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YouChat Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

A simple and easy to use chatbot that can answer any of your questions and it gives out the sources it is fetching the answers from.

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What is YouChat?

YouChat is an AI-powered conversational search assistant.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NPL) power YouChat to have human-like conversations. In addition, it uses a language model designed by

You can use YouChat to get answers to general questions and learn about new concepts. Furthermore, it helps in idea suggestion, translation, text summarization, email composition and coding. 

What makes it different from ChatGPT is that you can also use it for basic online searches. 

YouChat is aimed at intuitive searches, making Large Language Models (LLMs) more reliable. 

The search of YouChat is multimodal as it combines code, text, graphs, tables, images and even interactive elements in search results. 

YouChat Company Details

YouChat is a product of The company founders are Bryan McCann and Richard Socher, former Salesforce employees. Its primary product is a search engine that summarizes the web list. The beta version of the product was launched on November 9, 2021. Marc Benioff, the Salesforce founder, funded the company with $20 million in 2021. In December 2022, launched YouChat.

Company Name:

CEO Name: Richard Socher

Year Founded: 2020

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: Palo Alto, CA

Richard Socher CEO
Richard Socher
Founder & CEO
Bryan McCann CTO
Bryan McCann
Co-founder & CTO

YouChat Screenshots and Media

Pros and Cons of YouChat

Pros of YouChat

  • Supports citations 
  • Real-time information 
  • Supports multimodal search
  • Offers human-like conversations 
  • Intuitive and fast online search

Cons of YouChat

  • It hallucinates references 
  • Links are outdated

YouChat Features

Conversational Search

On YouChat, you can carry on basic online searches like Google with a conversational approach.

Prompt Responses

YouChat answers the user's queries in easy-to-understand sentences. It can write blogs, ideas and codes.

Provides Citations

It provides citations for all its responses making it easy to check the facts.

Multimodal Search

The searches on YouChat combine tables, graphs, text, codes, images and interactive elements.

Real-Time Information

YouChat provides users with real-time information, which includes rich-media formats.

Supports Social Media Profiles

You can use YouChat to search for people through their social media profiles and validate them using their LinkedIn app.

Contextual Answers

The platform remembers the previous questions and, thus, provides contextual responses to follow-up questions.

Mobile App

You can access YouChat on iOS and Android devices through the app.

Summarizes Anything

YouChat can summarize everything and further explain complex concepts in simple ways.

Recency Selection

The tool provides four recency options to the users: any time, the past 24 hours, the past week and the past month.

YouChat Pricing

Currently, YouChat is available for free as it is still in its beta version. To use YouChat, the users first must create an account on

YouChat Price Comparison

Compare price of YouChat With some of the top competitors.
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What Kind of Support Does YouChat Offer?

YouChat is a simple and easy-to-use platform that doesn’t need any technical knowledge. You can check the guide and tutorials if you need any help.
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

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Frequently Asked Questions About YouChat (FAQs)

YouChat is a simple chatbot by You search engine that can answer your questions. It also lists the sources for the answer.
Yes, YouChat is a completely free chatbot that you can use to find answers to any of your questions.
YouChat users the internet to find the answer from different sources. As it displays the sources of the answer, you can cross-check with the source.
YouChat is only for searching and it answers your questions. While ChatGPT is more comprehensive in terms of features, it can answer questions and also write unique content that you can use for your project.

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