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Based on 484 user reviews, Adsterra has an overall rating of 4.36 out of 5 stars.


Adsterra Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Adsterra is a global advertising network that offers both publishers and advertisers advanced monetization solutions and performance-based digital marketing through various ad formats, including display ads, popunders, and native advertising.

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What is Adsterra?

Founded in 2013, Adsterra is a leading advertising platform known for its wide geolocation coverage and diverse range of ad formats. It has carved a niche in the digital advertising space by prioritizing innovation and customer satisfaction. Adsterra offers a wide range of advertising solutions coupled with advanced targeting capabilities that cater to the needs of advertisers and publishers worldwide. Its mission is to facilitate effective monetization of online traffic and ensure optimal reach across multiple channels, offering competitive pricing models tailored to both advertisers and publishers. 

What is Adsterra good for?

Adsterra excels at providing advertisers and publishers with comprehensive advertising solutions that enable effective monetization and optimal advertising reach. It excels in providing extensive geolocation coverage and supporting a variety of ad formats, making it ideal for customized advertising campaigns. With its advanced targeting capabilities, Adsterra ensures that ads are delivered to the most relevant audience, maximizing engagement and return on investment (ROI). The platform’s flexible pricing models, including CPA, CPC, and CPM for advertisers and a revenue share model for publishers, make it an effective tool for achieving various advertising goals.

Who should use Adsterra?

Adsterra is designed for a wide range of users within the digital advertising ecosystem. Advertisers looking to promote their products or services through customized, targeted campaigns across multiple online channels will find Adsterra’s platform invaluable. Publishers looking to effectively monetize their website traffic will benefit from the platform’s multiple ad formats and revenue share models. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Adsterra is for those who value extensive reach, flexible pricing, and innovative advertising solutions in their digital marketing and monetization efforts.

Adsterra Company Details

Founded in 2013, Adsterra is a leading advertising platform that specializes in providing innovative advertising solutions to advertisers and publishers around the world. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Adsterra has quickly risen to prominence in the digital advertising industry. The company boasts extensive geolocation coverage and a variety of ad formats designed to optimize online monetization and reach. Through its commitment to developing advanced targeting capabilities and offering competitive pricing models, Adsterra serves a diverse clientele, ensuring effective ad placements and maximized revenue for publishers. Flexibility in pricing and an emphasis on technological advancement underscore Adsterra’s position as a premier choice for digital marketing solutions.

Company Name: Adsterra Network

CEO Name: Anton Brovkin

Est Year: 2013

Employees: 251-500

HQ Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

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Adsterra Top Features

Multiple Payment Models

Adsterra offers multiple payment models for advertisers such as CPM, CPA, CPL, CPI, CPC and more.

Good CPM for Publishers

Adsterra is a profitable platform for most of publishers with one of the highest CPM rates.

Wider Geolocation

Adsterra covers close to 250 geolocation making it one of the best solutions for publishers from across the world.

1Billion+ Impressions Per Day

Adsterra servers more than a billion impressions per day making it a great traffic solution for advertisers.

Multiple Ad Formats

Adsterra offers multiple high-converting ad formats such as Popunder, Socialbar, Native Banners, Video Ads and more.

100% Fill Rate

Adsterra offers a 100% fill rate to make sure that you earn handsome revenue as a publisher.

Pros of Adsterra

  • Multiple ad formats for advertisers
  • Wider geolocation coverage
  • Multiple & smooth payment options
  • Tight anti-fraud protection
  • No limitation on traffic volume

Cons of Adsterra

  • CPM rates can be low for certain countries
  • Strict minimum payout rule

Adsterra Pricing

Adsterra offers competitive pricing tailored to advertisers and publishers. For advertisers, the platform operates on a cost-per-action (CPA), cost-per-click (CPC), and cost-per-mile (CPM) basis, with rates varying based on targeting options and campaign objectives. Publishers can monetize their traffic through a revenue share model, with earnings dependent on factors like website niche, traffic quality, and ad format. Adsterra’s flexible pricing structure ensures affordability and value for all users.

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User Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars (based on 484 reviews)

I have not earn money but still i love…

February 15, 2024

i have not earn money but still i love it because i am sure if i complete my withdrawal limit they will pay me for my work.

Avatar for Asad mehmood
Asad mehmood
Review Source: Trustpilot

Kindly release my earnings Adsterra

February 15, 2024

Adsterra, kindly release my earnings. I made Adsterra adverts dominate three blogs of mine. You tied down my earnings and I couldn’t pay for 2 of my blogs until they were closed. The last blog I saved, I loaned dollars to pay for it as well as keep it functioning, hoping you would eventually release my earnings. You have tied down my earnings since last year. The person that loaned me money, Mr. Tunde is on my neck and has stopped replying messages that has nothing to do with his money being returned. Since, I have been using Adsterra, I have only been receiving earnings through his PayPal, which you blocked for a reason I don’t know. That loaner is the reason I still have one blog functioning. After months of chats and plea to release earnings,you still prove you are bigger than God by not releasing it. What’s your gain in all these exactly? Another rip off of a publisher’s account? This is really unfair.

Avatar for Ogefash TV
Ogefash TV
Review Source: Trustpilot

A reschedule of payment details due to…

February 14, 2024

A reschedule of payment details due to wrong wallet address

Avatar for Agada Isaiah
Agada Isaiah
Review Source: Trustpilot

scam site stop working not paying and…

February 13, 2024

scam site stop working not paying and ban account

Avatar for Lio Kon
Lio Kon
Review Source: Trustpilot

Adsterra is very good

February 10, 2024

Content not provided

Avatar for Lionel Messi fans club
Lionel Messi fans club
Review Source: Trustpilot

What Kind of Support Adsterra Offers?

Adsterra comes with detailed documentation, and FAQs to help the advertisers and publishers. You may also contact the support team if required.
Email Support
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Phone Support

Adsterra FAQs

Yes, Adsterra allows advertisers to target specific audiences using its advanced targeting capabilities, including geolocation, device type, operating system, and browsing behavior. This ensures that campaigns effectively reach the intended audience.
Adsterra is a legitimate advertising platform that has been in operation since 2013. It is known in the digital advertising industry for its global reach, diverse ad formats, and commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.
Adsterra offers competitive pricing models, including CPA, CPC, and CPM, making it worth considering for businesses looking for cost-effective advertising solutions that accurately and efficiently target their desired audience.
Adsterra offers integrations with several tracking and analytics tools that advertisers use to optimize campaigns and measure performance. Detailed information on specific software integrations can be found on the Adsterra platform or by contacting our support team.
Publishers monetizing their traffic with Adsterra have several payout options designed to suit different preferences. These options typically include traditional banking, digital wallets, and other online payment methods. Detailed payout options can be found on the Adsterra website or by contacting the support team directly.
Optimizing campaigns on Adsterra involves using its analytics tools to track performance metrics, adjusting targeting settings for better audience precision, and experimenting with different ad formats to improve engagement and conversion rates.
Adsterra advertising is highly effective due to its extensive geolocation coverage and wide range of ad formats. By enabling precise targeting and offering a flexible pricing structure, Adsterra helps advertisers achieve optimal reach and engagement with their target audiences. 
Yes, publishers can choose the type of ads that appear on their site with Adsterra, allowing them to tailor ad content to the preferences of their audience and the nature of their site, optimizing monetization and user experience.
Yes, an advertiser can adjust campaign budgets in real time with Adsterra, providing the flexibility to respond quickly to campaign performance and market conditions.

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