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Inperity Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Insperity is a comprehensive human resources and business solutions platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses with payroll, employee benefits, HR services, and compliance.

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What is Insperity?

Insperity is a comprehensive human resources services company focused on improving the success equation for small and mid-sized businesses across the United States. Founded in 1986 by Paul J. Sarvadi, who currently serves as Chairman and CEO, Insperity offers a wide range of human resources solutions designed to help organizations manage their most valuable asset: their people. Insperity’s services are structured to meet the diverse needs of organizations, including but not limited to payroll, benefits administration, and HR support. Pricing for Insperity’s Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services is based on a per-employee, per-month cost that is customized during the consultation process to meet each client’s specific needs and budget.

Why choose Insperity?

Insperity excels at providing customized HR solutions that help small and mid-sized businesses manage their workforce efficiently. It offers a full range of services including payroll processing, benefits administration, HR management, and support. These services are designed to reduce the administrative burden of managing human resources, allowing business leaders to focus more on strategic growth and operational excellence. Insperity’s specialized services and technology-enabled solutions are particularly beneficial in streamlining HR processes, improving employee satisfaction, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Who should use Insperity?

Insperity is designed for small and mid-sized businesses seeking comprehensive HR services to improve operational efficiency and support growth. The target audience includes business owners, HR managers, and decision-makers who want to streamline their HR processes, improve employee management, and ensure compliance with employment laws. In addition, companies seeking scalable HR solutions that can be tailored to meet their unique needs and budgets will find Insperity’s offerings and consultative approach to pricing particularly valuable.

Inperity Company Details

Founded in 1986, Insperity is recognized for its comprehensive approach to improving the success equation for small and mid-sized businesses across the United States.

Under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Paul J. Sarvadi, Insperity has made significant strides in providing the human resources services necessary to improve the operational efficiency of American businesses in a variety of industries. The company specializes in providing a wide range of human resources solutions designed to empower businesses by taking care of their most valuable asset: their people. Over the decades, Insperity has grown significantly and adapted its services to meet the evolving needs of the modern business environment.

Through its commitment to business success and community prosperity, Insperity has established itself as a key player in the HR services industry, focusing on creating customized pricing models that meet the unique needs and budgets of its clients.

Company Name: Insperity Inc

CEO Name: Paul J. Sarvadi

Est Year: 1986

Employees: 1,001-5,000

HQ Location: Kingwood, Texas

Paul J. Sarvadi

Inperity Demo & Media

Inperity Top Features

Human Resources Software

Insperity offers a comprehensive HR software solution to efficiently manage all aspects of human resources.

Payroll Management

Streamline payroll processes with features such as direct deposit, check printing, and tax compliance.

Benefits Management

Easily manage employee benefits, including tracking 401(k), deductions, and vacation/leave.

Compliance Management

Ensure regulatory compliance with compliance tracking and reporting tools.

Employee lifecycle management

Seamlessly manage every stage of the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to succession planning.

Time and Attendance Management

Accurately track employee time and attendance and timesheets for payroll and compliance purposes.

Performance Management

Evaluate employee performance, set goals, and provide feedback with performance management tools.

Recruitment Management

Simplify the hiring process with applicant tracking and recruiting management capabilities.

Training Management

Facilitate employee development with career planning and training management tools.

Self-Service Portal

Empower employees with a self-service portal to access HR information and manage personal data.

Pros of Inperity

  • Comprehensive HR services and support.
  • Scalable infrastructure for efficiency.
  • Personalized attention from HR experts.
  • Streamlined workforce management.
  • Access to advanced HR technology.
  • Customizable compliance guidance.
  • Cons of Inperity

  • Potential connectivity issues.
  • Costs may be prohibitive for some.
  • The complexity of navigating services.
  • Limited flexibility in service bundles.
  • Dependence on third-party integrations.
  • Inperity Pricing

    The cost of Insperity’s PEO services varies depending on the size and needs of the company. They often charge a monthly fee per employee that includes HR services, technology, and support.

    Specialized services, such as payroll and benefits administration, may require additional fees. Prospective clients participate in consultations to receive customized price quotes that provide openness and align expenses with their unique needs and budgets.

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    What Kind of Support Inperity Offers?

    Insperity provides substantial support to its consumers, including individualized advice from specialized HR specialists available by phone, email, and live chat. They also give thorough training resources and documentation to help consumers efficiently use their platform.

    With a dedication to customer satisfaction, Insperity guarantees that consumers receive the assistance they require to fully use the benefits of their services.

    Email Support
    Live Chat
    Forum & Ticket
    Tutorial Videos & Documentation
    Phone Support
    Tutorial Video & Help Documentation

    Inperity FAQs

    Yes, Insperity is a legitimate company that has been providing comprehensive HR services to America’s small and mid-sized businesses since 1986, under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Paul J. Sarvadi.
    Insperity’s services are considered valuable for companies looking to outsource HR functions. Its comprehensive approach helps companies efficiently manage their HR needs, allowing them to focus on core business operations.
    Insperity offers integrations with various software to streamline HR processes, with specific software integrations depending on the needs of the company and the services they choose. Clients receive customized solutions that can include payroll, benefits, and HR technology support.
    The cost of using Insperity services varies based on company size and requirements and is typically calculated on a monthly cost-per-employee basis. Additional specialized services may incur additional costs, with pricing determined during the client engagement.
    Insperity has a positive reputation in the marketplace for providing quality, comprehensive HR services to small and mid-sized businesses, contributing to their success and growth since 1986.
    Comparing Insperity to ADP depends on specific business needs and preferences, as both companies offer comprehensive HR services. Insperity is known for its personalized service and comprehensive support, while ADP is known for its breadth of services and global reach.
    PEO pricing typically includes a monthly fee per employee that covers a bundle of HR services, technology, and support. This fee structure helps companies predict expenses while providing the flexibility to customize services based on changing needs. 
    Yes, Insperity offers employee training and development programs to help companies invest in the growth of their workforce and increase overall productivity.
    Transitioning to Insperity’s services is facilitated by a team of experts who provide guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding for businesses.

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