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Akamai Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Akamai is a global provider of content delivery network (CDN) services that ensure the secure, reliable, and fast delivery of digital content across the Web.

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What is Akamai?

Akamai Technologies, Inc. is a company that specializes in CDN services, cybersecurity solutions, DDoS mitigation, and cloud services. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Akamai operates the Akamai Connected Cloud, a distributed edge and cloud platform designed to improve the delivery and security of applications and digital experiences. Akamai’s infrastructure enables organizations to efficiently build, run, and secure applications and workloads while optimizing the user experience and minimizing cybersecurity risks. 

What is Akamai Good For?

Akamai is particularly effective at improving the performance, security, and reliability of digital experiences and web applications. It excels at accelerating the delivery of content to users around the world with its CDN, protecting against cyber threats with its cybersecurity services, and ensuring high availability and minimal downtime with DDoS mitigation. In addition, Akamai’s cloud services enable scalable and secure application hosting. These capabilities make it an essential tool for organizations looking to optimize their online presence and protect their digital assets.

Who Should Use Akamai?

Akamai is an excellent choice for global enterprises, online content providers, e-commerce companies, media and entertainment organizations, government agencies, and financial institutions. These organizations benefit from Akamai’s services by achieving faster Web site load times, enhanced security measures against cyber threats, reduced infrastructure costs, and improved Web site availability and performance. In essence, any organization that wants to deliver a secure, fast, and reliable digital experience to a global audience should consider Akamai’s services, a decision often supported by positive feedback from Akamai employees about work-life balance and professional growth opportunities.

Akamai Company Details

Akamai Technologies, Inc., the company behind Akamai, is an American company specializing in content delivery network (CDN), cybersecurity, and cloud services. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this company has established itself as a key player in the digital experience and security sectors. Since its inception, the company has been instrumental in enabling organizations around the world to efficiently deliver and secure their digital experiences. Akamai’s infrastructure services are designed to improve the digital lives of billions of people worldwide, and the company has made significant contributions to the industry through its innovative cloud computing, security, and content delivery solutions. This commitment to innovation and security at scale positions this company as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape.

Company Name: Akamai Technologies, Inc

CEO Name: Dr. Tom Leighton

Est Year: 1998

Employees: 5,001-10,000 employees

HQ Location: Cambridge, MA

Dr. Tom Leighton Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Akamai
Tom Leighton
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Adam Karon, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager, Akamai Technologies
Adam Karon
Chief Operating Officer and General Manager

Akamai Demo & Media

Akamai Top Features

Cloud Computing for Media

This cloud computing capability optimizes the operations, security, and costs of media workflows while creating more engaging streaming experiences.

Cloud Computing for SaaS Companies

Allows users to build and deploy applications and APIs closer to customers and devices

Cloud Computing for Gaming

Helps maximize the gaming experience and minimize cloud costs.

Application and API Security

Protects brands by securing their applications and APIs from persistent threats

Zero Trust Security

Serves as a single platform for comprehensive coverage, deep visibility, and granular control

DDoS Protection

Robust, behavioral DDoS defense for all tiers, in-cloud, on-premises, or hybrid

Abuse and Fraud Protection

Prevents credential stuffing, bots, and human web fraud with the most intelligent detection and mitigation technology available.

App and API Performance

Engages customers with fast, engaging app and API performance. It also improves the user experience with robust data insights and automation.

Media Delivery

Helps brands consistently deliver amazing streaming experiences to the largest audiences on any device.

Edge Compute Solutions

Provides one of the world's largest intelligent edge platforms to bring a brand's applications closer to its users and drive innovation in real time.

Pros of Akamai

  • Robust security infrastructure
  • Established global network of points of presence (PoPs)
  • Available APIs and code integrations for DevOps teams
  • Prompt technical support
  • Low latency throughput
  • Highly scalable
  • Easy to install
  • Sophisticated rate control policy
  • Detailed web attack analysis

Cons of Akamai

  • Limited bot categorization options
  • Management console can be difficult to set up
  • Quite expensive

Akamai Pricing

Akamai structures its pricing model to optimize cloud spending with predictable pricing that bundles CPU, transfer, storage, and RAM into one flat price. The model ensures that what customers pay for cloud computing services isn’t complicated. To confirm each organization’s specific pricing requirements, they offer a price list and a Cloud Estimator or Cloud Computing Calculator to help users compare providers. The price list includes a variety of plans ranging from $36/month for a dedicated 4Gb plan to $4,608 for a dedicated 512Gb plan, as well as other custom plans that can be negotiated with the sales team.

Akamai Price Comparison

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What Kind of Support Akamai Offers?

Akamai’s customer support team provides a variety of tools to help users find their own answers. The Akamai Community also provides users with a library of knowledge articles published by Akamai experts. This makes it easy for users to connect with their peers to ask questions, exchange information, share best practices, and build expertise. Some of the tools include specialized tools for developers, documentation, an Akamai library, a control center, call support, and email support.
Email Support
Live Chat
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Phone Support
Tutorial Video & Help Documentation

Akamai FAQs

Yes, Akamai is legitimate. An American company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Akamai Technologies, Inc. specializes in CDN services, cybersecurity, and cloud services. It serves global enterprises by improving the security, delivery, and performance of their digital experiences, a benefit that’s often highlighted in Akamai reviews.
Akamai is worth paying for, especially for businesses looking for reliable content delivery, advanced cybersecurity measures, DDoS mitigation, and cloud services. Its comprehensive edge and cloud platform, Akamai Connected Cloud, improves application performance, delivers a superior customer experience, and provides robust security, making it a valuable investment for organizations looking to optimize their digital presence.
Akamai offers integrations with a wide range of software and systems, with a focus on enhancing its CDN, cybersecurity, and cloud services, aspects that contribute to its positive Glassdoor reviews. These integrations include popular analytics tools, content management systems, and cloud computing platforms, enabling seamless operation and improved performance of applications and services across multiple digital environments.
Akamai addresses network security with a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services, including advanced DDoS mitigation, threat intelligence, and secure application access. By leveraging its massively distributed edge and cloud platform, Akamai ensures that applications and workloads are managed securely, keeping threats at bay and protecting the digital experience for users worldwide.
Akamai supports customer needs and requirements through a robust customer service framework that includes 24/7 technical support, dedicated account management, and a wealth of online resources. The company provides customized solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers, ensuring optimal performance, security, and reliability of their digital services and applications.
Some of Akamai’s benefits for content delivery include improved website and application performance, global reach with localized delivery, scalability to handle sudden spikes in traffic, and enhanced security features. Akamai’s vast network ensures fast and reliable access to content for users around the world, reducing latency and improving the overall user experience.
Akamai can deliver a wide range of content types, including static web content, dynamic web applications, streaming video and audio, software downloads, and mobile content. Its platform is designed to optimize the delivery of multiple content types, ensuring high performance and user satisfaction across devices and locations.
Akamai improves website performance through its global CDN, which distributes content closer to users from servers strategically located around the world. This reduces latency, accelerates page load times, and improves overall site responsiveness, providing users with a superior browsing experience.
Akamai can mitigate a wide range of DDoS attacks by leveraging its extensive global network and advanced security technologies. Its solutions are designed to absorb and counteract the massive traffic volumes associated with DDoS attacks, protecting customers’ digital assets from disruption and downtime.
Akamai is considered a leader in digital experience delivery because of its comprehensive suite of services, including an extensive CDN, cutting-edge cybersecurity measures, and cloud services. The company’s ability to securely manage large volumes of data, ensure fast and reliable content delivery, and provide global scale make it the preferred choice for delivering exceptional digital experiences, which is a key factor in why Akamai is considered a great place to work by many of its employees.

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