Motivosity is an employee recognition and feedback software based in Lehi, Utah. It serves as a tool to increase employee engagement and foster a positive corporate culture. Motivosity offers a suite of solutions designed to meet various organizational goals, including peer recognition, open communication, and performance management.

Designed for organizations looking to build stronger, more connected teams, Motivosity offers multiple pricing tiers starting at $2.00, each with features tailored to different organizational needs.

What is Motivosity good for?

Motivosity excels at facilitating relationship development, improving recognition and rewards, empowering management, and providing employee insights. Its platform is particularly effective in enabling peer recognition, fostering open channels of communication, and supporting performance management.

Through these capabilities, Motivosity is instrumental in fostering a positive work culture, increasing employee engagement, and helping organizations achieve their team cohesion and culture development goals.

Who should use Motivosity?

Motivosity is designed for organizations of all sizes that want to improve employee engagement and foster a positive work culture. Its multiple pricing models and extensive feature set make it suitable for a wide range of organizations, from small startups to large enterprises. HR departments, team leaders, and managers who want to empower their employees through recognition, feedback, and communication will find Motivosity’s platform especially beneficial.

In addition, companies looking for a customizable solution to address specific aspects of employee engagement and company culture will benefit from exploring Motivosity’s offerings.