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G-Core Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

One of the most comprehensive internet infrastructure, G-Core offers a number of high quality products.

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What is G-Core?

G-Core is Cloud & Edge solutions provider offering the services of CDN, Cloud, hosting, web security, etc.

G-Core continues to be one of the recommended Content Delivery Network providers in the industry due to their affordable rates, high-performance servers, excellent customer support, and best-in-class CDN technology.

The G-Core offers more than just CDN services. The G-Core company is a complete Cloud & Edge solutions provider offering the services of CDN, Cloud, hosting and etc

The overall response time within 25 ms worldwide, in some markets – 3-5 ms making them an excellent choice for any business.

In addition, G-Core CDN plans are scalable and can easily be expanded or reduced as needed.

G-Core Company Details

Founded in 2011, Gcore is one of the leading solutions when it comes to CDN and other cloud infrastructure. The company is based in Luxembourg and offices in multiple places around the world. With over 150 points of presence and 11,000+ partners Gcore is one of the best CDN options.

Company Name: G-Core Labs

CEO Name: Andre Reitenbach

Year Founded: 2011

Employees: 251-500

HQ Location: Luxembourg

Andre Reitenbach Gcore
Andre Reitenbach
CEO at Gcore

G-Core Screenshots and Media

Pros and Cons of G-Core

Pros of G-Core

  • Global network coverage
  • Wider points of presence
  • Automated control panel
  • Strong performance & security improvements
  • Detailed analytics

Cons of G-Core

  • Learning curve for newbie users

G-Core Features

150+ Points of presence
11,000+ Peering partners
Wide global infrastructure
Offers a free plan
DDoS protection
Free SSL certificate
eCommerce CDN
Live streaming
CDN for videos
24X7 Expert support

G-Core Pricing

G-Core has multiple products to offer that come with different pricing plans. We are including the price for their CDN services below.

When it comes to the CDN services, they offer a completely free plan that 28 PoPs and 1 TB of traffic. If you need more resources, they have a number of plans to choose from and all the plans come with 14 days free trial.

Here are the available plans.

  • Global Network Standard routing
  • 1 TB Traffic
  • $0.0315 per GB
  • L3, L4 DDoS Protection
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Global Network Premium routing
  • 1.5 TB Traffic
  • $0.024 per GB
  • L3, L4 DDoS Protection
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Global Network Premium routing
  • 5 TB Traffic
  • $0.021 per GB
  • L3, L4 DDoS Protection
  • Free SSL certificate
Custom Price
  • Global Network Premium routing
  • On-demand PoPs
  • Custom Traffic
  • L3, L4, L7 DDoS Protection
  • Free SSL certificate

G-Core Price Comparison

Compare price of G-Core With some of the top competitors.
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Amazon CloudFront

G-Core Detail

Following are some cutting-edge features of G-Core that set themselves apart from the rest.

G-Code Lab review

Server load balancing:

G-cores automatically calculate the total load on all servers delivering your content around the world. Once these figures are known, it balances server loads to deliver faster speeds and maximum availability of content delivery to end-users across the globe.

In addition, G-core allows you to select which countries you want your website or application to be served from and then enables you to direct DNS control over that selection without having to change its origin server IP addresses.

In addition, G-Core provides access to industry-leading protocols, including TLS 1.2, SPDY 3.1/3.2, SSL 2/3/4, and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS).

With over 150 points of presence worldwide and over 7000 peering partners, it’s a widespread solution for your business. You can read more about the CDN services here.

G‑Core Labs Server Locations

Flexible CDN settings:

G-Core CDN provides its users with robust control and customization options for delivering their content.

A simple button click allows you to activate or deactivate the G-Core CDN for any website, web app, streaming media, or game that you own. It saves time during implementation and makes it possible to deactivate features easily when they’re not needed.

G-core also enables you to control cache headers and set TTLs on a per-geo basis or specific files by manually setting the cache header information yourself directly on the file using .htaccess rules.

Instant purge:

G-Core CDN’s Instant Purge feature lets you purge content quickly and easily without waiting for the cache to expire.

It is beneficial if you need to update your website or web app, change your streaming media, or announce something new about your game. In addition, instant purging is essential where you need the latest version of your site to be seen by visitors immediately.

In addition, this CDN comes with advanced server-side caching. This feature ensures that frequently visited content is available from the G-Core CDN cache servers for faster content delivery to end-users.

You can set server-side caching based on file extensions, cookies, query strings, or even individual URLs.

State-of-the-art security:

G-Core takes security very seriously. The company implements industry-standard SSL encryption on all plans without extra cost for the bandwidth used.

In addition, G-Core allows you to choose your preferred TLS version, IP addresses, and ciphers. Finally, the company provides its users with DDoS protection features to proactively secure against denial of service attacks that bots or malware frequently launch against websites and other properties to make things even better.

It offers advanced security features such as HSTS, CSP header, and XSS Protection. Moreover, if you are using HTTP on your website G-Core automatically redirects all requests to HTTPS.


Easy CDN management:

G-Core CDN makes it easy for its users to quickly access their content anytime, anywhere through their online portal.

All requests to the CDN are tracked and logged centrally, making it possible for you to monitor a wide variety of information, including bandwidth usage, cache hits/misses, and purges from the G-Core CDN servers.

G-Core’s unique analytics enable its users to quickly view their content delivery performance over time, allowing you to make changes as needed. Furthermore, this information is presented visually, making it simple for even novice users to understand.

Another key advantage of using G-Core products is that they provide comprehensive reporting on all aspects of content delivery – including URL views by country and HTTP traffic statistics – helping you analyze which areas are most popular and how visitors interact with your site.

Advanced and easy-to-use control panel:

G-Core CDN provides its users with a powerful and easy-to-use control panel that enables you to configure and manage your account online, anywhere, and at any time.

Using the portal, you can easily add/remove domains, change traffic limits, set expiry headers, and more – all within seconds.

In addition, G-Core offers single sign-on support for all of its content delivery services so that no additional authentication is needed to access each service, such as Cloudflare or Amazon S3. Single sign-on ensures improved security while creating an intuitive user experience.

Detailed usage statistics:

G-Core makes it easy for its users to monitor how much bandwidth they use. With one click, you can see your current usage in bytes or packets, your monthly usage statistics, and the resources that have been delivered through G-Core’s service.

In addition, G-Core is a highly scalable solution that offers more storage space with every plan upgrade, enabling you to quickly meet any sudden increases in traffic or file size requirements you may experience on your websites or web applications.

This way, you don’t have to worry about paying for overages on bandwidth during busy times of the year – upgrade your plan when needed and use all of the extra storage space without worrying about hidden costs.

For enterprise-level companies, G-Core can send API requests via a white-label API or public API. It allows for the complete customization of front-end applications and back-end systems.

How does it work?

The G-Core CDN works by serving your content to end-users from a server nearest to their geographic location.

In other words, content stored in the cloud is served directly from the closest data center – resulting in faster load times for visitors who will inevitably spend less time waiting on pages to load and more time browsing your website or web application.

G-Core CDN automatically caches static content every time it is requested so that subsequent requests for that same file are delivered without having to make any additional requests.

This feature leads to even quicker response times, improving performance across all browsers and devices (including mobile) while also reducing bandwidth costs associated with traffic congestion during peak hours or periods of high activity on your websites or web applications.

In addition, G-Core CDN allows you to set an expiration date on your cached content. It helps ensure that your web pages are always up to date and gives end users a better experience as they’re not forced to refresh their browser every time they visit your site.

G-Core CDN’s working is seamless, so you won’t need to change anything about your existing infrastructure or application code. You can use it with any website, irrespective of the platform or technology stack used.

You may know more about how the G-Core CDN works, read more.

G-Core Products

Other than CDN, G-Core offers a number of products making it a comprehensive solution for your business.

Here is the list of products that you get on the G-Core platform.

  • CDN service for websites
  • CDN for streaming
  • CDN for online stores
  • Online streaming service
  • Various hosting options
  • SSL Certificate
  • Cloud services
  • DDoS protection
  • DNS management
  • And others
G-Code Lab Products

Wrapping up!

In conclusion, G-Core CDN provides users with a highly scalable content delivery service that enables them to accelerate their websites and web apps while providing unparalleled reliability.

In addition, the company offers round-the-clock support and several advanced features such as instant purging, state-of-the-art security, advanced caching options, and easy content management.

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What Kind of Support Does G-Core Offer?

G-Core offers 24X7 support to all their customers. You may go through their product documentation and help center to understand more about the product. You may get in touch with the support team using the support email or live chat.
Email Support
Live Chat
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Phone Support

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Frequently Asked Questions About G-Core (FAQs)

Gcore Labs is a platform that offers various services like CDN, hosting, web security, and others.
They offer a completely free plan along with the paid options. The free plan offers you 28PoPS and 1TB traffic.
Yes, Gcore comes with a simple and easy to use dashboard where you can manage everything.
Gcore offers a detailed documentation, quick live chat support to help users resolve any issues they might have.

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