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Oracle Health Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Oracle Health is a comprehensive digital health platform that integrates advanced data management and analytics to improve patient outcomes, streamline healthcare operations, and enable personalized healthcare solutions.

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What is Oracle Health?

Oracle Health is an open healthcare platform designed to transform the healthcare experience through the use of intelligent tools. This platform focuses on creating data-driven, human-centered healthcare experiences that connect consumers, payers, and public health and life sciences organizations to compare and optimize healthcare outcomes. It leverages Oracle’s comprehensive information management and intelligence solutions to optimize healthcare efficiency, reduce costs, and improve outcomes. Oracle Health is known for its interoperable, cloud-native applications powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning in areas such as genomics and virtual care.

What is Oracle Health Good For?

Oracle Health excels at leveraging data to enable a more transparent and human-centered healthcare experience. Key use cases include facilitating groundbreaking research and clinical trials, improving the efficiency of healthcare operations, reducing costs associated with healthcare delivery, and integrating user review capabilities to measure satisfaction. In addition, Oracle Health’s cloud infrastructure, database, and applications extend electronic health record systems that are critical to modern healthcare environments. Its capabilities in areas such as genomics and virtual care position it as a key player in advancing personalized medicine and telehealth services. 

Who should use Oracle Health?

The primary audiences for Oracle Health are healthcare practitioners, payers, public health organizations, and life sciences companies. It is also highly relevant to healthcare IT,  and clinical research teams seeking to improve patient care through innovative, information-driven solutions and advanced analytics. Oracle Health is for organizations seeking interoperable healthcare solutions that integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve healthcare outcomes and efficiency.

Oracle Health Company Details

Oracle Corporation, the company behind Oracle Health, has been a global leader in database software and technology, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products for more than 44 years. Founded on June 16, 1977, Oracle has made a significant impact on the healthcare industry with its information handling and intelligence solutions. With more than 135,000 employees by 2021, Oracle is dedicated to innovation, efficiency, and advancing healthcare through technology. The acquisition of Cerner Corporation on June 8, 2022 for approximately $28.3 billion marked a significant expansion of Oracle’s healthcare offerings. Known for its digital information structures within hospitals and health organizations, Cerner has strengthened Oracle’s portfolio and underscored the company’s commitment to improving healthcare through data-driven solutions.

Company Name: Oracle Corporation

CEO Name: Safra Catz

Est Year: 16 June 1977

Employees: 10,001+ employees

HQ Location: Austin, Texas

Safra Catz Oracle CEO
Safra Catz

Oracle Health Demo & Media

Oracle Health Top Features

Global Health Data

Oracle Health has the largest global EHR market share. As such, it is able to bring data together to empower clinicians, patients, and researchers to take meaningful action, advance health, and improve outcomes worldwide.

Operation Optimization

Rated as the largest revenue cycle management (RCM) leader by IDC MarketScape, Oracle Health delivers timely, predictive, and actionable health insights to automate processes, optimize resources, and drive efficiencies.


Oracle Health's open, extensible ecosystem of partners and technologies provides users with flexible infrastructure and platform resources that drive clinical intelligence.

Clinical Suite

The Oracle Health clinical suite helps improve the quality of care and the patient experience while increasing clinical and operational efficiency.

Service Lines and Departments

Oracle Health's portfolio of clinical solutions for service lines and departments can help healthcare providers deliver knowledge-based care based on electronic health records and unique workflows that support service lines and departments across the care continuum.

Reporting and Analytics

Oracle's healthcare analytics solutions help transform an organization's data into usable, actionable information.

Healthcare Human Capital Management

Oracle Health helps create an employee experience that reflects organizational values, promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion, and helps clinical and non-clinical employees grow in their careers.

Healthcare ERP for Finance and Operations

The healthcare ERP for finance and operations provides a single view of financial data across an organization's healthcare delivery system. This single view helps the organization plan more effectively, reduce the cost of care, and build a more responsive supply chain.

Healthcare Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is designed to run all healthcare workloads-from legacy application systems to data science-driven and modern machine learning-enabled services-to deliver more informed care decisions and an enhanced, patient-centric healthcare experience.

NetSuite for Healthcare and Life Sciences

NetSuite's cloud-based business management suite, used by more than 34,000 customers, enables healthcare and life sciences organizations to increase visibility, minimize complexity, and remain agile in the face of massive change.

Pros of Oracle Health

  • Advanced analytics packages
  • Strategic Consulting Services
  • Agile approach to effective deployment planning
  • Highly configurable
  • Large scale healthcare data handling
  • Dose prediction based on patient profiles
  • Visual reporting capabilities
  • Facilitates final decision making
  • Tight integration with revenue cycle solutions

Cons of Oracle Health

  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • System updates occasionally break reports
  • Mobile responsive UI performance delays

Oracle Health Pricing

Oracle Health offers a customer-friendly approach to cost savings through its pricing model for various solutions. Regardless of the solution, Oracle Health’s philosophy is that innovative capabilities help eliminate unnecessary overpayments and billing surprises. As a result, pricing is structured to enable customers to implement their cloud strategy while staying within budget.

Oracle Health Price Comparison

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What Kind of Support Oracle Health Offers?

Oracle Health provides multiple ways for users to contact their customer support team with questions and concerns. A few of these channels are listed below.
Email Support
Live Chat
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Phone Support

Oracle Health FAQs

Oracle Health is a legitimate open healthcare platform developed by Oracle, a company with more than 44 years of experience in healthcare information and intelligence solutions. It integrates intelligent tools for creating data-driven, human-centered healthcare experiences.
Oracle Health is worth considering for organizations looking to leverage rich healthcare information to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the healthcare experience through cloud-native applications, advanced research, and clinical trials. The platform’s focus on interoperability, artificial intelligence, and machine learning makes it a valuable asset for modern healthcare needs, integrating physician insights and patient details to improve health outcomes.
Oracle Health offers integrations with a wide range of software, with a focus on interoperability among consumers, practitioners, payers, and public health and life sciences organizations. While specific integration partners are not detailed, Oracle Health’s cloud-native applications are designed to facilitate seamless information exchange and connect disparate healthcare structures.
All types of healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics, research institutions, and public health organizations, can benefit from using Oracle Health. The platform is tailored to support information-driven, human-centered healthcare experiences, and leverages cloud infrastructure and advanced analytics to meet the diverse needs of the healthcare industry.
Oracle is not the same as Cerner; however, Oracle Corporation acquired Cerner Corporation on June 8, 2022. This acquisition combines Oracle’s expertise in information management and intelligence solutions with Cerner’s leading digital information systems to improve healthcare delivery and patient care management.
Oracle Health extends electronic health record (EHR) systems with cloud-native applications that incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning, but does not specifically offer its own electronic medical record (EMR) system. Oracle Health focuses on enhancing existing EHR systems with analytics, personalized health insights, and content tailored to healthcare needs.
Oracle Health improves patient care by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide actionable health insights, optimize patient engagement through virtual care, and support personalized healthcare experiences. Its use of information enables more informed and efficient care delivery by healthcare practitioners, underscored by the generation of comprehensive Oracle Healthcare ratings and reviews.
Yes, Oracle Health can support telehealth services as part of its virtual care solutions, making it an essential contributors for remote healthcare delivery. The platform is designed to enable remote patient monitoring, virtual consultations, and other telehealth capabilities to provide accessible and continuous care for patients outside of traditional healthcare settings.
Oracle Health plays an important role in public health by providing insight-driven tools that help public health organizations manage and analyze health information for population health management, disease surveillance, and health policy implementation. Its capabilities enable more informed decisions and efficient public health interventions.
Oracle Health contributes to healthcare research by providing a robust infrastructure for managing and analyzing healthcare information to facilitate groundbreaking research and clinical trials. Its focus on data interoperability and advanced analytics supports the discovery of new health insights and the development of innovative treatments.
Oracle Health ensures data security by leveraging Oracle’s leading cloud infrastructure, which includes advanced security technologies and compliance protocols. The platform is designed with privacy and data protection as a top priority, protecting sensitive healthcare information from breaches and unauthorized access.

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