How to Design a Perfectly Organized Home Office

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When it comes to setting up a beautiful, comfortable, and functional home office, organizations should take center stage.

A clean, polished workspace can improve your productivity as it helps alleviate anxious feelings, which can help you focus more on your work and personal projects. 

Whether you need enough space to showcase your well-earned years of service awards in your next Zoom meeting or you just need to tidy up and prevent additional clutter, here are 7 incredible home office ideas to get you started.

Home Office

01. Stick to Clean and Simple Desk Accessories

The most organized spot in your office should be your desk. You’ll feel a lot more motivated to work once everything is in its place, but you have to make sure what you pick doesn’t produce more clutter. For example, don’t use a cubby or drawer that you just throw your pens in.

Instead, get a desk organizer that sits on top of your desk that has space for your stationery. If it comes with a drawer at the front, even better.

Alternatively, you could purchase a desk that has drawers built into it. Place utensil organizers inside your drawers to separate your stationary.

A functional computer table desk will be what you need in this setup. It may be designed specifically for housing and using a computer, but it can also provide a lot of space for your work stuff, too.

02. Build Closed Shelves or Install Floating Shelves

If you don’t have a closet and you typically go through a lot of paperwork, build a few closed shelves that can keep your clutter out of sight.

If you want to display some artwork, books, or other items, consider buying two large baskets that keep certain things hidden, not everything.

Floating shelves are the perfect budget item if you need shelving space. Just make sure you install them on a stud. Otherwise, your shelves may fall or lean down, wrecking your walls.

03. Create a Bin or Cubby Organization System

Out of sight may actually be out of mind if you have a bad memory, so keep your bins organized. This is especially important if you’re using the same colored and sized bins for aesthetic purposes, as you don’t want to spend time checking each cubby for something.

Try to find bins that let you insert a piece of paper in the front, as it looks cleaner than taping a loose piece of paper to your cubbies.

However, if you think you’ll keep the same items in your bins for a long time, you could use a permanent marker to differentiate all of your cubbies.

04. Turn One Wall Into a Working Calendar Wall

While some professionals will use a written calendar they’ll place on their desk or in an app, a working calendar wall will keep your tasks visible, even when you aren’t working.

You can paint a large calendar on one end of your office or create multiple calendars for different functions.

If you can’t or don’t want to paint your walls, consider buying a dry erase or cork board at an office supply depot. You can use magnets or corks to pin pictures or numbers to your board.

05. Put a Bit of Inspiration or Motivation on Display

Most people who work from home will customize their own office with paint, interesting furniture, or lighting fixtures. While you may not want to put distracting items on your desk, you should create an inspiration wall that highlights why you’re working so hard at your startup or job.

For example, you could put photos of your family on display, or you could keep items from your favorite show on your desk.

If you want to avoid placing anything within arm’s reach, put your wall of inspiration behind your computer or above your desk if you have slanted ceilings.

06. Have a Place for Your Important Work Papers

Paperwork is one thing, but you don’t have to keep all of your papers on your desktop if they’re very important. Tax, employee, and client documents that hold private information should either be stored on your computer in an encrypted file or in a filing cabinet somewhere on your shelf.

If you’re a sole proprietor, you may not need much more than an accordion file folder. If you handle a lot of clients, consider switching to a large filing cabinet to keep your papers organized.

07. Set Up an In or Out of Office Command Center

Your home’s kitchen or mudroom serves as your family command center, but you can’t forget about your own office station.

You can set up a single desk in a corner that stores your printer, fax, phone, cork board, files, calendar, and other essential items, so they’re all in one place.

The benefit of having a centralized place for all of your essential items is immediate access. This makes it less likely you’ll misplace your items or find them elsewhere, like on your desk, creating clutter.

Place a garbage and shredder near this area to keep the space super tidy.

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