40 Best Cute Minimalist Tumblr Themes

Cute Tumblr Themes

A collection of best minimal Tumblr themes because nobody enjoys browsing through a cluttered interface filled with content.

However, as you keep on using Tumblr, the UI does become congested with several posts that you might become confused and overwhelmed.

Now thanks to Tumblr’s customization options, you have the option to apply minimalist Tumblr themes, which can resolve this problem quite efficiently.

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Minimalistic design, as you know, helps readers focus more on the content rather than the platform. For a micro-blogging social network such as Tumblr, such design styles can come in very helpful.

But even here, the market has become saturated with hundreds of minimalistic Tumblr themes. This can leave you with paralysis of choices regarding which one to pick, and which one to leave out.

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Top Minimalist Tumblr Themes


Casy is a beautiful minimal Tumblr theme that you can use for your Tumblr blog. If you are creating a photo blogging site, this is a nice theme option for you.

You can completely customize the design of your site by using this theme. You can change the background, color combination, buttons, and more.


  • Completely customizable
  • Fully responsive minimal design
  • Typography option
  • Color options


Starting off our list, we have Flora – a creative minimalist Tumblr theme. The design marvelously uses white spaces to prevent readers from getting distracted or diverted from your content.

Furthermore, the layout style is also great which refrains from throwing a barrage of content at the users.


  • Highly customizable with over 90 customization options.
  • MailChimp and Feedburner integration for mail subscription functionality.
  • Over 14 customizable widget types.
  • Google Analytics integration for tracking your users.
  • Disqus integration to help users comment on posts.
Flora minimal Tumblr theme


A clean and minimal Tumblr theme for the photography sites, the Incorporated brings in amazing control over your site.

If you are a photographer and looking forward to creating a site using the Tumblr platform, here is a great theme option for you,

This theme offers you an advanced control option to make sure that you are able to customize the look and feel of your site with ease.

  • Advanced design options
  • Infinite Scroll option
  • Caption on hover effect
  • Single column design option


And now for the second theme on our list, we have Quila, which is a clean content-focused theme for Tumblr. It boasts a minimalist design with a touch of elegance that highly suits any type of blog belonging under the creative niche.

The theme also has plenty of customization options so that you are really own the theme and use it to brand yourself more successfully.


  • Option for infinite scrolling.
  • Support for all phototypes.
  • Animation load effect.
  • Slide Menu toggle and Slide-out sidebar.
  • 5 extra widgets for all popular social media handles.
quila clean Tumblr theme


Knock is a minimalist Tumblr theme to showcase your work portfolio. The theme comes with a modern clean design that will keep the focus on your portfolio.

The theme offers you all the features and options that are required to create a great-looking professional portfolio site.


  • Clean and minimalist design
  • Analytics integration
  • Google Font option
  • Different types of post support


Next up we have Boscona – a minimalist one-column theme for Tumblr. It has been designed with photographers and writers in mind and can help these individuals to keep their user’s attention focused on the content at hand.

A single-column design is always useful when you want to showcase your work one at a time.


  • Over 50 customization options.
  • Two different header styles.
  • Adjustable fonts type, font size, and content width.
  • Social media integration.
  • Google Analytics integration.
boscona tumblr theme


Now, if going single column isn’t quite what you are looking for, then here is Grid, which by the name you can conclude, is a multi-column theme for Tumblr.

However, despite letting you use as many columns in your layout as you want, the theme does manage to keep a clean and minimalistic appeal thanks to the excellent use of whitespaces.


  • Over 90 customizable options.
  • Simple post filtering system.
  • Support for infinite scrolling.
  • Lightbox gallery is inbuilt.
  • Includes an Author Sidebar.
grid tumblr theme


Serendipity is a multipurpose Tumblr theme boasting the minimalist design principle. The theme manages to keep a fashionable look all the while focusing on maintaining an uncluttered and intuitive UI for your readers.

The theme strikes a wonderful balance for showcasing as much content as possible without compromising the user experience.


  • Social Media Integration with easy setup.
  • Extensive customization options for fonts, color, and background.
  • Background cover photo supported.
  • Disqus commenting system integrated.
  • Google Analytics Integration.
serendipity tumblr theme


Makna is a minimalistic portfolio theme for Tumblr designed for creative professionals looking for a means to showcase their work on the microblogging platform.

The theme supports a grid-based design which means you will be able to upload your work in a multi-column layout.


  • Awesome looking portfolio/post transitions.
  • Cutting edge posts filtering.
  • Post preloading with infinite scrolling support.
  • Social Media integration with dedicated widgets for Dribbble and Instagram.
  • Disqus Commenting System and Google Analytics integration.
makna Tumblr theme


Tresno is a clean and responsive personal theme for Tumblr blogs. It has been specifically designed for bloggers, photographers, and journalists in mind, but anyone can effectively use the theme if they find the design appealing.

Its aesthetic layout resembles something of a minimal magazine UI.


  • The theme is built with BootStrap 3.
  • A sidebar packed with over 10 widgets.
  • Plenty of customization options packed in a powerful theme options panel.
  • Featured Post Slider included helping you showcase your best work to your readers.


If you like on top sticky navigation bars and wish to implement them on your Tumblr blog then-premier would be very helpful.

Besides this, the theme also brings a fade-in to submit box for increasing user engagement. All in all, if you want a minimalist Tumblr theme that can help your readers get around your blog, then this is an excellent choice.


  • Customizable colors for effective branding.
  • 2 hover effects.
  • Infinite scrolling.
  • Social media integration.
  • Google Analytics and Disqus comment system integrated.
premier Tumblr theme


Again, if you want something minimal but not lackluster, then you will appreciate the minimalist parallax-covered enabled Tumblr theme – Barron.

With the theme, you will be able to captivate your audience with your site’s UI all the while keeping them focused on your content.


  • Highly customizable giving you control over colors and fonts.
  • An optional sticky top bar.
  • Social media integration along with multiple social icons.
  • Supports infinite scrolling.
  • Disqus and Google Analytics integrated.
barron Tumblr theme


FeelinDreams is a retina-ready responsive Tumblr theme designed to look good on any screen. It supports the upload of background images as well which you can use to give your blog and content a particular vibe.

But at its core, the theme is a minimalist theme that focuses on providing you with the best possible reading experience.


  • Support for all Tumblr post types.
  • You can showcase Panorama images with this theme.
  • Support for custom pages and colors.
  • Social media integration.
  • Disqus comment system integrated.


Next up we have the FeelinBlue Tumblr theme boasting a simple and minimal design and is targeted at lovers of simplicity and clarity.

The design layout magnificently uses whitespaces coupled with excellent typography, making sure readers are engaged by and focused on your content.


  • Sidebar to display author information.
  • Include a Flickr feed along with the author’s bio in the sidebar.
  • Single-column blog layout.
  • Social Media integrations.
  • Disqus Comment system integrated.
feelinblue minimal Tumblr theme


Say you are looking for a minimal Tumblr theme that also has fanciful design elements to create a modern and sophisticated aesthetic design, if so, then Hyperion is an excellent choice.

The theme supports a minimal design with parallax effect, background images, header and footer animations, and much more to engage your audience.


  • Highly customizable with over 50 custom options.
  • Dropdown menu with up to 8 own categories, custom pages, and other functionalities.
  • Social sharing integrated.
  • Disqus commenting and Google Analytics integrated.
hyperion Tumblr theme


Moa is a minimalistic responsive portfolio theme for Tumblr users. However, the theme is jam-packed with loads of customization options which makes it perfect to be used for any type of blog apart from portfolio sites.

You will also get access to plenty of other options as well, which together will help your site become engaging, but not distracting.


  • Parallax effect along with infinite scrolling.
  • Different Pagination options.
  • Social media integration along with different social buttons.
  • Advanced post-filtering.
moa Tumblr theme


Next up we have Minitime, yet another minimalistic theme for Tumblr blogs. To keep things from becoming lackluster, the theme implements a beautiful header image to welcome your readers.

However after that, all your posts are placed below in a single-column design with plenty of whitespaces, and little design choices to give off a professional vibe.


  • The theme supports reblogs, RSS feeds, archives, and note-taking.
  • There is a beautiful lightbox popup included which uses s color box.
  • The image header is customizable.
  • Social Media integration.
  • Disqus and Google Analytics integration.


Yummy is a portfolio Tumblr theme for creative professionals which also happens to include a “buy it” button. Therefore, if you are looking to showcase your work, as well as sell them to interested individuals, then you can do so with Yummy.

The theme implements a minimalist design but also has a multi-grid design to help you display multiple products at once.


  • Dozens of customization options.
  • Support for Instagram, Twitter, and Dribbble feeds directly to your website.
  • Submission and Ask ready.
  • Disqus and Google Analytics integrated.
Yummy Minimal Tumblr Theme

Basic 3

And now we come to Basic 3, which is a single Column blogging Tumblr theme utilizing a minimalist and clean design style.

This is an excellent choice if you start out with blogging what wants an effective means for showcasing your writing, photographs, artworks or designs.


  • Plenty of customization options.
  • Over 29 Intro animation styles.
  • Support for infinite scrolling.
  • Author sidebar which can be shown or hidden.
  • Dedicated widgets for Flickr, Instagram, and Dribbble.
basic Tumblr theme


Wave Tumblr theme strikes an awesome balance between minimalistic design and a masonry layout. Readers will find themselves entering a blog with a bold header image welcoming them, followed by a navigation menu and a grid-based layout of all the posts and content.


  • Over 120 Customization options.
  • Author Sidebar supported and can be turned on or off.
  • Simple post-filtering.
  • Infinite scrolling.
wave Tumbrl theme


Illusion Tumblr theme is focused on photography bloggers and as such using a grid-based layout to showcase all the photographs and imagery.

The theme is also usable for graphic designers looking to highlight their work, or for fashion bloggers.


  • Option to enable infinite scrolling if you want
  • Two different grid-based layouts, with support for featured images.
  • Author sidebar supported.
  • Social media integration.
  • Google Analytics and Disqus comment integration.
illusion minimal theme


We are nearly halfway across the list, and for this entry, we have Reader Tumblr theme. This minimalist theme features a responsive, retina-ready display, with plenty of whitespaces and a single column for your posts.

There is a sidebar that you can use to provide readers will recent social media highlights, display quotes, and even prompt them to subscribe to your mailing list.


  • Support for infinite scrolling.
  • Twitter, Instagram, and Dribbble Feed supported.
  • MailChimp integration.
  • Submission and Ask ready.
  • Disqus Comments and Google Analytics integrated.
reader cute Tumbrl theme


Up next we have Karla – a personal blog theme for Tumblr which keeps a minimalist design style all the while refraining from using too much white space.

In fact, when your readers will enter your blog, they will find next to no whitespace, and all your posts/content organized in a wonderful grid layout with zero paddings.


  • Advanced theme options.
  • Infinite Scrolling supported.
  • MailChimp integration.
  • Submission and Ask ready.
  • Disqus comments and Google Analytics integrated.
karla theme


Material Tumblr theme, as the name implies, implements a stunning material design layout coupled with minimalist design principles to give your blog a stunning modern look.

The theme is ideal for photographers and artists looking to showcase their work. It offers a multicolumn layout to help users highlight their work.


  • Over 70 customization options.
  • Author sidebar supported.
  • Infinite scrolling.
  • CSS3 preloader.
  • Option to insert Twitter, Instagram, Dribbble, and even Flickr feeds directly to your website.
material Tumblr theme


Jeger is a responsive Tumblr theme for portfolios. You will get a three-column layout with a theme that uses a masonry-style layout to showcase your work and project in a fashionable manner.

But despite all the fanciful design choices, the theme is extremely content-focused and will make sure that visitors to your blog don’t get distracted from the content.


  • Over 90 Customization options.
  • Author Sidebar.
  • Option to turn on/off infinite scrolling.
  • Supports direct social media feeds.
  • Disqus Comment and Google Analytics integration.
jeger Tumblr theme


Avenue is a clean and minimalistic Tumblr theme designed for photographers and writers. You will get to welcome your readers with a bold header image followed by a convenient navigation bar and then all your content.


  • Plenty of customization options.
  • Optional Infinite scrolling.
  • Supports over 15 social media networks along with dedicated icons.
  • Unique content fill screen layout.
  • Disqus comment and Google Analytics support.
avenue Tumbrl theme


News Tumblr theme focuses on all types of blogs, but as the name suggests, it is mostly curated towards news-style blogs, magazines, and publications in general.

It has a minimalist design style with enough customization options that make it highly brandable.


  • Over 15 color schemes for different site elements.
  • Customize almost every single aspect of the theme.
  • Support for direct Twitter and Instagram feeds.
  • Option to navigate directly through each post as well as see who reblogged or liked a post.
  • Google Analytics and Disqus Comment system integrated.
news Tumblr theme


Legacy is a free-to-use Tumblr theme following the minimalist design style. You will get excellent use of whitespaces to help you make a distraction-free environment to highlight your content.

The theme also delivers a multi-column design with options to choose between two, three, and four columns for showcasing your content.


  • Slide down header.
  • Advanced color customization options.
  • Infinite scrolling.
  • Animation loading.
  • Google Analytics integration.
legacy Tumblr theme


Veins Tumblr theme who are looking for an extremely minimalistic design with the extreme use of white spaces and a single-column layout.

Your readers will be left with all your content in an orderly fashion which makes sure that your posts get the attention they deserve.

Now since you are getting the theme for free, the downgrade on functionalities cannot be argued especially when it is being used as a design advantage.


  • 230PX single column layout.
  • Optional Image fade animation.
  • Post borders with the option for rounded post corners design style.
  • Plenty of colors to help you brand your website.
viens theme


Revolve is a clean and minimalist Tumblr theme with eye-catching headers and sidebars all packed into a free package. When your readers land on your blog, they will be greeted with a big and bold header to highlight your blog and your tagline.

Then comes the navigation menu followed by all the content arranged in a grid-style layout.


  • Adjustable post width and margins.
  • 3 picture hover styles.
  • Infinite scrolling.
  • Plenty of customization options to help you tweak around.
  • Cover photo and featured image overlay.
Revolve Tumblr Theme


Pation is yet another free Tumblr theme that comes with a sticky navigation bar and a minimalist column-based grid layout.

The theme also packs in a unique “randomize post size” functionality, which will generate a new layout on every reload. You will also get some decent customization control over typography and colors.


  • Option to turn on Black and White images.
  • Comprehensive social media integration.
  • A dedicated popup asks and submits box.
  • 3 distinct hover effects.
  • Option to upload your own background and logo.
pation Tumblr theme


Next up we have a refreshing yet minimalistic portfolio theme that efficiently uses whitespaces along with the right layout and color choices to create an appealing design language.


  • Bold header with embedded navigation options.
  • Multi-column layout.
  • All the usual Tumblr blog functionalities included.
pocket Tumblr theme


Austere is yet another minimalist Tumblr theme that offers minimal functionality under a free price tag. However, you do get what you asked for, a minimalist white space-rich design with a small sidebar and a 2 column layout.


  • Tweak around with custom colors.
  • Support for localization.
  • High res image support.
Austere Tumblr Theme

Disassemble 3.0

If you want to put up a funky-looking website with an unconventional multi-column layout that also follows the minimalist design principle, then you can take a look at Disassemble 3.0 theme for Tumblr blogs.

Once installed, the theme will scatter your blogs throughout your site in a grid view with plenty of whitespaces bordering each post.


  • Customize with different color schemes.
  • Optional fade on images, captions, note counts and tags.
  • A 3D version also available.
Disassemble Tumblr Theme


Up next we have UltraZen, a free minimalist single-column Tumblr theme for blogs. The theme follows a pretty standard design which is great if you are just trying out a minimalist design on your blog and want to see how it can complement your work.


  • Color customization options.
  • Infinite scrolling.
  • Optional wide view.
Ultrazen Tumblr Theme


Toronto – tagline “the wide masthead Tumblr theme” is free to use and boasts a generic design language when it comes to minimalistic design language.

You will get a wide header with an embedded navigation bar. Then comes a multi-column layout for showcasing all your content with plenty of whitespaces.


  • Color customization.
  • Multi-column design.
toronto Tumblr theme


Concrete Tumblr theme doesn’t change much about the design language that you get by default with the microblogging platform.

However, it does add sufficient white spacing and a dedicated author bubble with navigation options for your blog underneath.


  • Multi-column layout.
  • Unique typewriter fonts.
  • Color customization.
  • Supports custom logos.
concrete Tumblr theme


Aloe is a single-column minimalist Tumblr theme available for free and designed to help bring the focus on your content.

It is a very popular blogging theme in the Tumblr community which can seamlessly help you make a good-looking blog in a few clicks.


  • Clean design.
  • Single column layout.
  • Decent customization options.
aloe theme


Syndex is a free Tumblr theme that follows a mood board-type design style. It is ideal for users who publish a lot of media-based content on their blog and are not too focused on text post types.


  • Lightbox integration. Supports direct clicking on photo posts and photosets.
  • Infinite scrolling.
  • Dedicated “+” button which shows tags, title, source and other information about a post.
  • Custom logo support.
syndex Tumblr theme


It’s all in the name of Minimalism, a free-to-use minimalist theme for Tumblr blogs. However, it is worth noting that the theme is extremely well made and boasts a professional appeal.

The grid-based layout style is great for professionals and freelancers to showcase their work and use the theme as a portfolio.


  • Grid management system.
  • Custom header and background color.
  • Social media ready with custom social media icons.
  • Infinite scrolling.
  • Sticky sidebar navigation.
minimalism Tumblr theme


We are now closing the end of our list, and for the second last entry, we have Geometric free Tumblr theme which also is a minimalist theme boasting a clean grid-based design.

The layout is ideal for designers looking for a minimalist backdrop to showcase their work.


  • Column-based layout.
  • Little whitespace padding between different content.
  • Plenty of space surrounding the content.
geometric Tumblr theme


And now ending our list of minimalist Tumblr themes, we have a free theme called Level that delivers a heavy user experience approach.

In fact, it focuses on cultivating a simple and straightforward design that helps your audience to stay focused on your content.


  • Ajax loading helps users read your content without needing reloading.
  • Particle Background functionality which can create an animated background.
  • Five different layout styles.
  • Infinite scrolling.
  • Enlarge certain posts to highlight them.
Level Tumblr Theme

In Conclusion

So these were our picks for the top minimalist Tumblr Themes. We hope you found this read to be helpful, and if you did, don’t forget to share it along with your friends who are also looking for ways to clean up and organize their Tumblr dashboards.

Also, if you decided to use one of the themes we listed here for your own Tumblr account, then do comment about your experience using it. Users will love to gain some insight from fellow readers.

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