing plan plus additional API requests. Gives us 20 million API requests per month which helps us automate several key reports. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Alex T.
Alex T.
Review Source: G2

What Kind of Support Serpstat Offers?

Serpstat comes with comprehensive customer support through various channels. They have a detailed knowledge base portal where you can find detailed tutorials about the tools offered by the platform. They have the Serpstat Academy to help the users. You can also get in tough with the support team through email or live chat.
Email Support
Live Chat
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

Serpstat FAQs

Serpstat is a legitimate SEO and marketing analytics platform founded in 2013. With a comprehensive suite of over 50 tools and a user base of over 200,000, it is recognized for its effectiveness in facilitating SEO strategies and marketing campaigns.
Serpstat is worth paying for, offering various pricing plans starting at $55 with annual billing, which includes a 20% discount. Its affordability, coupled with a wide range of SEO and PPC analysis tools, makes it a valuable asset for individuals and businesses looking to improve their online presence.
Serpstat offers integrations with other software to enhance its utility and streamline workflow processes, although specific integrations are not detailed in the factual information provided. Users typically benefit from its compatibility with various analytics and data management tools in the marketing ecosystem.
The site audit tool in Serpstat is comprehensive and designed to thoroughly analyze various aspects of website performance. This includes checking for SEO issues, optimizing web page content, and improving site visibility, helping users identify and fix potential problems.
Serpstat can effectively track website rankings and offers robust features for monitoring search engine positions across different regions and search engines. This enables users to evaluate their SEO strategies and make informed decisions to optimize their online visibility.
Serpstat helps in identifying backlink opportunities by analyzing the backlink profiles of competitors and highlighting potential websites for outreach. This feature helps in building a stronger backlink strategy to increase a website’s authority and search engine rankings.
Serpstat offers training and resources for new users, including webinars, tutorials, and a comprehensive knowledge base. These resources are designed to help users effectively use the platform’s tools and features for their SEO and marketing efforts.
Serpstat facilitates competitive analysis by providing detailed insights into competitors’ SEO strategies, PPC campaigns, keyword rankings, and website traffic. This allows users to benchmark their performance against competitors and identify areas for improvement. 

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