How SERP Empire Can Improve Organic CTR And Traffic

SER Empire Review

CTR (Click Through Rate) is one of the most important factors when it comes to Google ranking.

Better the CTR of your blog post better will be the ranking for that post. So, you have to do everything to make sure that you achieve a good click-through rate for your posts.

Now, let’s first understand what is the click-through rate?

In simple words, CTR is the percentage of users who click on your post result while searching for any keyword in the search engines.

CTR is the most commonly used term around the PPC ads, social media ads to check the effectiveness of the ads.

However, in this article, we are talking about the organic click-through rate in the search engines like Google.

Google displays ten organic search results on each page for any keyword search, and the CTR is one of the important factors for Google to determine the placement of the results.

Now, there are a lot of talks around the organic CTR these days. As Google displays the featured snippet these days for most of the search queries, the organic CTR for all other results has gone down.

If the featured snippet explains the answer to the search query nicely, there will be very little opportunity left for the other results on even the first page.

Now, you can think of the results that are on the second page, third page and so on.

So, all your efforts go unnoticed as there is no or very little clicks on those results.

If you are wondering what is a featured snippet. It is the highlighted search results that are shown above all the other results in detail.

Earlier the featured snippet used to be one from the top ten results on the first page (mostly) then followed by all the ten results.

There is the latest update around the featured snippet now. If your result is selected for the featured snippet, it is not repeated in the other ten results.

Anyways, here is an example of featured snippet for one of the most popular search queries “how to lose weight”

Featured Snippet

SERP Empire Overview and How It Can Help To Improve CTR

As organic CTR is one of the most important SEO factors, the SERP Empire tool will help you to increase the CTR of the pages that otherwise don’t get any click.

SERP Empire will send you traffic to those pages through the search results to improve the position of those articles.

The traffic sent by SERP Empire can be tracked with Google Analytics. So, it is not just random spammy traffic.

If you have specific requirements, the SERP Empire platform can send you highly targeted traffic from any geotargeted location from any country or city.

So, if you are managing any location-specific online business, SERP Empire can certainly be helpful for you to get the ball rolling.

Features of SERP Empire

  • Simple and easy to use user interface
  • Quick to get started
  • You will start getting traffic almost immediately
  • You can get highly geo-targeted traffic
  • You can run multiple campaigns simultaneously

How to Get Started With SERP Empire?

The process is simple and easy to get started on the SERP Empire platform. They offer you seven days free trial period to get understand the platform and see the effectiveness before you plan to go for the paid options.

You don’t even have to give you credit card details, it is 100% free.

So, click the link below and create your free account to test the SERP Empire platform.

Once you signup for the trail, you will be asked to add your domain. Here is how you do it.

Just add your domain and proceed.

SERP Empire Trial Signup

Create a New Campaign

Creating a new campaign on SERP Empire is simple. Click on the create a campaign option and get started.

You will be asked to add the following details for your campaign

  • The website URL
  • The country that you need traffic from
  • Campaign keywords
  • Expected time on site
  • Bounce rate

So, as you can see you have complete freedom to create a custom campaign by controlling all the important parameters even upto the expected bounce rate.

Create a New Campaign

Immediate Results

Once you set up your campaign, you will see the result almost instantly. Here we have set a campaign for one of the keywords to see how it works.

SERP Empire Pricing

SERP Empire offers you multiple pricing plans to choose from. You can select one as per your requirement. The number of keywords, total visits will depend on the plan you select.

SERP Empire Pricing

Pros & Cons of SERP Empire


  • Easy to get started
  • Free trial without any credit card
  • Multiple keyword options
  • Set your expected traffic and bounce rate
  • Newbie friendly


  • Might look spammy if you don’t use it responsibly
  • No ranking guarantee (it is difficult for any service to guarantee)

Final Word

SERP Empire can be one fo the options to try while you planning to rank an important keyword. As you have the flexibility and control over the amount of traffic, bounce rate, and other important aspects, you can decide how you wish to use the platform.

Organic CTR is certainly one of the most important parameters for any blog, so this tool can really be helpful.

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