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Based on 25 user reviews, Moveworks has an overall rating of 4.96 out of 5 stars.


Moveworks Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Moveworks is an AI-powered platform that uses natural language understanding and machine learning to automate IT support tasks and resolve employee technical issues in real time.

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What is Moveworks?

Moveworks is an artificial intelligence company co-founded in 2016 by Bhavin Shah, Vaibhav Nivargi, Varun Singh and Jian Chen. It specializes in building advanced AI solutions to automate the solution of complex problems within organizations. Having raised $315 million in funding, Moveworks has achieved a valuation of $2.1 billion and is backed by prominent investors including Tiger Global, Sapphire Ventures, Lightspeed, and Alkeon Capital Management. Recognized for its innovation, Moveworks has been named to the Forbes AI 50 list for four consecutive years and won the AI Breakthrough Award for Best Chatbot Solution in 2021.

What is Moveworks Good For?

Moveworks excels at using artificial intelligence to streamline internal support functions such as IT support, HR inquiries, and policy guidance by providing instant and accurate resolutions. Its powerful AI engine understands and processes natural language queries, enabling it to automate tasks ranging from troubleshooting technical issues to navigating company policies. This capability significantly reduces response times and improves operational efficiency, positioning Moveworks as a leading solution for organizations looking to improve their internal support infrastructure through automation.

Who Should use Moveworks?

Moveworks is primarily targeted at medium to large organizations looking to optimize their internal support systems through AI-driven automation. It is particularly beneficial for IT and HR departments that are overwhelmed by the volume of routine requests and tasks. Organizations looking to improve the employee experience by reducing the time it takes to respond to support requests and increase overall productivity by efficiently resolving internal issues will find Moveworks’ solutions invaluable. In addition, organizations interested in leveraging the latest advances in AI to modernize their support infrastructure are ideal candidates for Moveworks’ technology.

Moveworks Company Details

Co-founded in 2016 by Bhavin Shah, Vaibhav Nivargi, Varun Singh, and Jian Chen, Moveworks is a prominent company in the technology sector, particularly known for its innovations in artificial intelligence. To date, the company has secured $315 million in funding, bringing its valuation to $2.1 billion. Reviews of the company’s financial growth suggest a stable investment. This significant financial backing comes from notable investors such as Tiger Global, Sapphire Ventures, Lightspeed, and Alkeon Capital Management. The company’s remarkable achievements have been recognized on multiple occasions, as evidenced by its presence on the Forbes AI 50 list for four consecutive years. In addition, the company’s commitment to advancing AI technology was further recognized in 2021 when it received the AI Breakthrough Award for Best Chatbot Solution. This recognition underscores the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in AI.

Company Name: Moveworks.

CEO Name: Bhavin Shah

Est Year: 2016

Employees: 501-1000

HQ Location: Mountainview, California, US

Bhavin Shah Moveworks Founder
Bhavin Shah
Founder & CEO
Vaibhav N CTO Moveworks
Vaibhav N
Founder & CTO

Moveworks Demo & Media

Moveworks Top Features

Approval Workflows

Accelerates workflows by 97% by centralizing all approvals into a single Copilot, streamlining the entire process.

Adaptive Responses

It tailors the responses for all the employee requests by considering all the relevant answers.

Multilingual Support

Moveworks offers multilingual support to help employees solve their issues in their native language.

Personalized Solutions

The platform ensures it provides the employees with the right solution in the right language using thousands of support resources.

Probabilistic AI Decision Engine

Moveworks understands how your company functions without any training using its probabilistic AI decision engine.

Internal employee Communication

Makes it easy to create campaigns that resonate with employees, drive action, and measure impact.

Solve Facilities Issues

Moveworks delivers employees with personalized support and facilities around the clock.

Performance Insights Dashboard

The platform has an insightful dashboard showing the bot's real-time progress.

Built-In Notifications

It houses customizable built-in proactive notifications which help prevent account lockouts and expiring passwords.

Approval Routing

Automatically routes approvals to the right person to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Data Lookups

Provides LLM-powered data lookups that make enterprise data discoverable when answering questions

Pros of Moveworks

  • High percentage of ticket automation
  • Awesome communication modules
  • High level of customization and integration
  • Proactive reminders and notifications
  • Autonomous request resolution
  • Helpful customer success team
  • Quick and accurate responses
  • Intuitive user interface

Cons of Moveworks

  • Delayed follow-up on issues
  • Incremental costs
  • Occasional generic responses

Moveworks Pricing

The Moveworks copilot is a generative AI platform for automating employee support. Due to the varying needs of employees across industries, Moveworks doesn’t offer a standard pricing plan. Instead, it gives prospective customers the opportunity to discuss their business goals and challenges, assess the technical environment, and get all their questions answered when they request a demo. Based on their specific requirements, a customized pricing plan is created.

Moveworks Price Comparison

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User Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 25 reviews)

Overall a nice tool to improve user experience

May 25, 2024

Integration with Slack, easy to use. Some of the functionalities of the tool have helped with diflection. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Roy P.
Roy P.
Review Source: G2

Moveworks Review

May 25, 2024

– Features – UI – Scalability and community support Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Sanket M.
Sanket M.
Review Source: G2

Excellent tool to resolve IT issues!

May 25, 2024

The automation that the Bot provides is simply the best- time-saving, cost-saving, clean and neat! Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Anisha D.
Anisha D.
Review Source: G2

Wonderful Support team

May 25, 2024

We have had two customer success engineers who have both been wonderful. Their team takes the time to learn about our organization and the team members involved with our Moveworks Deployment. I look forward to our bi-weeekly meetings. In addition to their wonderful team, the platform has allowed us to grow our knowledge base and understand our knowledge gaps. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Author name not found
Author name not found
Review Source: G2

An AI bot that seriously saves your team time and aggravation

July 25, 2023

The best part of the experience with Moveworks is working with their Customer Success team. They do what it takes to ensure success. We have been using Moveworks for almost a year now and there is nothing to dislike. The team and the product are awesome Our bot, Laika, provides a service to our employees that is both instant and wide-ranging in it’s ability. Approvals, app assignments, password resets, all done

We have been using Moveworks for almost a year now and there is nothing to dislike. The team and the product are awesome

Avatar for Kevin S.
Kevin S.
Review Source: G2

What Kind of Support Moveworks Offers?

Moveworks has a well-structured support knowledge base for different team members in each department. The platform has specialized guides and datasheets for departments such as IT, HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Engineering teams. These guides detail the specific use cases of the generative AI platform for each team. You can also contact the support team via the Moveworks portal on platform’s website or within the control center app if you have any questions.
Email Support
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

Moveworks FAQs

Moveworks is a legitimate company, co-founded in 2016 by Bhavin Shah, Vaibhav Nivargi, Varun Singh, and Jian Chen, with a current valuation of $2.1 billion. Positive reviews often highlight its innovative culture and the positive impact of its AI software on operational efficiency. The company has raised $315 million in funding from prominent investors including Tiger Global, Sapphire Ventures, Lightspeed, and Alkeon Capital Management, and has been recognized on the Forbes AI 50 list for four consecutive years.
Given its recognition, significant funding, and valuation, the program is considered valuable for companies looking to systematize their IT support through AI. Investing in the package is seen as a worthwhile investment for companies looking to improve their internal support activities and operational efficiency.
Moveworks provides integration with a wide range of enterprise systems and applications, enabling seamless automation of IT support tasks. While specific integration capabilities may vary, the focus is on ensuring that the program works within an organization’s existing IT infrastructure to provide comprehensive support and solutions.
The company provides detailed training and onboarding for its users to ensure they can maximize the benefits of the AI chatbot. These options can include online tutorials, documentation, webinars, and in-person training sessions designed to meet an organization’s specific needs, often followed by a review session to ensure comprehension.
It uses automation and AI-driven solutions to manage distribution list creation requests. This approach reduces manual input and accelerates service delivery within an organization.
It uses AI to automatically resolve IT support issues in real time by using natural language processing (NLP) to understand and process customer requests, providing accurate and immediate solutions without human intervention.
It contributes to operational efficiency by automating the resolution of common IT support issues, allowing IT staff to focus on more complex tasks and reducing the overall resolution time for employee support requests. Responses from teams using the software indicate significant reductions in resolution times and improvements in employee satisfaction.
Being recognized on the Forbes AI 50 list for four consecutive years and winning the AI Breakthrough Award for Best Chatbot Solution in 2021 underscores the company’s leadership and innovation in using AI for IT support, setting it apart in the chatbot industry.
The privacy and security of customer data is protected through stringent security measures, including encryption, compliance with privacy regulations, and the implementation of comprehensive data governance practices.

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