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Nutshell Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Nutshell is a comprehensive sales and marketing platform to manage your entire sales processes.

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What is Nutshell?

Nutshell is an all-in-one CRM that provides CRM services and offers users the tools to engage in email marketing and contact management. 

This CRM is specially designed for the B2B teams to make it possible for them to close more deals! It combines sales and marketing tools with CRM to provide all-in-one solutions to the team members. 

You can use Nutshell to manage contacts and leads. Furthermore, with its pro version, you can engage in smart and fast selling.

Nutshell Company Details

Nutshell is a comprehensive sales and marketing platform co-founded by Andy Fowler, Guy Suter, and Ian Berry.

Company Name: Nutshell Inc.

CEO Name: Andy Fowler

Est Year: 2010

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: Michigan, US

Andy Fowler Co-founder
Andy Fowler

Nutshell Demo & Media

Nutshell Top Features

Centralized Customer Database

You can use the centralized database to store customers' order details, contact information and communication in one place for easy accessibility.

Automatic Customer Data Scouring

Nutshell Intelligence automatically gathers data on new leads from public sources.

Intelligent Search Function

Simply typing a part of the client or company name is enough to fill in all the data.

Custom Web Form Designer

You can design custom web forms on Nutshell to capture customer information.

Form Performance Tracking

Nutshell automatically tracks form submissions, page visits and conversion rates for all the web pages.

Hot Leads

Using this feature, you can increase the visibility of high-priority leads throughout the CRM.

Sales Report

It provides detailed insights on different metrics to help understand the driving factor for sales in your business.

New Leads Report

This report helps monitor lead volume and identify the best lead sources.

Apps and Integrations

Nutshell supports native apps along with one-click integrations with other tools.


Nutshell's snapshot feature helps you track trends in win rate, pipeline growth and more.

Pros of Nutshell

  • Numerous lead-tracking options 
  • Easy to use and manage 
  • Manageable lead segmentation 
  • Functional dashboard with important insights 
  • Good reporting features

Cons of Nutshell

  • Substandard email marketing 
  • UX requires an update

Nutshell Pricing

Nutshell gives you the option to try the platform for free. And it comes with a user-based pricing option. You can choose the number of users that you wish to add to the platform and the pricing will be calculated accordingly.

Also, the pricing is divided between Nutshell CRM platform and Nutshell marketing.

NutshellNutshell Pro
Monthly Price$19/User$49/User
Yearly Price$16/User$42/User

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Nutshell Detail

Nutshell is a comprehensive sales and marketing platform that you can use to manage your sales process.

Here are some of the key highlights of the platform.

1. Contact Management 

The central repository of Nutshell helps you access all the customer data from one place. You can use it to store customers:

  • Contact information 
  • Order details 
  • Communication 

In one place. Furthermore, Nutshell CRM supports unlimited data storage and contact records. 

Other handy features of Nutshell which help in contact management are:

  • Automatic contact sync 
  • Intelligent search function 
  • Business card scanner 

The automatic customer data scouring feature is convenient for gathering more information about new leads, such as their job title and social media accounts. 

2. Lead Capture 

You can design embedded web forms on Nutshell to capture leads directly from the website. Again, it allows you to create unlimited forms that you can copy and pass through embedded codes. 

It is also possible to track the performance of the form by monitoring:

  • Page visits
  • Form submission 
  • Conversion rate

You do not need to track this information manually; Nutshell automatically does that!

3. Pipeline Management

Nutshell is a flexible CRM that you can use to manage your pipeline efficiently. It offers the following four views to the sales reps:

  • List view 
  • Map view (interactive)
  • Chart view
  • Board view (drag-and-drop) 

Nutshell comes with customizable pipelines. For example, the hot leads feature, available in the pro version, increases the visibility of high-priority leads. 

4. Communication and Task Management 

You can access communication histories on Nutshell. Along with it, Nutshell CRM makes communication easy through mentions and alerts. 

Furthermore, you can also lay your hands on unlimited bulk email templates on the platform. Lastly, use the activity reminders to manage your tasks easily here. 

5. Reporting and Performance Tracking 

Nutshell has an at-a-glance revenue and pipeline dashboard. On this dashboard, you can see sales numbers and team activity. 

It also supports a wide variety of reports. Its most-used reports are:

  • Sales report 
  • New leads report 
  • Forecast report 
  • Losses report 
  • Activity report 
  • Funnel report

Furthermore, you have the option to create custom reports. 

All these reports are customizable and easy to read and help you measure performance and identify the areas that require improvement. 

6. Sales Automation 

Users can automate the sales process on Nutshell, saving you time and effort. The CRM offers the following sales automation options:

  • Automated lead assignment 
  • Automated pipeline distribution 
  • Automated lead advancement 
  • Automated tasks 

Apart from focusing on future customers, you can also enhance your services for existing customers through its post-sale lead management tool. 

7. Email Automation 

Nutshell houses plenty of shareable email templates. Furthermore, you can engage in your email directly from the Nutshell CRM. 

Additional email automation services of Nutshell include one-click bulk emailing, reply rate tracker and view counter and email health score. 

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What Kind of Support Nutshell Offers?

You can check the live demo of the product to understand it better. Nutshell comes with a detailed guide to help the users, you can check the help center and contact the team if needed.
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Nutshell FAQs

Nutshell is a comprehensive CRM and marketing platform that you can use to manage your sales processes.
Nutshell is a premium software that is priced per user basis. You can try the software for free.
Nutshell is priced per user basis. If you go for yearly pricing, the price is $16 per user and for monthly pricing, the price is $19 per user.
Yes, along with sales CRM, Nutshell offers comprehensive marketing features.

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