12 Best Table of Content WordPress Plugins


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Incorporating a table of content into your blogs can be an effective means for conveying information to your readers.

However, if your website is built using WordPress, then you should already be well aware that there is no inbuilt function for creating content tables.

And so if you want to incorporate the functionality into your website then you will have to resort to using plugins.

Now speaking of plugins, WordPress has hundreds of plugins that are advertised as potential table-creating alternatives.

However, not all of these plugins will suffice your needs and the majority of these plugins are downright bad.

Now, here we have taken the time out to curate a list of the best table-creating plugins for WordPress so you can skip a headache. So without further ado, here is a list of Best Content Table WordPress Plugins:

Fixed TOC

Fixed TOC is a very powerful and neatly coded WordPress plugin that can help you to add content tables into your blog.

The plugin at first will automatically scan your headings through the post content and then create the TOC (table of content) accordingly. The TOC will be fixed on the page display.

Now the plugin is a premium product, and there are a whole lot of awesome features bundled in. For example, you will get access to over 50 awesome animation effects, a great Metabox for each page, a multitude of customization options and a whole lot more.

By default, the plugin will add a table of the content block on every post that will flow through the article making it easier for the reader to quickly click on the box and move to the section they want to read.

However, you have the option to choose it to place using a widget on your sidebar or any other widget section.

The plugin offers you a comprehensive color option to make sure that you are able to make it look like an integral part of your website.


You can also play around with the typography to make the fonts match your site.

The plugin is fully responsive and it flows through the mobile devices beautifully.

The plugin is also translation-ready, meaning you can localize the table of content to any language that you want.

Fixed TOC

Ultimate Blocks Table Of Content

As you know Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor, and many old plugins may not work perfectly with the new editor if it is not compatible.

The good news is, you have the Ultimate Blocks plugin which is custom created for the Gutenberg editor. It is a free plugin, we have reviewed the Ultimate Blocks plugin to help you know more about the plugin.

It offers you multiple blocks to add different functionalities to your posts, so it away it can manage multiple tasks alone that otherwise are managed by different plugins.

The Table of Content is one of the important blocks offered by the plugin. It is very easy for the users to create a great-looking table of content just by adding the block.

It is important to have a table of content as it enhances the overall start of the article and makes it super simple for the users to jump to the section that wishes to read.

Ultimate Blocks Table Of Contents

Another basic advantage of Gutenberg is that you can quickly add the section jump tag by clicking on the advanced option after selecting a heading tag.

Ultimate Blocks table of content gives you the option to include/exclude headings (h1-h6) from the table of contents.

You can show a table of contents in one, two, or even three columns. You can enable Show/Hide Toggle on the table of contents.

So, overall it is the best option to add a table of content if you are using the Gutenberg editor.

As already mentioned, Ultimate Blocks offers you a number of different blocks along with the table of content; you can get an idea from the image below.

Ultimate Blocks - Custom Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Elementor Table of Content Module

Used by over 8 million WordPress users, Elementor is the most popular website builder for WordPress. You can use this website builder to create a completely unique design for your site without any coding.

With many other features and modules, the Elementor website builder also comes with a table of content module that you can use on your site. You can add it to your pages or the post template you create and it will create the table of content for all the pages that use that template.

Once you add the module to the template, you can customize the design as per your need like any other Elementor module.

Elementor Table of Content

Table of Content Plus

If you want to create a content table for long pages, then you can go for Table of Content Plus. The plugin automatically creates a specific index of a table of contents that can be used to easily navigate through long pages of text or any other form of content.

Overall, the plugin will help you to create a Wikipedia type of content chart on your website. The table of content will also appear before the first heading by default.

The administrator panel allows you to change the display position, define a minimum number of heading before an index, introduce a lead in your content and so on.

Other features of the plugin include support for custom post types, CMS-oriented configurations, unique numbering schemes, various shortcodes and so on.

table of content

Easy Table of Contents

Easy Table of Contents can help you to easily add tables of content inside your pages, posts or any other custom post types.

All the options provided by the plugin are very easy to understand which makes it a really good option for people starting to use WordPress. You can also set the options so that the user can hide the table of content if they don’t desire it.

Some notable features of the plugin include control over table header, high customizability, support for multiple counter bullet formats, etc.

Overall if you are looking for a plugin that comes with a decent level of control and is also easy to use, then Easy Table of Contents would be your best bet.

Easy Table of Contents

Multipage WordPress plugin

The Multipage WordPress plugin allows you to segregate all your different posts into multiple subpages giving each one of them a title of their own.

After this, a table of content will automatically appear and will allow you to redirect your visitors to the desired post subpage. This can bring a whole new level of ease to your user experience.

Some notable features of the plugin include support for minimal CSS which makes for easy user customization. You will also get the option to generate different page views, modify the multiple page CSS and much more.

Overall this is a great theme if you have been thinking of curating all your posts into a single table of content for your user’s easy access.

Multipage Plugin

Simple TOC WordPress Plugin

Simple TOC is free to use WordPress plugin for creating a table of content. To use the plugin you will not have to use any anchors or links, but simply add some shortcodes which have been provided by the developer and you are done.

It will help you to create a Table of content much similar to that of Wikipedia. It generates shortcodes which you can then insert into your posts or pages to have the table of content appear.

One notable feature of the plugin is to automatically generate heading links in the table of content based on the given h2 or h3 tags.

Other than this, there are options like New TinyMCE buttons, Table of Content per page or post basis, and so on.

Simple TOC WordPress Plugin

Thrive Builder Plugin

The Thrive Builder Plugin is by far one of the easiest TOC plugins in the market which takes away all the hard work one has to put into creating a good-looking table of content.

IT automatically generates an eye-catching TOC. You can then start to categorize all your content to make it easily readable to your readers.

One notable feature of the plugin includes the ability to select a heading and then choose a corresponding TOC that you want to associate with the heading. This will generate a TOC whenever that particular title pops ups.

Thrive Builder Plugin

CM Table of Content

CM Table of Content works by generating TOC as you define any HTML tags and class. After the TOC has been created, you can enter it into any post through the use of shortcodes.

Some of the best features of the plugin include the ability to create completely customizable and multi-level TOC.

The customizability options are decent and allow you the option to customize the table of contents with different sections, titles, positions, sidebars, headers that have been defined by your page or post content.

The table of content can be defined using a div or spans or any CSS classes, so you are not limited to h1 or h2 tags.

CM Table Of Contents

JCWP Simple Table of Contents

The JCWP Simple Table of Content is an extremely easy-to-use TOC plugin that is adored by WordPress novices and experts alike. However, even though it is free, it doesn’t mean that the plugin skips on certain tools and functionalities.

One of the key selling points of the plugin would be the fact that it allows you to display all the TOC containers on your WordPress post or page, which can be very useful given the right circumstances.

There is also support for animations, a decent amount of customization and a few more impressive options.

JCWP Simple Table of Contents

HM Content TOC

HM Content TOC will help you create Tables of Content for specific HTML elements. It can then be assigned to posts or page content. The process does employ the use of shortcodes like many of the other plugins mentioned in this list.

You can specify default TOC settings for the title and header, and this will get used when there is a shortcode without any attributes.

Overall this is a decent lightweight alternative to setting up a table of content on your website or blog.

HM Content TOC

Table of Content

There is no ambiguity with the functionality that is to be expected from the Table of the Content plugin. It is free and available from the WordPress repository. Now, using this plugin will be very simple and here too much reliance is taken on shortcodes.

You will have to insert the shortcodes into your posts and that will display the table of content on that corresponding post.

There is also support for translation, so if you have been thinking about localization then think no more. The plugin can localize your site to multiple languages automatically without much hassle from your end.

Overall, if you are on a budget and have been meaning to find a source to incorporate a table of content onto your multi-language website, then you should give this one a try.

table of content plugin

Shortcode Table of Contents

Another very handy, simple table of a content WordPress plugin that will help you to create a table of content automatically. All you have to do is to add the shortcode in your content to generate the table.

So, you don’t have to manually add the table of content to all your blog posts. If you are using a post template for your blog posts, you can add the shortcode in the template.

Shortcode Table of Contents

FAQs About Table of Content

01. What is a table of content?

A table of content is a list of all the sub-topics on a page. It gives the readers a clear idea about the content that is included on the page.

02. Is it important to have a table on content on blog pages?

While is it not mandatory to have a table of content on a blog post, it is certainly a value add-on to the page. It makes the page user-friendly by offering a clear idea about the page at the start. It is also beneficial from the SEO point of view as it will help the search engine bots to read the content well.

03. Is it a must to use a plugin to create a table of content?

No, it is not mandatory to use a table of content plugin to create a table of content for your blog posts. You can create a table of content manually for your pages. However, a plugin certainly helps you to save the time that you will be spending to create the table for each of your pages.

04. What should I include in the table of content?

You should include all the sub-topics on the page. So, when we talk about a blog post, you can include the H2 and H3 tags on the page.

05. Will I have SEO benefit from the table of content?

Even if you don’t get the SEO advantage directly, the table of content will enhance the overall structure of the page making it user-friendly, so you might get some SEO benefit indirectly as the quality of your content will get enhanced.

In Conclusion:

So these were the best plugins for WordPress content tables. One of these should definitely meet your demands.

SO if you happen to use one of these, then do let us know your experience using the plugin. Furthermore, if you have some recommendations for yourself also leave them down in the comments section.

Your contribution might come in handy to your fellow readers.

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