13 Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Crypto WordPress Plugins

The cryptocurrency world has been expanding in size in recent times. There are more cryptocurrencies to find online than ever before.

Each currency works with distinct functions for handling online transactions and data transmission. You’ll find many currencies on the market, but Bitcoin is by far the most prominent one to notice.

It is no surprise that so many people are interested in cryptocurrency trading and usage these days.

You can use cryptocurrency and Bitcoin-related plugins for your WordPress website today. These extensions for your WP website will help you enter the crypto world with ease. However, you should still follow and keep up with the crypto volatility index you’ll be using.

These WP plugins are designed to help you take in Bitcoin payments. You can use any of these plugins to facilitate the ways how you can use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to your advantage.

But to make them work, you have to notice how these solutions can work and what you will get from each choice.

Each option works differently based on how well you can manage collections, the types of coins you can use, and how payments are to go through.

But no matter what you choose, you’ll see it is not hard to make the crypto world work in your favor with any of these programs.

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Note: Many of these plugins are free to use. Seeing how the cryptocurrency network is designed to be open source and available to all, it is only sensible that you’d get a free plugin for use.

But do check on the terms associated with the plugin you wish to use to confirm what you are entering into.

01. Coinpress

This is a must-have plugin if you are managing a site around Cryptocurrency. This plugin creates over 5000 coin detail pages on the fly automatically with real-time price, charts, market cap, and all other important details.

So, as you can imagine, this plugin will make your Crypto blog look very professional and engaging just by installing this one single plugin.

As all the information will be precise, up-to-date, the users will trust your content and come back to your site regularly for more information.

02. Cryptoniq

Cryptoniq is a plugin that will make the process of making payment through Crypto easy and simple for your users.

If you are selling any product or offering any service to your clients, you can allow your users to make payment through Crypto without any third-party payment vendor in between.

The payment method will be plain and simple using this amazing plugin called Cryptoniq.

03. GoURL Bitcoin Payment Gateway

The most important part of using a plugin is to help you find a setup that ensures a Bitcoin payment can be made with ease.

This includes ensuring the program can reach the Bitcoin ledger to process the payment and record the information surrounding the move. The GoURL Bitcoin Payment Gateway is one choice to note.

The GoURL program is an open-source option that works with Bitcoin and many other mainstream currencies like Dash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash to name a few.

You can produce pay-per-item or download options for the GoURL program as well, thus giving you extra help over the data you’re using on the program.

GoUrl Bitcoin Payment

04. Blockonomics WordPress Bitcoin Payments

Blockonomics offers a simple approach to handling Bitcoin payments and many others. The program does not need any API key or documentation data to get payments to move forward.

You only need to get the plugin installed to start accepting currency payments. You only need to spend about five minutes to get the plugin installed.

Segwit compatibility is a key part of the system. The Segwit feature is a segregated witness program that confirms the crypto signatures that go through a transaction.

The design works with QR code functionality in mind. The arrangement gives you the control you need for giving your setup the design that you demand any intention.

More importantly, you will need QR support to provide a secure approach for handling transactions and making them detailed and safe.

WordPress Bitcoin Payment

05. MyCryptoCheckout

The immense amount of support that MyCryptoCheckout provides to users makes this a popular plugin for use. MyCryptoCheckout lets you work with more than eighty coins.

The gateway works exceptionally well for the WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads plugins as well, thus giving you extra help for handling your work.

MyCryptoCheckout operates with no product restrictions. You don’t have to worry about putting in extra fees to make MyCryptoCheckout work either.

MyCrypto Checkout

06. Coingate

The flexibility of Coingate is a vital part of what makes this program for WooCommerce WP sites useful. You can use Coingate to take in more than fifty coins, including options based on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The systems that these coins and the tokens that derive from them are unique in many ways. You can use the Coingate system to take in any of these currencies.

You can convert the payments you get into fiat currencies. The currencies can be converted into American dollars or Euros depending on the setup you incorporate on your site.

The gateway produced by Coingate is fully automatic. You can get the gateway and the currency will keep on being analyzed for use. The simple arrangement used by Coingate provides a better sense of control for taking in currencies.

Accept Bitcoin

07. OpenNode

OpenNode offers a setup that uses the Lightning network to help you accept Bitcoins. The program is powered by OpenNode’s system for WordPress WooCommerce sites.

You can support on-chain transactions while using SegWit addresses. You do not have to spend any setup or recurring fees to make OpenNode work either.

You will have to create an account on opennode.co to make OpenNode work for your WP site. The setup process does not take much time to complete though.

Accept Bitcoin instantly via OpenNode

08. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

Take care of currency payments with the WooCommerce Stripe gateway. This WP plugin produces WooCommerce support for many cryptocurrencies.

The program also works with other traditional methods of paying for services, but the added Bitcoin and cryptocurrency support that WooCommerce offers ensures a better approach to your work.

You can use this to support subscription payments as well. The gateway will collect crypto payments for recurring purchases. These include orders for various subscriptions that people may order through your site.

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

09. Cryptocurrency All-In-One

The intriguing part of the Cryptocurrency All-In-One plugin is that this option does more than just provide you with a way to take in cryptocurrency payments. You can also use the plugin to handle crypto charts.

You can produce a unique display on your site that lists information on real-time crypto prices. This should give customers who wish to use cryptocurrencies an idea of what they will spend when they use your site.

The simplicity that comes with the plugin ensures you’ll have more control over the data you want to use and that you’ve got a plan in mind for handling your payments and other actions online.

The API used on the plugin will update the values of currencies every 30 minutes, although you can trigger a manual refresh at any time.

Considering how fluid the values of such currencies can be, this feature will be important to use when marketing your work online.

With the free version of the plugin, you can display

  • List of currencies with price and market cap
  • Cryptocurrency widget that you can place anywhere
  • Accept donations with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecon (LTC), Monero (XMR), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Zcash (ZEC)
Cryptocurrency All-in-One

10. Ether and ERC20 Tokens Gateway

Some of the plugins you’ll use are made with very specific cryptocurrencies in mind. This particular gateway is one such example. The Ether and ERC20 Tokens Gateway plugins are made for handling Ether tokens.

These refer to currencies that are based on the ERC20 platform that Ethereum operates with. The Ethereum currency can be directly accepted, which helps consider how popular that currency is.

But you can also use the gateway to handle other tokens that are based on the original product.

The mobile support offered by the gateway is a great plus to notice. The gateway offers support for the Ethereum wallet and can work with QR codes.

The payment wizard that the program comes with also gives you extra help with managing the tokens you are putting into your work. The design keeps the data you are using in check and prevents you from losing control over the data you wish to incorporate.

Ether and ERC20 tokens

11. Cryptothanks

You can use the Cryptothanks plugin if you are aiming to get payments from cryptocurrency clients through donations.

Cryptothanks produces an interface where you can get a new donation button prepared on your site. The button lets you handle donations through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, and other options.

The professional appearance of your donation button can be configured as necessary. You can produce a new design based on the content you wish to use and how you’ll handle your data. The simple arrangement that is used by Cryptothanks will work for your convenience.

You can also produce a QR code through the Cryptothanks program. The code links to your wallet and simplifies how transactions are made. The accurate code readout also ensures the data is used effectively and with care.


12. Coinpaprika

Your last choice to find a cryptocurrency plugin for WordPress users is Coinpaprika. The design of Coinpaprika helps you to utilize many currencies on different platforms.

You can configure and adjust the setup that Coinpaprika uses in moments. You can even use this to collect many different coins.

The intriguing design of Coinpaprika makes it easy for you to use your data as you see fit. The price updates that Coinpaprika offers will help you note when changes are coming on the market.

This feature is helpful when you’re aiming to collect payments from others with ease.


13. Cryptocurrency Donation Box

Cryptocurrency Donation Box is a very handy plugin to collect donations in Cryptocurrency. This plugin supports more than 50 major cryptocurrencies.

It will convert coin payment addresses into QR codes using secure code to make the process smooth and easy for both the site owners and the users who want to donate.

Cryptocurrency Donation Box

Final Word

You can use any of these Bitcoin and cryptocurrency WordPress plugins to help you do more with taking in currency payments.

Take a look at how well these options operate if you’re looking for a way to take in Bitcoin payments so you can get in on one of the fastest-growing industries in the online world.

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