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Microsoft Azure CDN Review (2023): Pricing, Pros & Cons

One of the most popular CDN solutions, Microsoft Azure is perfect for all kinds of online businesses to improve performance.

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What is Microsoft Azure CDN?

Microsoft Azure is a popular cloud computing platform that you can use for your business. It is a very popular solution among the IaaS players (Infrastructure as a service) It is also a popular content delivery network solution that you can use to serve your website with great performance.

You can use this CDN solution for websites, mobile apps, and streaming media.

Other than performance enhancement, Microsoft Azure comes with modern security solutions to make sure that your business is well protected.

You are sure to get the best service and performance with a large network that is spread across the globe will enhance the way your content is served.

Microsoft Azure CDN Company Details

Company Name: Microsoft Corporation

Est Year: 1975

Employees: 10001+

HQ Location: Washington, US

Microsoft Azure CDN Demo & Media

Microsoft Azure CDN Top Features

Trustworthy Brand
Global Coverage
Stable Connection
Can Handle World-Wide Traffic Spikes
Added Security Solutions
Improved Performance and User Experience
Automate Processes and Workflows
Strong Support Team

Pros of Microsoft Azure CDN

  • A reliable trustworthy brand
  • Global coverage and scalability
  • Can handle any traffic spike
  • Suitable for any business size
  • Detailed documentation & quick support
  • Strong security solutions

Cons of Microsoft Azure CDN

  • Learning curve for newbie users
  • Costlier compared to other solutions

Microsoft Azure CDN Pricing

You may start with Microsoft Azure CDN for free taking the free trail. They offer multiple pricing plans and you may select depending on Zones and other parameters.

Microsoft Azure CDN Price Comparison

Compare price of Microsoft Azure CDN With some of the top competitors.
Google Cloud CDN
StackPath CDN
StackPath logo
Amazon CloudFront

Microsoft Azure CDN Detail

Microsoft Azure CDN offers a global solution to the users for delivering content. The primary focus of Microsoft Azure CDN is to improve responsiveness and save bandwidth when it comes to distributing and encoding firmware updates, gaming software and IoT endpoints.

In addition to that, it is also useful in reducing the loading time for mobile apps, websites, and streaming media. With Microsoft Azure CDN, it is easier to increase scalability and speed to enhance the user experience.

Microsoft Azure CDN also takes pretty seriously cybersecurity research and development and the same is visible from the fact that Microsoft invests more than USD 1 billion in a year. Further, 3,5000 security experts are employed in Microsoft Azure CDN to work on data security and privacy.

With Microsoft Azure CDN, users can experience streaming media files and downloading large files. It also provides a scalable solution for meeting high-traffic requirements. 


How Microsoft Azure Can Help?

Microsoft Azure CDN ensures a reliable, fast and personalized web experience irrespective of the geographical location by reducing the latency rate and improving the high-bandwidth content performance.

The same is done by distributing the requests of the users and delivering the content from the edge servers. By doing so, Microsoft Azure CDN ensures that less and less traffic needs to be redirected to the origin point. 

Global Coverage

Microsoft Azure CDN supports massive scalability and global coverage. Scalability using Microsoft Azure CDN is pretty easy because there is no hard time. Also, it can very easily handle traffic fluctuation too.

The global presence of Microsoft Azure CDN which is distributed so evenly ensures that even high traffic and heavy loads are handled effortlessly without requiring to invest in new infrastructure costs. The distributed points of presence across the globe ensure fast delivery of the content. 


Enhance Security

It also provides protection to the custom domain through HTTPS and DDoS mitigation. It protects the websites from malicious attacks. Advanced rules can be set for validating users and blocking requests. 

Useful Developer Tools

The DevOps feature of Microsoft Azure CDN can be used by users for automatic workflows and processes. The developer tools along with the Azure API can be used to make the performance reliable and provide the users with the required security which is needed for automating and building global applications. 

This CDN can also be employed for streaming media and further, downloading large files at a faster pace. Also, Microsoft Azure CDN can be used for seamless integration with the Azure services which can be activated within minutes.

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What Kind of Support Microsoft Azure CDN Offers?

Microsoft Azure CDN comes with a lot of helpful content, detailed documentation to help users. You may also get in touch with the support team if you need any help.
Email Support
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

Microsoft Azure CDN FAQs

Microsoft Azure is a popular cloud computing platform that you can use for your business.
Yes, Microsoft Azure CDN is one of the leading CDN providers. The trustworthy brand and global infrastructure of Microsoft make it a very good choice for any business.
No, Microsoft Azure CDN is not a free service.
Yes, Microsoft Azure CDN offers a free trial.
Yes, the Microsoft Azure team offers support through multiple channels to make it easier for the users to get the quarries resolved quickly.

Platforms Supported

Microsoft Azure CDN Alternatives


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