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FieldEdge Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

FieldEdge is a comprehensive field service management software designed to streamline operations, enhance customer service, and increase productivity for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other service businesses.

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What is FieldEdge?

FieldEdge is a leading service management software designed specifically for the home services industry. Established in 1980 and based in Fort Myers, Florida, the company offers innovative solutions that cater to over 30 service verticals both nationally and internationally. With its premiere products, FieldEdge and Electronic Service Control (ESC), the company provides a suite of tools that facilitate total business management, enabling companies to manage customers, streamline operations, and optimize financial performance effectively.

What is FieldEdge Good for?

FieldEdge excels in empowering home service contractor companies to manage their customer relationships and workflow processes more efficiently. The software is designed to streamline service operations from scheduling and dispatching to invoicing and payments. Additionally, FieldEdge is effective in helping businesses analyze financial operations to uncover insights that lead to greater profitability. Its capabilities in bringing organization to the office and turbocharging technicians’ productivity make it an invaluable tool for enhancing service delivery and business performance.

Who Should Use FieldEdge?

FieldEdge is tailored for businesses within the home services industry looking to optimize their operations and financial performance. The major target audience includes HVAC companies, plumbers, electricians, and other service contractors who aim to elevate their customer service, streamline their workflow processes, and achieve financial operational excellence. Small to mid-sized businesses, in particular, can benefit significantly from FieldEdge’s comprehensive service management solutions, making it a critical tool for companies aiming to innovate and lead in their respective service verticals.

FieldEdge Company Details

FieldEdge, founded in 1980 and based in Fort Myers, Florida, stands as a leading developer of service management software for the home services industry. Operating with a skilled workforce of 201-500 employees, the company showcases significant influence across over 30 service verticals internationally. Under the leadership of CEO Connie Certusi, FieldEdge has reinforced its commitment to innovation, efficiency, and comprehensive solutions within the field service management domain, positioning itself as a leading field service software provider. With additional offices in Atlanta, the company has successfully expanded its reach and continues to serve a wide range of national and international markets, cementing its position as a key player in the development of service management and customer relationship technologies.

Company Name: FieldEdge

CEO Name: Connie Certusi

Est Year: 1980

Employees: 201-500

HQ Location: Fort Myers, Florida

Connie Certusi

FieldEdge Demo & Media

FieldEdge Top Features


FieldEdge's dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your company's performance. This dashboard features modules containing reports that refresh instantaneously.

Call Booking

FieldEdge's appointment scheduling functionality enables your administrative team to deliver superb client support and gather data effectively, making it an essential service software for client management.

Quote Management

FieldEdge enables you to efficiently generate, dispatch, and monitor quotations, aiding in the conversion of more potential customers into actual sales.

Client Management

FieldEdge's CRM software assists in monitoring and handling your client relationships.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Work orders can be allocated to technicians through the drag-and-drop method directly onto the dispatch board.

Mobile Application

FieldEdge's mobile app is the main instrument utilized by field personnel to accomplish their duties.


With FieldEdge, you can generate invoices featuring your company's branding, which you can dispatch digitally to your clients.

FieldEdge Payments

With FieldEdge, you can accept electronic payments from your clients, streamlining the payment process for service companies.


FieldEdge offers a range of reports designed to assist service-oriented companies in managing crucial data points and monitoring their performance, showcasing its utility in service software analytics.


FieldEdge seamlessly connects with QuickBooks, ensuring that any data inputted into FieldEdge is instantly transferred to QuickBooks.

Pros of FieldEdge

  • The interface is intuitive and fundamental concepts can be grasped rapidly
  • The support team is well-informed and responds very swiftly
  • There is a wide variety of choices available within the entire program
  • The software comes equipped with a comprehensive range of features
  • The section for members is satisfactory
  • Cons of FieldEdge

  • Issues with functionality and sluggish performance
  • Insufficient instruction provided
  • The learning process is challenging and requires significant effort
  • FieldEdge Pricing

    FieldEdge presents a variety of adaptable pricing options crafted to accommodate the unique requirements of home service contractor firms at different phases of their development path. The Select plan comes with all the crucial instruments needed for productive business management, promoting efficient workflows and enhanced output for service companies utilizing this software. For those aiming to elevate their enterprise to greater heights, the Premier plan includes a broad set of sophisticated tools intended to stimulate expansion and optimize earnings. On the other hand, the Elite plan offers an expedited route for companies desiring to boost their growth rapidly with FieldEdge’s most extensive collection of features and assistance. Potential customers are invited to reach out to FieldEdge today to inquire about pricing information and discover the ideal plan that matches their business objectives.
    Request Pricing
    Request Pricing
  •  Dispatching
  •  Booking & Scheduling
  •  Basic Agreements & Quotes
  •  Customer Management
  •  Pricebook & Flat Rate Pricing
  • Premier
    Request Pricing
    Request Pricing
  •  (All Select Features)
  •  Advanced Dispatching
  •  Multi-Option Quotes
  •  Advanced Service Agreements
  •  10 Saved Reports
  •  Additional Mobile App Licenses
  • Elite
    Request Pricing
    Request Pricing
  • (All Premier Features)
  •  Unlimited Saved Reports
  •  Outbound Call Recording
  •  Proposal Pro
  •  MarketingEdge w/ 2-way Texting
  •  Warehouse Inventory Management*
  •  Consumer Management Portal
  •  Field Services Academy
  • FieldEdge Price Comparison

    Compare price of FieldEdge With some of the top competitors.
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    What Kind of Support FieldEdge Offers?

    FieldEdge is dedicated to offering a wide array of support solutions to guarantee the success of our clients at every stage. Our support offerings include a variety of accessible methods, such as telephone support for immediate help, email and help desk support for more complex questions, and live chat for rapid responses to urgent matters. In addition, we provide an expansive FAQ section and forum filled with helpful advice and answers to frequently asked questions, alongside a comprehensive knowledge base of detailed articles and guides to enable users to find answers independently. With the solid support framework FieldEdge provides, clients can be confident that assistance is readily available whenever they need it.
    Email Support
    Live Chat
    Forum & Ticket
    Tutorial Videos & Documentation
    Phone Support

    FieldEdge FAQs

    FieldEdge is a legitimate company, established in 1980 and headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida. Specializing in service management software for the home services industry, it has a long-standing history of providing industry-leading solutions, such as FieldEdge and Electronic Service Control (ESC), to over 30 service verticals nationally and internationally.
    FieldEdge is worth paying for due to its comprehensive solutions that empower home service contractor companies to manage customers efficiently, streamline work processes, and optimize financial operations. The software suite is designed to turbocharge technicians and unlock greater profitability, making it a valuable investment for businesses in the home services sector.
    FieldEdge offers integrations with a variety of other software to enhance its service management solutions. Although specific software integrations are not detailed in the provided factual information, FieldEdge typically supports integrations that further streamline work processes, financial operations, and customer management for home service businesses.
    FieldEdge is designed to be user-friendly, facilitating ease of use for businesses to manage customers, streamline operations, and improve financial management. Its solutions are tailored for the home services industry, emphasizing simplifying complex processes and enhancing efficiency across service verticals.
    FieldEdge improves operational efficiency by providing comprehensive management solutions that streamline customer management, work processes, and financial operations. Its software is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the home services industry, enhancing overall business performance through advanced service software features.
    FieldEdge offers customer support and training services to ensure users can maximize the benefits of their software solutions. The dedicated team of professionals at FieldEdge is committed to helping businesses utilize their products effectively, although specifics about the support and training offerings are not provided in the factual information.
    FieldEdge is built to support home service businesses of various sizes, offering scalable solutions that grow with the company. Its comprehensive software suite is designed to meet the changing needs of businesses as they expand into 2024, ensuring they can continue to manage operations efficiently with up-to-date service software solutions.

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