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StackPath CDN Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

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What is StackPath CDN?

StackPath CDN is one of the leading and widely used CDN providers that you may use for your business.

If you are looking for a fast and secure CDN solution, StackPath can be a very handy option for you. The platform comes with content protection features, delivery control, DDoS attack mitigation, SSL to offer overall security.

You can easily integrate StackPath CDN with your WordPress site or other platforms to accelerate the services of your site.

Let’s have a look at StackPath CDN in detail.

StackPath CDN Company Details

StackPath was created by adding a number of popular platforms into the site. the CDN section of the platform is created with MaxCDN which was a popular CDN solution.

Company Name: StackPath, LLC

CEO Name: Christopher Turco

Year Founded: 2015

Employees: 251-500

HQ Location: Texas, US

Christopher Turco StackPath
Christopher Turco
CEO at StackPath

StackPath CDN Screenshots and Media

Pros and Cons of StackPath CDN

Pros of StackPath CDN

  • Wider PoPs for better coverage
  • Strong security
  • DDoS protection
  • Detailed analytics
  • SSL certificate

Cons of StackPath CDN

  • Pricing is not clear
  • Stackpath supports only IP version 4

StackPath CDN Features

Fast & Reliable CDN
High-Speed Performance
DDoS Attack Mitigation
SSL Encryption
Custom CDN Rules
Image Optimization
Real-Time Analytics
Worldwide PoPs
Good support

StackPath CDN Pricing

Here’s the price offered by StackPath CDN.

CDN Bandwidth1TB / month
CDN RequestsIncluded
CDN EdgeRules™Included
CDN Edge LocationsAll
SSL CertificateIncluded
Additional CDN Bandwidth
1TB up to 100TB$0.044 / GB
100TB up to 1PB$0.033 / GB

StackPath CDN Price Comparison

Compare price of StackPath CDN With some of the top competitors.
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Microsoft Azure CDN
Amazon CloudFront

StackPath CDN Detail

StackPath CDN aims to provide the end-users with an experience that can surpass their expectations! It makes it possible for the user to deliver large, diverse, and dynamic content each and every day.

While delivering such content, StackPath CDN ensures that it is delivered at a faster speed and flawless manner. In addition to that, StackPath CDN also provides users with asset optimization and content protection.

Also, it provides the users with the flexibility to take care of the smallest details according to their preferences.

StackPath CDN supports 50+ edge locations which are deployed strategically to meet the needs of densely concentrated users. It supports multi-dimensional networks that ensure a high speed along with making sure that 95% of the traffic is handled directly through the last-mile networks.

StackPath CDN is designed to provide high-speed performance, increased security and full visibility to the end-users. 

StackPath CDN Review

Benefits of Using StackPath CDN

StackPath CDN accelerates page loads and makes it easier to stream audio and video files in high quality. It also improves the SEO scores of the website and reduces the performance overhead to help the user deliver a rich end-user experience. 

It allows end-users across the globe to download large files like HD videos, software, and game installers with its advanced features that include segmented file downloading and support unlimited file sizes. 

StackPath CDN provides the users with a customization option that can be used to tailor content and then deliver it to individual users in a highly customized form to enhance their personalized experience.

High-Speed Performance

It guarantees a high-speed performance with its edge locations spread across the world and Tier-1 carrier connections.

Along with that the private network backbone, global Anycast, and cache depth delivery make it possible to deliver the content using the low time to first byte or TTFB. 

Enhanced Security

StackPath CDN also takes care of security as it is equipped with content protection features and delivers control.

It provides mitigations against DDoS attacks and provides the website with SSL and a private network backbone to enhance the security features.

It further reduces the cost of business which generally fails because of theft, downtime, and malicious activities. 

Detailed Analytics

The built-in analytics and reporting of StackPath CDN along with comprehensive standard policies can be used for managing the customer portal, customization option and RESTful API directly.

In short, it gives full freedom to the users to tune in to the fine details of their website. 

StackPath CDN supports real-time analytics of bandwidth usage, requests, delivery by Geo/Network, cache hit ratio, request hit ratio and HTTP status codes.

This data can be used for analyzing and then further enhancing the performance of the website.

The custom rules engines of StackPath CDN allow the user to create EdgeRules for setting policies and automating the unique content.

Also, the delivery behaviors can be controlled and the request-handling process can be customized to give the user an extra layer of flexibility. 

Customize Content Delivery With EdgeRules™

As mentioned above, the EdgeRules™ option will help you to customize the overall content delivery for your website. You can customize asset delivery, security measures, SEO, and mobile experience to enhance the overall user experience.

  • You can create a 301 redirect Edge Rule to direct the users to the right path
  • You can manage cache rules based on user request
  • Easy custom interface to create rules

Asset Optimization

Built-in asset optimization features of StackPath CDN can be used to ensure that the content is always ready to deliver.

It has been made possible through canonical header insertion, GZIP compression, and large file segmentation. 

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What Kind of Support Does StackPath CDN Offer?

You may visit the support portal to know more about the product. You can reach the support team using the support email or live chat.
Email Support
Live Chat
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

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Frequently Asked Questions About StackPath CDN (FAQs)

StackPath is a cloud platform to accelerate your website and secure it from possible threats.
No, StackPath CDN is not a free product.
Yes, StackPath CDN is a completely safe solution.
No, StackPath CDN does not provide API.

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