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Jasper Chat Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Jasper Chat is an AI-driven chat interface designed to generate human-like text responses, facilitating content creation, and conversation in real-time for various applications.

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What is Jasper Chat?

Jasper Chat is an AI-based content creation tool developed by Jasper AI, Inc. and positioned as the leading solution for artificial intelligence content creation. Since its launch in 2015, it has attracted more than 100,000 active users who use its extensive features to facilitate a wide range of content-writing tasks. Operated by a dynamic team from its Quebec headquarters, Jasper Chat aims to simplify and enhance content creation through advanced AI capabilities. The software is available through a variety of subscription plans, including Boss Mode and Business Plans, tailored to meet different user needs.

What is Jasper Chat good for?

Jasper Chat excels at generating high-quality written content in a variety of formats and styles, making it particularly useful for content marketing, creative writing, and professional documentation. Its key features include a sophisticated plagiarism checker and the ability to provide customized AI brand voices, ensuring that content not only meets high standards of originality but also aligns closely with the user’s brand identity. This AI-driven tool is designed to increase productivity, creativity, and efficiency in content creation.

Who should use Jasper Chat?

Jasper Chat is tailored for a wide range of users, from digital marketers and content creators to enterprises and professionals looking to improve their content quality and production processes. Its easy-to-use interface and powerful AI-driven capabilities make it an ideal solution for anyone looking to streamline their content creation workflow, whether they are part of a small startup or a large enterprise. With subscription plans designed to meet different needs and scales, Jasper Chat is particularly beneficial for users who require advanced features such as plagiarism checks and customized brand voices.

Jasper Chat Company Details

Led by CEO Dave Rogenmoser, Jasper AI, Inc. is the innovator behind Jasper Chat, an award-winning AI content creation tool. Since its founding in 2015, Jasper AI, Inc. has experienced significant growth and boasts more than 100,000 active users worldwide. Based in Quebec, Canada, the company operates with a dedicated team of 1-10 employees focused on delivering breakthrough solutions in artificial intelligence-powered content creation. Jasper AI has successfully garnered attention in the technology sector, underscoring its commitment to simplifying the content creation process through advanced AI capabilities. The company’s product offerings, including Jasper Chat, are tailored to meet the diverse needs of content creators, from individual freelancers to large enterprises.

Company Name: Jasper AI, Inc.

CEO Name: Dave Rogenmoser

Est Year: 2015

Employees: 1-10

HQ Location: Quebec, Canada

Dave Rogenmoser Jasper CEO
Dave Rogenmoser
Co-founder & CEO
Chris Hull Jasper Co-founder
Chris Hull

Jasper Chat Demo & Media

Jasper Chat Top Features

Expansive Knowledge Base

The knowledge base of Jasper Chat comprises billions of video transcripts, articles, forums and other contents, allowing it to converse on complex subjects.

Conversational AI Interface

The AI interface of Jasper Chat is simple and very familiar to the users making the learning curve very low.

Contextual Conversations

The platform remembers the past conversation and hence, gives contextual responses.

Data Aggregation

The responses of Jasper Chat do not rely on specific sources but result from the aggregation of billions of data points.

Supports 29 languages

You can use Jasper Chat to generate content in 29 languages.

Refined Responses

With each engagement you have with the tool, it refines its responses to meet your requirement.

Business Use Cases

Jasper Chat is tailored to make it suitable for business use.


The platform sources both from Open AI and other models to provide users the best combination of all the models.

Original Content

Jasper Chat generates unique and original content which is plagiarism-free and passes major plagiarism checker tools.

Interactive Design

The tool houses a modern and interactive design making it super simple to use.

Pros of Jasper Chat

  • Content generation in 29 languages
  • Remembers previous conversations
  • Generates plagiarism-free content
  • Request refinement 
  • Modern and sleek interface

Cons of Jasper Chat

  • Occasionally provides false facts
  • Holds data only published before mid-2021

Jasper Chat Pricing

Jasper Chat is available in the Boss Mode and Business Plans of Jasper. 

Services ProvidedBoss Mode – starts at $59/monthBusiness- Starts at $499/month
Jasper ChatYesYes
Plagiarism Checker AccessYesYes
Tailored AI Brand VoiceNoYes
Free TrialNoYes

You can try Jasper Chat for free using the Boss Mode plan for five days with 10k credits. 

Jasper Chat Price Comparison

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What Kind of Support Jasper Chat Offers?

Jasper comes with detailed documentation and a guide to help the users to take the best advantage of the software. You can also contact the support team if you need any help.
Email Support
Live Chat
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Tutorial Videos & Documentation

Jasper Chat FAQs

Jasper Chat, powered by Jasper AI, Inc. is a legitimate AI content creator. It has gained over 100,000 active users since its inception in 2015, proving its effectiveness and trustworthiness in the AI-driven content creation market.
Given its extensive feature set, including access to Boss Mode, a plagiarism checker, and, for those on the Business Plan, a customized AI brand voice, Jasper Chat offers significant value for its cost. Pricing starts at $59/month, with a free trial available, making it worth considering for companies and individuals investing in AI content creation solutions.
While specific software integrations are not detailed in the fact sheet, Jasper Chat’s position as a leading AI content creator suggests compatibility and potential integrations with various content management, marketing, and productivity tools to streamline the content creation process.
While explicit security measures for Jasper Chat are not listed in the information provided, as a prominent software offered by a reputable company, it is reasonable to assume that industry-standard security practices and protocols are in place to protect user data and content.
The facts do not specify any analytics or metrics tracking capabilities within Jasper Chat. However, as a sophisticated AI content creation tool, it likely provides users with some form of performance tracking or integrates with external analytics services to monitor content effectiveness and efficiency. ### Additional questions about Jasper Chat
Jasper Chat includes a plagiarism checker, specifically accessible in the Boss Mode plan, to ensure content originality and help users avoid plagiarism in their content creation efforts.
The AI Brand Voice Customization feature, available in the Business Plan, allows users to customize Jasper Chat’s output to match their brand’s unique voice and tone, improving content consistency and brand identity.
The information provided does not specify language capabilities. However, as a leading AI content author, Jasper Chat likely supports multiple languages or has plans to expand its language capabilities to serve a broader user base.

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