50 Best Subreddits To Follow (Categorized)

Some of the best subreddits that you can follow and get engaged

Subreddits to follow

Top Subreddits to Follow

Here’s our list of top Subreddits that you may follow to learn different things.

Reddit is one of the top platforms to discover the best content from many different subreddits (topics), if you wish to know about the most popular subreddits that you need to follow, this article is for you.

Although an unconventional social media platform as it doesn’t adhere to the normal stance of other plant rooms, Reddit has amassed enough audience to house one of the largest internet communities.

Some of these regular users are gushing about the immensity of the site, and its ability to cater to various sections of people with all kinds of diversified content.

If you’re new at the platform and need some kind of direction regarding the type of content you should start following, this list of the best subreddits is sure to give you a headstart!

Also, don’t miss this article about the best Reddit alternatives.

Fun Subreddits

A collection of the top funny subreddits that you can browse through when you are feeling low and need some fun moments.


With over 6.1 million community members, this is a very popular funny subreddits to follow. You can share any lighthearted stupidity you need to respect other community members.

Visit facepalm

facepalm subreddit


As the name suggests, this is a funny subreddit that you can visit and find fun things all the time. With close to 40 million community members, it is one of the most active subreddit to visit.

Visit Funny

Funny Subreddit

Shower Thoughts

For those of you who follow this handle on Twitter, you know how ingenious and funny their posts are!

Takes pride in being the “essential guide to shower thoughts”, this subreddit is filled with witty everyday observations that appear mundane but can blow your mind. 

Owing to their regularity, these thoughts are unconventional and appear to one’s mind only when it’s idle, for instance- in the shower!

Visit Showerthoughts

Shower Thoughts

Perfect Timing

This subreddit is brimming with posts that are pictures shot at the nick of the moment when an action is happening or about to happen. 

These images can make your eyes go wide with awe or have you cracking a grin, these almost qualify as bloopers for pictures. 

Although some of them are severely cool shots, they are also largely embarrassing and funny ones.

Visit PerfectTiming

Perfect Timing

Photoshop Battles

Photoshop is indefinitely one of the best things to emerge in the online 21st-century world, and consequently, the memes sourced by it. 

Photoshop is used to morph two pictures into seemingly funny or ostentatious shots that can go viral online. 

This subreddit has different users posting their best work and getting voted for and competing for it.

Visit Photoshopbattles

Photoshop Battles


Short for Today I Fucked Up, this subreddit is filled with almost sob-stories but hilarious ones regarding how people got themselves in certain unimaginable situations and have a hard time getting out of them. 

Apart from being extremely funny, it will also help you learn from their mistakes.

Visit Tifu


Hold My RedBull

Hold my Beer is a common phrase used on social media when you’re about to take someone down in an argument or use your last trump card. 

However, this subreddit is entirely focused on hilarious clips and videos about drunk people doing things they probably shouldn’t when they’re inebriated.

It belongs to the sub-family of HoldMy which consists of HoldMyCosmo, HoldMyJuicebox, and so on.

Visit holdmyredbull

Hold My RedBull

More Fun Subreddits

Subreddit NameCommunity Size
PoliticalHumor1 million+
All things Trashy2 million+
Jokes18 million+

Meme, Images, Gifs, and Videos

Fun continues with these amazing meme, images, video and gifs related subreddits.


This subreddit is another addition to the long list of best pages that Reddit has to offer, and its wide fanbase and following agree with this. 

NoNoNoNoYes has some of the most hilarious gifs and video clips that its users post from different occasions or occurrences involving pets, parents, sports, water, etc.

Visit yesyesyesyesno Community size: Over 1.5 million


Wholesome Memes

The unrelenting meme culture is bound to have a prevalence on Reddit, and this page has proven to be the ultimate source for the funniest, wittiest, and pop culture memes for you millennials! 

If scrolling past memes consumes most of your social media time, then this can act as your one-stop meme supplier, ranging from politics to fandom references!

Visit Wholesomememes Community size: Over 3.7 million

Wholesome Memes


No prizes for guessing, this is a meme community where you will find amazing memes shared by the community members.

Visit Meme Community size: Over 1.1 million



A community of over 23 million video lovers, you will find videos from all different niches and categories in this subreddit.

Visit videos Community size: Over 23 million

Video Subreddit

More Meme, Video, GIF Subreddits

Subreddit NameCommunity Size
gifsOver 20 million
Video EditingOver 100k
High Quality .gifsOver 2 million
ImagesOver 75k
WTFOver 6 million

Tech Subreddit

Here are some of the best tech subreddits that you can use to stay updated with all tech.

Technology SubReddit

Apart from serving as comic relief, Reddit is also filled with subreddits that have people passionately posting about widgets, gadgets, and other technological wonders. 

It largely covers all the popular trends in the digital world and advancements being made to and with technology across the globe. If that is something that wows you, then be sure to check this one out.

Visit Technology Community size: Over 9 million



As the name suggests, this is a tech support subreddit where you can post all your technical concerns and you will receive the solution from the community members.

If you are an expert yourself, you can contribute to the community by solving others’ technical questions.

Visit techsupport Community size: Over 900k

Tech Support

Film & Music

Best film and music related subreddits for your non stop entertainment.

True Film

The one thing Reddit is undoubtedly famous for is the fan theories regarding your favorite TV shows or movies. 

Following this subreddit would mean indulging yourself in some quality content like the accurate predictions of the Game of Thrones finale backed with sufficient evidence or getting together with the rest of the fandom to discuss if Jesse Pinkman’s plight was justified in Breaking Bad!

Visit TrueFilm Community size: Over 250k

True Film


This subreddit is all about entertainment. You will get all the updates about the latest films and other entertainment-related news.

Visit entertainment Community size: Over 1.6 million



A very popular music-related subreddit with over 24 million community members.

Visit Music Community size: Over 24 million


Listen to this

It is very easy to get bored with your playlist and go scouring for soulful music suggestions that effectively fit your genre and also manage to take your breath away. 

Their suggestions span across themes and cover all new-age artists as well as old-school classics. They also bring unconventional artists and music to the forefront.

Visit Listentothis Community size: Over 16 million

Listen to this

Science & Nature

Find the best stories about science and nature. Learn new things about science on these subreddits.


For all you science geeks who are baffled regarding the heights the modern-age science and technology are reaching, this subreddit is a godsend. 

It houses posts about the latest breakthroughs and keeps you up to date regarding that sector. Transhumanism, satellite launches, sleek new edge- gadgets- you name it, this subreddit has all of it and more.

Visit Futurology Community size: Over 14 million


Nature is Fucking Lit

Nature is pretty freaking great, isn’t it? If you do not believe that, well this subreddit is just a testament to that.  

Heir content consists of awe-inspiring, glamorous, and plain awesome shots of Mother Nature in all her glory. 

These impressive shots range from scenic landscapes, pastures, waterfalls to normal countryside scenes- still looking like a brilliant piece of art!

Visit NatureIsFuckingLit Community size: Over 3.9 million

Nature is Fucking Lit

Ask Science SubReddit

Similar to Ask the Engineers, this subreddit page is excellent for answering your queries and takes pride in being the best platform for Q&A out there, and rightly so. 

This science community encompasses several categories and houses discussions and threads displaying their elite scientific knowledge for the benefit of the users.

Vist askscience Community size: Over 19 million

Ask Science

Fashion & Fitness

Fashion and fitness is important for everyone, so these are some common subreddits around these popular topics.

Fashion SubReddit

There are several pages that offer the best fashion advice or suggestions from certain accredited fashion bloggers or personalities from the industry. 

If you are experimental with your clothing or accessories, this is definitely the subreddit for you. Following this will grant you access to scores of posts displaying the latest trends and styles.

Visit Fashion


Fitness SubReddit

Reddit can also be easily navigable if you know exactly what you’re looking for, and mind you- there is no shortage of options. 

The fitness community and several gym-goers consist of this subreddit’s target audience and help in showcasing the ideal fitness regimes, and healthy diets, and answering your fitness-related queries.

Visit Fitness

More of Fashion & Fitness Subreddits

Subreddit NameCommunity Size
Male Fashion AdviceOver 2.4 million
Female Fashion AdviceOver 1.4 million
Bodyweight FitnessOver 1.6 million
NutritionOver 900k

Food Subreddits

Here is a popular topic. Food is an universal topic that is followed by almost everybody. Here are a few food related subreddits.

Food SubReddit

We do not have to deny that most of our social media searches are of restaurants, unique places for food, or food bloggers. 

Reddit has streamlined all of your food searches onto a single subreddit; where one can have unfettered access to recipes, kitchen hacks, food pictures, and café reviews along with some glorious food snaps.

Visit food

Food Subreddit


Recipes are something very popular on the internet. Here is a subreddit about cooking where users from all over the world share recipes.

Visit Cooking


Other Subreddits

All other subreddits from various topics such as animal, lifehack, book, history and more.

Reverse Animal Rescue

This is a very ingenious page and appeals to a certain kind of crowd. This subreddit is filled with videos of people rescuing pets or animals, and playing those clips in reverse making it seem like they’re abandoning them. 

Although slightly dark, these posts can elicit a hearty laugh from their followers. As these aren’t actually true, you do not have to feel guilty about laughing.

Visit Reverseanimalrescue

Reverse Animal Rescue


Who can deny a cute puppy sticking its tongue out or a waddling baby duck?

For those of you who spend the majority of your time googling cat videos or looking at vines of pets on Instagram, this subreddit will give you all the wholesome animal content on a single platform. 

These will plaster a smile on your face for sure!

Visit aww


Colonised History

A dwelling for history buffs, this subreddit is brimming with pictures and posts describing the world as it was a century ago, thus irking your curiosity about the world’s anciency. 

Pictures from wars, agricultural society and ancient civilizations, this subreddit is a treasure trove of politics and history that is showcased in their black and white grandeur.

Visit ColorizedHistory

Colonised History


Anime, although a niche genre that appeals to a particular section of the population, has a lot of takers, therefore, it is only justified that it has a subreddit that is solely dedicated to posting about the news of Anime world, holding discussions regarding plotlines or character development, and much more. 

This is also a great place to come across fellow anime lovers.

Visit AnimeDeals


Books SubReddit

Reddit can surprisingly be the platform to discover fellow book lovers and join in discussions regarding your favorite trilogies, come up with convincing fan theories, and also indulge in some quality fanfiction! 

This subreddit is also known for hosting regular Q&A sessions from certain notable authors like Gillian Glynn and Jon Ronson!

Visit Books


Games SubReddit

The subreddit r/Gaming took the platform by storm when it consolidated all gamers onto a single dais. 

It is known for harbouring discussions regarding the upcoming gaming industry, where fellow passionate gamers come to discuss the advancements and of course- hold friendly tournaments or competitions!

Visit Games


Praise the Cameraman

There is a multitude of subreddits that showcase the best of photography skills, and this subreddit is one of the best ones. 

Their quality content includes aesthetic yet mind-blowing camera shots taken at an exquisite angle and epitomizing beauty, which makes you wonder how did they manage to get that shot in the first place?

Visit PraiseTheCameraMan

Praise the Cameraman

Data is Beautiful

If Statistics thrills you then this is the place to be. Several people are visual, and their absorption of information relies on their visual capability to understand it. 

This subreddit excels in chalking graphs or displaying pies to dispense information, and also allows one to critique the methodology behind those statistics.

Visit dataisbeautiful

Data is Beautiful

Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL is a common phrase that is often used to denote a new fact that has been in existence that you learned about today, usually having stumbled across it on the internet. 

However, this subreddit piques your interest and allows its users to learn a new skill or acquire a new technique from the community.

Visit Todayilearned

Today I Learned

Life Hacks SubReddit

The internet is brimming with DIY hacks that vow to make your life easier to either quicken or ease your regular mundane activities by slightly tweaking the approach. 

This subreddit community is all about posting details about objects you can make or methods you can change to make your life easier.

Visit lifehacks

Life Hacks


Ask Me Anything is a Reddit community that encourages users to shoot questions and queries regarding anything above the ground and under the sky, and expect them to be answered. 

This popular subreddit has garnered acclaim for being used by celebrities and famous personalities who take up the AMA challenge to interact with their fans.

Visit IAmA


Writing Prompt

Reddit might seem like an unconventional platform to publish your horror literary works, but believe us when we tell you it has takers. 

It is also the place to be if you love reading quality horror fiction or creepy true events stories that will keep you up at night.

Visit WritingPrompts

Writing Prompt

Ask Reddit

With over 33 million members, the Ask subreddit is a mini Quora where you can ask any questions. Thousands of users are active on this subreddit at any point in time and you can expect hundreds of answers to your question.

Make sure to read the rules of this subreddit before you post any questions. The questions you post on this subreddit have to be open-ended and there are a number of other rules that you must follow.

Vist AskReddit Community size: Over 33.5 million

Ask Reddit

Final Word

It is natural to feel like Reddit is daunting, but once you find your foothold- it is a merry ride across domains.

Like any other social media platform, it is compatible across devices and platforms, giving you unfettered access to its treasure trove. 

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