ElegantThemes Discount Coupon: 20% OFF Deal (2019)

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ElegantThemes discount coupon that will help you to get a 20% discount. Grand the super-powerful Divi theme, Divi Builder, Bloom plugin, Monarch plugin

If you are looking for the premium WordPress themes that you can rely upon and build your WordPress website around, check out Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes have served close to 600k customers. That’s amazing!

They are known for the Divi Theme which is one of the most powerful drag and drop multipurpose themes. You can use the theme to create any kind of website you need.

You can save a good 20% on their product packages by using the coupon shared on this page. You will get access to all their products in the deal.

ElegantThemes comes with yearly membership and lifetime deal, we have an offer on both the membership package.

Here is the yearly membership deal with a 20% discount.

Special 20 Off Discount Join Elegant Themes

Here is good news for you. If you go for their lifetime membership plan, we have a 20% discount deal for you.

You will get access to all ElegantThemes products that you can use for unlimited domain, unlimited times with unlimited support.

Get 20% OFF

Get Access to Divi and All Other ElegantThemes products at a discounted price. Create any kind of website with hundreds of ready to use design modules and templates.

Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Divi Builder | Bloom Plugin | Monarch Plugin

More About Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is founded by Nick Roach when he was just doing an experiment project. He quickly knew that he could give something to the community and built Elegant Themes. 

The idea grew more than they expected. Elegant Themes started growing impressively. Soon they become one of the leaders in WordPress theme and plugin development.

They are also well known for their popular theme Divi. It is a multi-purpose theme that went viral when it was released. It also offers a drag-and-drop feature which makes it easy for the user to create a compelling and meaningful design.

Monarch, their social sharing plugin also gained a lot of traction. One more plugin that needs to be mentioned is Bloom — it is a mailing list plugins for WordPress.

What Will You Get?

You might be thinking about what else you will get other than those popular themes and plugins mentioned above? After all, you are paying a subscription (yearly or one-time) for the whole package and not just a few themes or plugins.

Not to mention, all the updates and releases are free for the subscriber, and they get access to it from day one.

Divi Theme Discount Deal

Divi Theme Overview


Let’s Explore Divi Theme

Divi theme is the flagship product of the popular WordPress store. If you are using WordPress for some time, you must have come across this theme already.

One of the most popular and widely used WordPress themes, the Divi Theme is loaded with amazing features and options. And the best part is that the product is getting evolved with time and new features are being added regularly.

Divi is powered by the amazing Divi Builder plugin which is one of the best drag-and-drop website builders for the WordPress platform. The plugin comes with a huge collection of useful modules that you can use to create your website.

Divi readily offers you a number of demo design templates that you can use for your site. As the theme offers you a quick and powerful front-end builder you will not have to stick to the available templates as you can create your own custom design.

You have a number of different custom header options to choose from. You can even make a vertical header with the menu on the side.

If you are creating a product based site with Divi, you have some stunning landing page options and landing page elements that you can use to create your product showcase site.

You can use the readily available layout options while creating your site and you can also save the layouts that you have created to use them in the future.

You can read the complete Divi Theme review here, and we have also listed some of the best examples of sites created with Divi Theme.


Divi comes with a powerful darg and drop Divi builder. It is a front-end builder so you can simply point where you wish to insert a module and start editing right from the front-end of the site.

Divi Demo

Over 100 Ready Templates

Divi theme offers you unlimited design options. So, you will never be restricted to a particular number of design options. However, you will get access to a huge list of ready design templates.

You get access to over 800 layout options and over 100 ready design templates.

Ready Templates

Design Your Site On The Fly

Creating a custom design was never so easy. With Divi Theme, you will never need a developer. You can simply create your custom layout without writing a single line of code.

Divi offers you amazing flexibility to make sure that you can imagine and create any kind of design.

Custom Styling

Divi offers you a number of different modules that you can use to create your site and you will have the option to custom style each and every element to give it a custom style.

When it comes to branding, color plays a very important role. You must have your own color options that you use throughout your site.

And Divi make it possible

Intelligent color Manager

Divi comes with intelligent color manage. So while you edit your site, the color manage will show you only the color options that you have already used to make the process easier for you.

color options

Custom Image Styling

Divi gives you complete control over the images. You will not need a graphic designer or use Photoshop to design your images.

With a few clicks, you can arrange your images the way you like it.

Using Filter and Effects

Other than the color combination, you will have complete control over the effects on the site.

Divi offers you a range of different effects and styles that you can use on each element you place on your pages. And it offers you easy control to create the perfect balance.

Shape Dividers

Like all high authority premium websites, you will be able to create great-looking dividers to separate different sections on the site.

If you are creating a site to promote your product, or even if you are creating third-party products, the dividers will help you to create great-looking landing pages.

Here is an example of the shape divider

Shape Dividers

Drop Shadows

Drop Shadows are in trend these days. Almost every quality website is using box shadows to give every image, element a premium feel.

In fact, most of the bloggers are also using shadows to present the content because it makes the blog look way more attractive.

Divi gives you an easy option to add beautiful box shadows. You can define the direction of the shadow as well as the depth of the shadow.

Divi Post Builder

These days a simple blog post might not be as good as used to be. UX is extremely important these days.

If you present your content in a modern design with different layout, images, headlines, sliders etc, it becomes more engaging.

Divi offers you easy to use post builder to make sure that you are able to create a great-looking design for your posts.

Divi Post Builder

Marketing Modules

Marketing tools are very important to grow any online business. Be it a simple blog or a product business, you will need to have optimized email opt-in forms, constant testing to grow your business.

Divi Theme comes with amazing modules created to grow your business. Once you have Divi, you will not need any other tool for an email subscription.

Divi comes with its own email opt-in module that will help you to insert the subscription form at every strategic location.

Marketing Modules

A/B Split Testing

Deal Leads is a feature that offers you the option to test everything on your site to make sure that it is at its peak as far as performance is concerned.

No matter what your objective is, be it engaging your visitors, selling more products and increasing the email subscription rate the Divi Leads will help you to get that done.

You can constantly keep testing your modules until the time you find the most ideal combination. You can still continue to test in order to improve the performance further.

A/B Split Testing

Translate Divi

Divi Theme gives you a quick option to translate the theme to 32 other languages. So, you don’t have to depend on any third-party tool to translate your site.

Translate Divi

Extra Theme Discount Deal

Extra is a great looking modern news magazine WordPress theme powered by the Divi Builder plugin. If you are just starting as a blogger or you already have an established content publishing business the Extra theme will surely add value to your site.

The theme comes with great looking single page designs that will help you to showcase your content in the most engaging way possible.

You can publish your article in a story style to engage your users. You have a different layout and color combination to present your content.

The team has created some custom modules in the Divi Builder for the Extra theme that can enhance the overall content producing experience.

You have a number of different homepages as well as category modules that will make the site look great. The theme is perfectly optimized for the small screen devices to make it look great on mobile devices.

Extra WordPress Theme

Beautiful Header Designs

Extra theme offers you great looking header design options. You can play around the logo and the navigation placement to give your header section a custom look.

Beautiful Header Designs

Bloom Plugin 20% OFF Deal

Bloom is one of the most popular email opt-in WordPress plugins available on the market. You can use this plugin to increase the email subscription rate on your site.

This plugin offers you all the important features and options that you will need to create the most comprehensive lead generation system on your site.

Bloom comes with a big collection of ready to be used email subscription form templates that you can use on your site.

The plugin gives you a quick and easy option to choose any of the ready templates and go ahead with your own customizations.

You have a number of different options in terms of placement as well. You can use the opt-in form in the sidebar as a widget, below your content or even as a popup.

Read our complete review of Bloom plugin

Bloom Plugin Review

Monarch Plugin

Monarch is another great product from the ElegantThemes store. This is a social sharing plugin that will take care of all the social media optimization need for your site.

The Monarch plugin offers you a clean and comprehensive admin panel where you can complete the setup for your site as per your need.

Monarch will perfectly take care of social sharing as well as social follow requirements for your site. The plugin comes with some great looking modern social button designs to choose from.

You have a number of different placement options for the social sharing buttons to maximize the conversion rate.

The plugin is very quick unlike many other social sharing WordPress plugins and it is perfectly optimized for the mobile devices to make sure that your users can share your content irrespective of the device.

monarch social sharing plugin

Divi Builder Discount Coupon

We have already discussed the Divi Builder plugin while talking about the Divi Theme. This powerful website builder plugin is a great standalone product that can be used with most of the WordPress themes perfectly.

Divi Builder is one of the most powerful drag-and-drop website builder plugin that will help you to create amazing custom pages on your site without writing a single line of code.

The Divi Builder plugin comes with a huge collection of modules that you can use to create your pages. The drag-and-drop website builder makes it super simple for the users to drag and module and edit it.

You can create your pages and then drag and place any module at any placement. You also have the option to save any of the created design in the library so that you can use it in the future.

Divi Builder

Support and Documentation

Elegant themes provide excellent support to their customers. Their technical support is also top-notch with qualified personal behind the scenes.

You can contact support through forums. Moreover, many other helpful members will come forward and help solve your problem.

For any user, the starting point is always documentation. Elegant themes team understand the documentation importance and hence provide excellent quality documentation right from the start.

Plans: Get Started Now

To access the amazing themes and plugins at Elegant themes, you need to buy one of their plans. Currently, they offer two plans below.

Yearly Access

Yearly access starts from $89 per year ($70 With Our Link). It offers access to all the themes and plugins. Moreover, you will get all the theme updates, along with premium support. There is no limit on website usage.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access can be yours for just $249 that you will get for $199 with our link. It is a one-time fee. This also means that you get lifetime access to all the themes and plugins, including updates. Just like the yearly access plan, you also get premium support and unlimited website usage.

Risk-Free Guarantee: Both the plans come with a Risk-Free Guarantee. This means that you can refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Also, they will refund right away without asking any questions.

Elegant Themes Coupon

Here at Begindot, we love finding amazing coupons and discounts for our readers.  If you think that Elegant themes are for you, we recommend getting it. Right now, they are offering a 20% discount and you surely don’t want to miss it!

Bookmark BeginDot if you are looking for similar coupons and deals. We also cover exclusive other topics such as SEO, WordPress themes and plugins, and much more!

Go to our BeginDot Deals section to get more exclusive discounts and offers!

Get The Deal

Get 20% OFF

I would recommend you to go for the lifetime Deal because once you get the deal $249 $199, you will never have to renew again and you will get unlimited access to all the products with unlimited lifetime support.

Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Divi Builder | Bloom Plugin | Monarch Plugin


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