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BrandPush Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

BrandPush is a high-impact press release distribution service designed to enhance a brand's online visibility by securing coverage on reputable news sites and generating valuable backlinks.

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What is BrandPush?

BrandPush is a premier news publishing service that specializes in obtaining coverage for businesses, artists, influencers, and creatives on over 200 leading news websites, including high-profile outlets such as FOX and USA Today. The service is designed to increase the online presence and authority of its clients by providing them with significant media exposure. BrandPush operates with a clear mission to make media access more democratic by helping various entities achieve significant visibility and success in the digital realm.

What is BrandPush good for?

BrandPush excels at increasing the online visibility and credibility of its clients through strategic placements on reputable news platforms. It is particularly effective at increasing brand awareness, improving search engine rankings, and establishing authority in relevant fields. The service is adept at crafting compelling narratives that resonate with a broad audience, making it an invaluable tool for those looking to make a significant impact on their digital marketing efforts.

Who should use BrandPush?

BrandPush is ideal for a wide range of users looking to increase their media exposure and online authority. This includes small to large businesses looking to expand their reach, artists, and creators looking to showcase their talents to a wider audience, and influencers looking to increase their credibility and influence. In addition, anyone interested in improving their online presence and attracting more attention in the digital landscape can benefit from BrandPush’s services. With flexible pricing plans, BrandPush caters to different needs and guarantees publication on over 200 news websites, appealing to a diverse clientele.

BrandPush Company Details

BrandPush is an innovative news publishing service developed by a company committed to transforming the digital marketing industry. Founded on the principle of making media exposure accessible to all, the team behind BrandPush has established a platform that significantly impacts the visibility of businesses, artists, influencers, and creators across the globe. Since its inception, BrandPush has rapidly grown, leveraging its unique service to secure placements on over 200 influential news websites, including well-known platforms like FOX and USA Today. The dedication to delivering tangible marketing results, coupled with flexible pricing plans, has positioned BrandPush as a trusted partner in the digital marketing space. The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in its money-back guarantee policy for article publication, demonstrating its confidence in providing value to its clients.

Company Name: Ascend Group OU

CEO Name: Felix Kamanda

Est Year: 2014

Employees: 2-10 employees

HQ Location: Keemia tn 4, Tallinn 10616 Estonia

Felix Kamanda

BrandPush Demo & Media

BrandPush Top Features

Timely Distribution

Ensure rapid distribution of press releases within a week for timely exposure and marketing effectiveness.

Authentic Lead Generation

Access leads from real buyers to enhance marketing efforts and effectively increase conversion rates.

SEO Improvement

Achieve higher rankings in Google search results, increasing online visibility and driving more organic traffic.

Comprehensive Reporting

Receive detailed reports with live links for in-depth analysis and insight into performance metrics.

Guaranteed Exposure

Secure guaranteed placement on over 200 reputable news outlets, ensuring widespread brand exposure and recognition.

Revenue Expansion

Easily expand revenue streams by promoting affiliate links through the BrandPush platform.

Brand Customization

Customize branding with white-label reports to maintain consistency and professionalism 

Transparent Reporting  

Evaluate performance transparently with comprehensive reports with live links for real-time monitoring and analysis.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with a money-back guarantee that ensures customer satisfaction and confidence in the service

Diverse Audience Reach

Reach diverse audiences by leveraging both popular and alternative news networks for maximum exposure and engagement.

Pros of BrandPush

  • Wide news publication network.
  • Rapid press release distribution.
  • Guaranteed exposure on reputable outlets.
  • Comprehensive reporting with live links.
  • Support for affiliate link promotion.
  • Cons of BrandPush

  • No free version or trial.
  • Limited pricing flexibility.
  • No mobile app support.
  • Content submission required for Starter.
  • BrandPush Pricing

    BrandPush offers three different packages to meet different needs. The Starter Package, priced at $195, requires users to submit content for distribution to 200 news publications. Upgrade to the Plus package for $229 or the Premium package for $259 to access additional features and benefits tailored to enhance your marketing strategy. Choose the package that best fits your goals and budget.

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    What Kind of Support BrandPush Offers?

    BrandPush provides comprehensive support to ensure a seamless user experience. Users can request assistance by emailing [email protected] or by calling +1 (888) 555-1234.

    The dedicated support team is available to address any questions or concerns promptly, guiding using the platform, troubleshooting issues, and maximizing marketing strategies. Count on BrandPush for reliable support every step of the way.

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    BrandPush FAQs

    BrandPush is a legitimate news publishing service recognized for securing placements on over 200 influential news websites, including notable platforms such as FOX and USA Today. It is dedicated to increasing media exposure for businesses, artists, influencers, and creatives, thereby increasing their digital presence and authority.
    Considering its ability to secure article placements on more than 200 reputable news sites and its customized pricing plans starting at $99, BrandPush offers valuable services for those looking to increase their online visibility and credibility. With a money-back guarantee if articles are not published, it is a reliable investment in digital marketing.
    BrandPush focuses on news publishing services and does not primarily offer integrations with external software. Its core offering is aimed at creating and distributing content across a wide network of news platforms, rather than software integration solutions.
    BrandPush is a great fit for small businesses looking to increase their online presence and authority. Its flexible pricing plans and service offerings aimed at securing media exposure on prominent news sites make it an accessible and effective solution for businesses of all sizes.
    BrandPush works by creating or distributing existing articles about businesses, artists, influencers and creatives to its network of over 200 news websites. Depending on the package selected, professional writing services may be included. The service guarantees article publication and offers a money-back guarantee if the articles are not published as per the agreement.
    BrandPush can positively impact SEO by increasing a company’s or individual’s online presence and authority. Publications on reputable news sites contribute to valuable backlinks and increased visibility, potentially improving search engine rankings.
    Yes, BrandPush offers professional content creation services as part of its Plus package starting at $149. This option includes the creation of professional articles, making it ideal for those seeking comprehensive writing services in addition to publishing.

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