Push House (2023): Top Features & Pricing

A popular push notification advertising network that you can use to attract new customers to your business or earn revenue as a publisher.

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Push House Overview

For advertisers, push notification ads are designed to attract users’ attention and increase the overall engagement around the ad.

What makes push notifications non-irritating to the website visitors is that they don’t consider it an advertisement but a means of communication. The change in perception is due to the less intrusive nature of the push notification.

Push House is one such push notification advertising network that is designed for advertisers to increase traffic from any geolocation and sales.

It is one of the perfect platforms for the implementation of push adverts. Let’s have a look at it in detail.

Push House Top Features

  • Push notification coverage to over 180 countries
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Supports ad limit
  • Multiple deposit options
  • The minimum CPC rate is only 0.001$ per click 
  • Supports multiple ad formats
  • Advanced targeting 
  • Integration with tracking sites
  • Anti-fraud mechanism 
  • Split-testing land pages

Push House is based in Ukraine, and it has helped its 30 million active subscribers to create more than 300 million impressions and 600 thousand clicks per month. 

The many benefits of Push House include a high return on investment to the advertisers. It covers a large audience base across the globe and offers the advertisers 100% brand security. In addition to that, it also offers the advertisers multiple modes of payment too. 

Push House Review

One of the best features of Push House is that it is extremely easy to get started with the platform. The user interface of the platform is easy to navigate. After you create an account on Push House, you can directly proceed to work on a campaign. 

While creating a campaign, you need to provide the following advertisement related information:

  • Title of the advertisement
  • An image to go with the advertisement 
  • Description of the advertisement

Push House allows the users to target their audiences in extensive detail, which is good considering the fact that if the audiences are not appropriately targeted, it is like wasting money. 

On Push House, you can target the audiences based on their:

  • Device 
  • CPC
  • Subscription age 
  • Region 
  • Language of the browser
  • OS version

The platform also supports time targeting. The platform also supports customization while creating a campaign. The customizable element includes a limit of the advertisement, Total budget limit, age limit, daily limit, and daily click capping. 

How Can It Help?

Let us now dive deep to understand how exactly Push House can be helpful for you.

1. Multiple Ad Formats 

Push House supports multiple ad formats like IOS push, native push, inpage, and push. The numerous ad formats are something that the users should experiment with to analyze which one of these formats is working best for them.

The native ad appears right in the middle of the web page and does not correlate with the content displayed on it. On the other hand, the IOS push is specifically designed for IOS mobile users. 

The correct ad format can boost the result and, in turn, will increase the revenue

Native Ads Push House

2. Multiple Deposit Options

Push House serves almost all the countries, and therefore, it supports a number of payment options. A few of the available deposit options available on the platform are:

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Bitcoin
  • WebMoney 
  • CoinPayments
  • Capitalist

The minimum deposit required on the platform is $50. 

Push House Payment Options

3. Easy ad posting

The entire ad posting process in Push House can be completed in just five steps which is extremely easy to start with. Firstly, the user needs to create an account on the platform.

Then, the user needs to begin the work of creating the advertisement by adding a title of the ad along with the description and a suitable image. Once the ad is given a proper structure, choose the region where you want to run the ads in the third step. 

The ad will go through moderation in the fourth step, and you are finally ready to launch the campaign. Then comes the result of the ad, where you will receive unique users to your ad. 


4. Individual Offer 

What makes Push House a unique advertising platform is a fact that it offers its users individual offers. If you want to create a unique campaign, you can contact them to list your ideas. 

After contacting them, you can work on your unique ad campaign to drive the result that you want.

5. Advanced targeting 

If the ads are not targeted well, the return on investment won’t be high. Therefore, targeting the right audience is extremely important. Thankfully, Push House supports advanced targeting which is extremely useful in filtering the users. 

You can target the users on Push House based on the user’s age, country, CPC, browser language, OS version and many other parameters. 

Also, the platform provides the results of the ad-time which allows seeing the interaction and engagement with the ads. This real-time result can be used to make the required changes for boosting further revenue.

In addition to that, the time targeting feature of the platform gives the user the power to enable and disable the ads during specific days and hours.

This feature should be used once you analyze the timing of the region when the ads receive maximum clicks. It is a smart move to increase the return on your investment. 

6. Customizable bids 

The user can customize their bids while using Push House. Therefore, if you have set a certain budget for your ad, you have the freedom to customize the bid accordingly. 

The limits on the ad can be categorized into four fields:

  • Total Budget Limit: Sets the total budget of the campaign. The minimum limit is $10. 
  • Daily Budget: Sets the specific amount of money that needs to be spent daily. The minimum limit is $10. 
  • Total Clicks Limit: Sets limit on the number of clicks 
  • Daily Clicks Limits: Caps the daily conversion 

7. Anti-fraud system 

An anti-fraud mechanism is integrated with Push House that identifies the fake traffic and bot. The anti-fraud feature of Push House ensures that you only receive the clicks of real people as traffic which is the legitimate way of growing business.

This feature is good for users looking forward to interacting with real people. Please note that Push House has a zero-tolerance policy for scammers. 

Pros of Push House

  • The minimum CPC is 0.001$/click 
  • Ensures high-quality traffic
  • Real-time bidding system 
  • Multiple money deposit options
  • Live statistics of results

Cons Push House

  • Learning curve for newbies

Push House Pricing

The pricing will depend on your advertising budget.

Push House FAQs

Q1. What is Push House?

Push House is a push notification advertising platform that gives you the option to choose from multiple ad formats and geolocation across the globe.

Q2. What Are Push Notification Ads?

Push notification ads are pop-up box types of ads that can instantly grab the attention of your audience. The conversion rate of this type of ad is a lot more than other traditional ad types.

Q3. What Are The Different Ad Formats Offered by Push House?

Push House offers multiple modern ad format types such as iOS Push, Push Notifications, Native Ads, Inpage Ads, etc.

Q4. Can I Target Any Specify Country Through Push House Ads?

Yes, you can. The platform gives you the option to select geolocation while creating an ad.

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