How to Ace Your Coding Assignment for Your New Programming Job

Coding Assignment New Programming Job

Every aspiring software developer working on their first programming tasks must be fully prepared to tackle every coding challenge.

Most interviewers will tend to pose these coding challenges to ensure that the programmer can effectively solve a particular problem even when adhering to the company practices and it is, therefore, to know how you can ace your technical interview.

We would really want you to get that job and that is why we are compiling this guide to give you some tips on how you can do it perfectly.

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1. Be careful as you read the instructions

Most coding assignments are usually accompanied by written instructions where the interviewer tries to give a description of how they want the assignment to be tackled.

In order to perfectly work on this assignment, you should, therefore, take some time to go through the instructions analyzing every part to understand what the interviewer needs from you.

Some times programmers rush into tackling coding challenges simply because they think they have previously solved the problem only to end up missing it all.

Even if the assignment looks similar to a previous challenge that you tackled there could be minor differences and you should thus go through every instruction to ensure that you fully understand what you are required to do.

It would be such a mistake to write great code for the wrong challenge.

2. Sketch a plan on how to tackle the assignment

It can be easy to solve the coding challenge as you follow through each instruction but this can consume much of your time if you do not have a proper plan for your task.

Therefore, sketching a plan on how to tackle the assignment from one step to another can make it simpler and also save some time.

3. Make the code very simple to run

You may have written an excellent code but if it is so complicated to run, you may lose it. You should make your code very simple to run in any machine.

Do not assume that your reviewer is using the same languages and libraries installed in their computers. Organize your assignment in such a way that the interviewer can easily go through it without any challenges.

You can also consider including a readme section to help the reviewer understand all that is required to smoothly run the program.

Sometimes you may face great challenges such as a limited timeframe or difficulties handling some parts of the program and that is why you should include the read me section to explain such scenarios.

4. Focus on the test input before you can handle the edge cases

Some programming tasks will require you to test the input to see if you got an excellent solution for the assignment.

However, this test does not after for the edge cases. Therefore you should try to find a solution that can also cover the edge cases while coding.

5. Make it readable

Your code will be read by another software developer and probably this person may not be with you to explain some concepts as they review your work and it is thus recommended that you make your code easy to read follow through.

Here are a few tips that can help your reviewer easily understand your codes.

  • Be careful when naming variables

Names should describe fully what that particular thing is meant to do or what it represents.

Therefore, it is always advisable to choose a name that reminds the reviewer what is contained in the variable.

  • Break the process into simple steps

If you are told to go through a long and complicated paragraph to get some content, you would definitely find it difficult to grasp some content out of it.

Similarly going through long and complex methods is at times tedious and the reader may fail to understand the idea that you are trying to put forth.

  • Fill your codes with comments

If you are not able to write codes that can easily be read you can choose to add some comments to give some explanations on the use of some variables.

At times the comments could even be more than the codes provided that you put them in the right order.

  • Keep your main method at a higher level

The main method according to the Java language is simply the central function that brings all ideas and any other coding procedures under one roof.

It is thus recommended that you keep this method at a higher level as possible. It should be able to delegate some smaller tasks to the other pieces of your app.

6. Let someone review your code before submitting it

After you are done with the assignment it is advisable to get your code reviewed before you can submit it. You cannot review your own work since it would be difficult to identify some errors.

Let your colleague or someone you believe can help you go through your work to check any mistakes before you submit it.

However, this does not mean that you should let someone else do the job for you. This would completely burn you from the interview and even loose future opportunities from such a company.

7. Include the question in the solution

Your reader is probably handling multiple files and if you do not include the right question for that particular solution then you may make it hard for them to identify your file.

Therefore ensure that you include the given question as you submit your answer.

Coding is such a great challenge that one may go through and you, therefore, need to appreciate yourself for the efforts. If you do not make it through the interview process you should also not feel discouraged.

You have tried your best and at least you have completed the task, that is even enough to give you hopes that very soon you will become a perfect programmer.

Consider what you have done an achievement and take it to the next coding challenge. You can do it if you believe so.

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