10 Pro Tips To Design An Interior Design Website

Interior Design Website

Designing interior spaces is your forte, but how will your clients get to know about it? How will they know that they can trust you with their dream project? 

This is precisely why you should have a website. But is having a website enough? NO! You need to have a stunning website that reflects your style. 

Interior designing is a big topic on the internet, it is one of the top categories on content sharing sites like Pinterest that help users drive tons of traffic by sharing interior designing related images.

Other than the design of your site, you must focus on creating relevant content so that you are able to drive traffic from search engines or social media sites by sharing your content.

You can take inspiration from big authority sites in the interior designing niche and the kind of content they produce. You can also look at niche sites that are specified for certain types of interior design.

For example, have a look at the Rustica blog, they are focused on Door designs and they produce content like front door design, front door colors, etc. This helps them to drive highly targeted traffic with high conversion potential.

If you are wondering how you can create an amazing website showcasing your interior designing profiles and projects, then you are at the right place to collect tips and tricks.

Now, before we go about the tips to improve your interior desigsing related website. Let’s look at the basics to get started.

You will need a domain name that reflects your business. Try to find a domain name that is relatively easier to remember, not very long (stick to around 8 letters max), and brandable.

Also, the extension is important. A .com domain should be your first priority unless you want to use a country-specific domain extension.

You can check the domain availability using our Domain Availability Checker tool.

If the domain you want for your site is available, you can visit Bluehost to get started with your site. Bluehost is the most popular hosting provider that has been around for many years.

You can get your domain name for free when you signup for Bluehost hosting.

Also, you will not need any technical knowledge to create a website on Bluehost as WordPress will be installed automatically for your site.

We have this step by step guide to create a website on Bluehost. Make sure to check tis article.

The Design of Your Site

Once you have the basic setup in place, the next step if is to customize your site.

When we talk about customizing a site, it needs technical knowledge. Well, not really.

You can use theme like Divi, that gives you complete freedom to create a custom design for your site without any coding.

In fact, Divi offers a number of ready to use design pack for interior design related website. Don’t forget to get a 20% extra discount on the Divi theme here.


Use Elementor

Elementor is the most popular website builder for WordPress that makes it super simple for the users to create any kind of website using the front-end darg and drop builder.

So, you will no longer have to know coding in order to create a completely custom design for your site. Read this detailed review of Elementor to know more about the plugin.

Elementor Website Builder

Here are the top tips to create a perfect interior designing website.

01. Showcase Your Portfolio on the Homepage 

When a potential client searches you in Google and lands on your website’s homepage, they should be flooded with your best work. Make them amazed by placing your best work on the homepage itself. 

Having a slideshow on the homepage showcasing your work is a great idea. Further, the website should be all about your brand. 

Treat your website as a blank canvas, then start to paint it with your brand marks, colors, images, and font. How you design your website tells a lot about how you will develop a physical space. 


02. Keep the Layout of the Website Simple

A simple website layout will add an aesthetic look. One often confuses simple with dull, but that’s not the case with website designing. 

While creating your interior design website, just focus on the essential elements. Further, a clean website will ensure easy loading navigation.

For an interior design website, the visual content should speak more. Try to stick to minimal text. 

03. Keep a Crystal Clear Calls to Action Section 

After having a look at your work, you surely want your clients to contact you. Searching for a contact on the website can be frustrating if it is not easily available. 

Place your “Calls to Action” button in the website so that it is easily available with just a quick scan. Keep the text in it direct and short.

Also, you can use the brightest colour of your brand to highlight the button. 

04. Keep the Textual Content to a Minimum

When a potential client visits your website, your only mission should be to hold their attention with your work. There shouldn’t be any distracting elements on the websites. 

Pay attention to the visual elements of your work and use minimal text, which can be distracting. Don’t clutter the website by jotting down plenty of things. 

Let the images of your designs speak for themselves. Also, don’t we all know that an image is worth a thousand words?

05. Use Whitespace Like a Friend

Whitespace in a website is the empty space. The color doesn’t need to be white. However, it should be devoid of any tests and images. 

Having whitespace on the website will improve its readability. Further, it will reduce the clutter from it. Also, it will redirect the attention of the readers in your product again and again. 

Further, you can use it to separate different features on your website. It will help them to navigate through the website with just a glance. 

Confused whether whitespace is worth the risk or not? Think about Google. It presents the ultimate utilisation of white space. All you can see is their logo and the search box in the middle of a white, blank page. Doesn’t that look good?

06. Keep a Consistent Theme 

Before you start designing your website, think about the color theme that you want to maintain. This color theme will represent your brand theme too. 

We suggest you stick to a few colours because many colours can again prove to be distracting. Choose one colour as the website’s foundation and then go for one or more two colours, preferably, in contrasting accents to highlight the important interface elements. 

If you use Elementor to create your website, you can set global color so that it will inherit the same color throughout the site to keep the consistency.


07. Your Website Should be Mobile-Friendly 

Research has shown that 70% of web traffic comes from a smartphone. There’s a high chance that a large proportion of your website visitors will come through a smartphone. 

Therefore, having a mobile-friendly theme is a must. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you might lose many potential customers. 

Keep the smartphone experience user-friendly. Further, you can go for modular content to ensure that all the websites’ elements are responsive. 

08. Focus on Ease of Navigation 

A website with plenty of pages to navigate can be frustration. Try to stick to the essential navigation element only. 

40% of the visitors leave the website after looking at one page. Therefore, you need to ensure that your content is visible and isn’t buried deep inside some random page. 

Your visitors should be able to find what they came looking for quickly and easily. 

09. Choose the Right Font

Having the right theme, colors, and visual elements isn’t enough. You should put equal attention to the font that you are using on the website too. 

The font in your interior design website should be easy to read. A right font also improves the browsing experience of the users. 

Further, pay attention to the font style that you are using. Use the right font style in the right place. 

10. Test Your Website

Lastly, before you launch your fantastic website, you should be sure that it is working properly. Do not launch your website without testing it.

You should test each and every element on your website as an audience. Is it user-friendly? Is it visually appealing?

Imagine yourself as a website visitor while testing your websites. You won’t get the best version of your website on the very first try, and there will always be room for improvement. 

Before improving your website further, you should first know what needs to be improved. That’s why testing a website is so crucial. 

Launch Your Interior Design Website Now!

While creating your awesome interior design, ensure that you take care of these tips to ensure that your website looks beautiful.

Don’t forget to keep track of the performance of your website. Keep analysing and improving. 

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