12 Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers

Free WordPress themes for writers

The Top Free WordPress Themes for Writers

Here’s our list of top selected themes that you can use for free and start publishing content.

WordPress CMS provides you with a lot of free themes that you can use in any online project, whether it is a blog, eCommerce platform, or corporate website.

Such a variety of website layout options allows you to pick a WordPress theme that fully reflects the feel and look of your brand and its mission.

If a writer needs to head a blog, a WordPress Theme with designs supporting the theme the one covers in his writing.

Let’s take a look at the most popular WordPress themes that will not cost a dime to a writer.  

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01. Astra Theme

Astra is one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes for all different niche sites. It offers a completely free version of the theme that you can use to create your website and start publishing your content.

The theme comes with an SEO-friendly design and fast loading speed to offer your readers a great experience. If you wish to customize the design of the theme, you have tons of customization options and you can use it with website builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc.

Don’t miss our detailed review of the Astra theme here.

Astra Theme

02. GeneratePress

Another very popular WordPress theme, GeneratePress offers a completely free version to help you get started quickly.

GeneratePress is known as one of the best SEO-friendly WordPress themes and it offers a fast loading speed. While the theme looks simple, it is packed with powerful features to help users create any kind of design.

You can use this theme with or without website builders and make sure that your site looks unique and performs at its top.


03. Higher Education

It is a simple and minimalistic WordPress theme designed for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.

The theme has added many customization functionalities to the theme, but the main emphasis is made on its ease of use and grasp interface.

Custom menus and sliders, which are part of the theme, help visitors easily find the content they need on your site.

Higher Education Theme

04. Impressive Business

If you are going to start a business, you should decide on a website structure and content layout before the project release.

Thus, you will attract your target audience and expand the borders of your project operation.

Impressive Business WordPress theme can be a stepping stone in promoting a business. The theme has several homepage variations and additional slider options. 

Impressive Business Theme

05. TS Photography

Every month, we are striving to see the development of design and awaiting the release of art-oriented WordPress themes.

It is often difficult to establish elegance between different styles, but the WordPress solution TS Photography is capable of piecing together a stylish design with an image-oriented interface.

The theme is professionally developed and has not just one cool SEO feature but a solid package of instruments to bring the blog to the top of search results. 

TS Photography Theme

06. Surya Chandra Lite

There are many WordPress themes that seem to be excellent but have the same drawback – a narrowly oriented design, suitable only to large business corporations.

Differently, from the above, the WordPress solution Surya Chandra Lite is a great option not only for small businesses but also for portfolio and personal blogs.

With customizable menus and sticky post options, it is versatile enough to support all kinds of content.

Surya Chandra Lite

07. Undedicated

This WordPress theme is extremely simple and easy to use. WordPress has made the main focus here on typography, fonts, responsive design, and menus.

If you are a writer or a blogger who wants to ensure that your blog looks amazing on all screens regardless of its resolution, you should test out the Undedicated theme.

Undedicated Theme

08. Blue Monday

The WordPress theme is ideal for startups and personal blogs with its amazing set of sliders, highlight options, and choice of image placement.

The work with WordPress theme does not require any programming knowledge, it is extremely easy to use. So posting and updating content will never be your pain points.

There are also social network extensions, which allow the SMM promotion of your blog.

Blue Monday Theme

09. Responsive eCommerce

Having an e-commerce site is a big responsibility, especially if the writer has the ambition to make it successful.

But a carefully selected website theme, such as Responsive eCommerce, is exactly what a writer needs to overcome competitors and win a lot of customers.

The solution covers many options for WooCommerce and typography, as well as a ready-made slot for Elementor Page Builder. That’s why it fits well both large and small enterprises.

10. Holland

Travel, fashion, and blogs are different niches, but they follow a similar concept.

So, if you are the owner of such a website or if you are thinking about starting a blog, try the Holland WordPress theme. Like it can be seen on AssignmentHelpers.

With footer widgets, dozens of different display options and first-class encoding, it will make your website soar up SEO rankings. 

11. Foundation Lite

The cases when you can say that the WordPress theme is suitable to both business and personal purposes are rare.

However, Foundation Lite is an exception in this regard; the WordPress theme can be used for both nonprofit platforms and commercial blogs.

If you want a minimalistic but bold WordPress theme, Foundation Lite should also be at the top of your list of options.

Foundation Lite

12. Dollah

Targeting photography sites, museums, restaurants, and catalog sites, Dollah provides you with what has been deemed unattainable for a long period of time – a clean design with an SEO-oriented gallery interface.

The thumbnail options are large enough for your visitors to get a clear idea of ​​the images you posted.

Dollah WordPress Theme

Final Word

When selecting a WordPress theme to use on your website, you should pay attention to each detail of it.

Fox example, check the font style, size, page layout, and header alignment to understand what type of content it is aimed for.

If you are unsure to produce this very same type of content, then it is better to pick a different theme.

At the same time, the flexibility for its customization to your particular needs is another thing to test out.

A theme should be flexible and shouldn’t cause a design break if you post a particular type of content.

Anyway, you as a writer need just to pick several WordPress themes that suit you best and pick the best one after careful testing. 

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