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Dealify Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Dealify is a digital platform that offers significant discounts on tools and software for growth hackers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to help them save money and grow their businesses.

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What is Dealify?

Dealify is an e-commerce platform launched in 2018 by Tom van den Heuvel. It specializes in offering technology deals on, primarily catering to the needs of growth hackers, making it the lifetime deals platform for growth. As a private company with an annual revenue of less than $5 million, Dealify has established itself in the tech deals marketplace. In 2022, Legion Works acquired the company, positioning Tom van den Heuvel as an Advisor, which marked a new phase in its operational dynamics.

What is Dealify Good for?

Dealify is proficient in providing exceptional deals on software and technology products, making it an indispensable resource for individuals and organizations looking to scale their operations economically. It excels at curating discounts and offers that are particularly beneficial for growth hackers and marketers on, facilitating access to tools that might otherwise be financially out of reach and allowing customers to easily read customer testimonials. This platform on is adept at bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology providers and those seeking to leverage these innovations for business growth, establishing itself as the lifetime deals platform for growth.

Who Should Use Dealify?

Dealify is ideally suited for growth hackers, digital marketers, and startups looking for affordable technological solutions to enhance their operational efficiency, offering the best Dealify lifetime deals. Additionally, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) aiming to integrate technology into their workflow without significant investment would significantly benefit from the deals offered on the platform. Essentially, anyone in pursuit of technology deals to optimize business strategies or personal productivity should consider utilizing Dealify.

Dealify Company Details

Legion Works, the company behind Dealify, was established in 2018 by Tom van den Heuvel. Designed to serve the unique needs of growth hackers, Dealify specializes in offering tech deals on its e-commerce platform. In 2022, Legion Works took a significant step forward by acquiring Dealify, marking an important evolution in its corporate journey. Post-acquisition, Tom van den Heuvel transitioned to an advisory role within the company. As a private entity, Dealify operates with a revenue under $5 million, catering to a niche market segment that seeks technology solutions for business growth and optimization.

Company Name: Dealify

CEO Name: Tom van den Heuvel

Est Year: 2018

Employees: 2-10

HQ Location: Eindhoven, North Brabant

Tom van den Heuvel Dealify

Dealify Demo & Media

Dealify Top Features

Tailored Campaign

Dealify runs tailored campaigns for its extensive network of customers to promote your product which helps reach a new and larger customer base.

Intensive Promotion

The platform engages in intensive product promotion amongst founders, growth hackers and marketers, increasing brand awareness.

Fair Commissions

Even though Dealify handles marketing and promotion, it ensures you receive honest and fair commission rates.

Flexibility In Deal Terms

On Dealify, you can stay flexible with the deal terms and go for lifetime deals, credit-based deals, and more based on your requirements.

Quality User Feedback

Dealify ensures that it sells your products and brings you quality user feedback for further sales.

Meaningful Insights

The platform shares all the results of the A/B tests and marketing campaign, which helps scale your business yourself.

Chrome And Firefox Extension

It supports a Chrome and Firefox extension that ensures that all the users receive instant notification of all the new deals on the platform.

Easy Sign-Up

To sell a product on Dealify, all you need to do is fill out a form and tell more about the product.

Diverse Categories

Dealify supports a wide variety of online software, which is divided into categories for smooth navigation through the website.

Early Payout Option

Even though Dealify pays the users every 90 days, it is possible to request an early payout, which is manually processed if you meet the criteria.

Pros of Dealify

  • Supports personalized campaigns
  • 30-day guarantee refund policy
  • Trusted platform 
  • Easy sign-up 
  • Valid both for businesses and customers

Cons of Dealify

  • Sometimes show fraudulent deals 
  • Limited payment options

Dealify Pricing

The platform has an annual membership for its users for $99 per year. The Dealify + membership includes advantages like 10% off in every deal, member-only flash sales, an advanced email marketing class and a 60-day return policy. 

Dealify Price Comparison

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What Kind of Support Dealify Offers?

Dealify comes with a detailed knowledge base that you may use to know more about the platform. You can also get in touch with the team if you need any support.
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Dealify FAQs

Yes, Dealify is a legitimate e-commerce company, founded by Tom van den Heuvel in 2018 and acquired by Legion Works in 2022. It specializes in providing discounted tech deals to growth hackers on, the number one lifetime deals platform.
Dealify is considered worth paying for by customers seeking discounted tech tools and software aimed at growth hacking. The platform offers significant savings on various digital products, making it a valuable resource for businesses and individuals looking to optimize their growth strategies affordably.
Dealify offers a range of tech deals on that include software capable of integrating with various other tools and platforms, positioning it as a leading SaaS deals platform. The specifics of integrations depend on the individual software deals available at a given time on, which caters to different needs such as marketing, productivity, and analytics.
Dealify provides a wide array of offers, including discounts on software tools, online courses, and digital products designed for growth hackers and tech enthusiasts. The deals on are aimed at enhancing productivity, marketing efforts, and overall business growth, embodying the qualities of the number one lifetime deals platform.
The Dealify site is designed for easy navigation, allowing users to quickly find and take advantage of tech deals. Its interface is user-friendly, with clearly categorized offers and straightforward access to purchase and product information.
Dealify is known for offering efficient customer service on, with support available for inquiries about deals, purchases, and any issues encountered, ensuring customers can easily request a refund or credit back. Feedback from users has highlighted the company’s responsive and helpful customer service team.
Based on feedback and reviews, users are generally satisfied with Dealify, praising the quality of deals, the variety of offers, and the level of customer service provided. Its focus on tech deals for growth hackers has made it a popular choice among businesses and individuals in the tech community.

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