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BrandPush (2023): Top Features & Pricing

Grow your brand by publishing your content to top authority news sites.

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BrandPush Overview

How fancy does “As Seen On” and then a list of news sites will look on your website? We aren’t talking about local news sites but sites like Fox and USA Today. 

For a novice, featuring on such an influential news website might look like a dream, but thanks to BrandPush, you can turn this dream into reality. 

Are you now wondering what BrandPush is?

BrandPush is a news publishing service. With BrandPush, you can engage in marketing that gets results. The platform helps publish your content on more than 200 influential news websites. 

It alone can boost the search ranking of your website, and, of course, a massive exposure is guaranteed too. 

Let’s have a look at the platform in detail.

BrandPush Top Features

  • Press release within seven days 
  • Leads for authentic buyers 
  • High ranking in Google search 
  • Full report with live links 
  • Guaranteed 200 news publications 
  • Promotion of affiliate links 
  • Supports white-label reports 
  • Full report to the user with live links
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Supports popular and alternative news network

It is no secret that for proper marketing, businesses use brand push. BrandPush is one such platform recommended by digital marketers. 

With the partnered news site of BrandPush, the brand can benefit from the authority and, further, profit from the readership. Let’s give an idea of the numbers you can expect by engaging with BrandPush. 

  • News Sites: 275 
  • Monthly Readers: 140,712,900 
  • Max Authority: 92

News websites associated with BrandPush are:

  • MarketWatch 
  • Benzinga 
  • Digital Journal 
  • Daily Herald 
  • 21 News 
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 
  • Fox 40

You can use BrandPush if you are running an eCommerce website, business, charities or if you are an artist, influencer, creator, or even a musician. 

The power of BrandPush is such that people have even earned a blue mark on Instagram. Additional benefits include more signups, increased conversion rate, higher authority, and quality backlinks. 

What Is Brand Push?

Brand Push provides the users with press release distribution services for the brands and businesses. Its service helps increase brand visibility and authority. Therefore, it is a valuable marketing strategy. 

The platform provides its users with both writing and publishing services. Using these services is extremely easy. All the user needs to do is sign up for the form to enjoy a live article on more than 200 news websites within a week. 

BrandPush can help you save money, effort, and time. The articles published through BrandPush have a lifespan of 3-24 months which is good from the perspective of good SEO.

Different news sites support different duration for the published articles. However, in all the cases the users can benefit for sure!

BrandPush Review

How Can It Help?

Let us now throw light on how BrandPush can benefit your brand. You can use the platform to boost the online presence of your brand and business.

This helps improve the search ranks of the website, and this, in turn, will fetch more buyers to your website. Here are how BrandPush can be helpful:

1. More qualified buyers 

With BrandPush, you can publish articles on high-traffic news websites. You can quickly get more qualified buyers to your site with high traffic. 

Each published article works as a warming landing page for the buyers. It is generally done by making readers aware of your brand before they shift to your website for further engagement. With each publication, the brand awareness of your company improves. 

2. High ranking on Google 

The news articles published by BrandPush often can be seen on the first page of Google. Getting featured on the first page means more traffic to your website. 

Also, links from prominent news websites work like recommendations from high authorities. It generally pushes the search position of your website higher. 

3. Get blue ticks on social media platforms. 

News articles about you and your brand on more than 200 news websites clearly indicate that your company or you as a public figure holds the people’s interest. This is often checked during the verification process on the different social media platforms. 

With BrandPush, you can easily get blue ticks on platforms like:

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • Instagram

4. More sales 

The “As Seen On” badge on social media platforms is a charm for any website. This badge alone can make your website more trustworthy. 

It is seen that this trust badge can improve the conversion rates of the website by 48%. Legitimacy is critical when it comes to running an online business. 

How Does It Work?

BrandPush Review

BrandPush provides the users with two services: 

  • Writing 
  • Publishing
  • Reports


The user has the freedom to submit their own article and further ask BrandPush to write an article. If you are planning to go for articles by BrandPush, you need to provide them with the following information:

  • The topic for the article 
  • Link to your website 
  • Contact details of your business

In addition to that, you can also provide them with quotes and images and embed YouTube videos. You can avail the writing service of BrandPush through their Plus or Pro packages. You must follow their guidelines if you plan to submit your own article. The basic writing guidelines are:

  • Minimum word count of 350 and maximum word count of 1000
  • The headline should be a summary of the article 
  • Quotes should only include personal pronouns 
  • No questions should be directed at the reader 
  • You can include three links
  • The article should be written in the English language


Secondly, let’s focus on the publishing part of BrandPush. The articles will be available not on major news sites like FOX and USA Today but on their local affiliates like FOX 34 and FOX 40.

The user will have a say before the article is published. With the plus package, the user can ask for two revisions. However, the users can ask for unlimited revisions. 

You can be assured about the services of BrandPush because it comes with a money-back guarantee if your article is not published on 200 news websites.

BrandPush runs on two news networks:

  • Popular News Network: this network includes affiliates of news websites like USA Today and FOX. This is the most popular news network amongst the clients. 
  • Alternative News Network: This network is suitable for publishing articles on niches like NFTs, cryptocurrencies, alcohol, and dating. 

The users must know that BrandPush will publish one article on all the new sites. However, it still will be helpful to boost the SEO of the website. Another question that might pop up in your brain is whether all the backlinks work as do-follow links. 

Well, the do-follow links only work for the smaller news website. However, larger websites usually go for the no-follow links. This should not be a concern for you.

It is because many users have seen that even without no-follow links, the search position for the websites has increased. 


After the publication of the news, the user also provides the user with a report. The news report includes a list of all the news websites where the article is published. In addition to that, it further provides the users with data on:

  • Authority 
  • MOZ Rank 
  • Alexa Rank
  • Followers
  • Monthly Traffic

The articles published on prominent websites usually last for two years. However, some websites might delete the article to keep their website fresh with new content. 

BrandPush Pricing

BrandPush gives you three packages to choose from. The Starter package comes for $195, you will have to submit the content in this package and your content will go to 200 news publications. The Plus package comes for $229 and the $259.

BrandPush Pricing

BrandPush FAQs

Q1. What is Brand Push?

Brand Push is a news publication service that can publish your article to 200 news sites. It will help you to spread the news about your offers and increase the authority of your site.

Q2. Will The Links be Dofollow?

The links will be dofollow as well as nofollow. Most of the big news sites make the sites nofollow while the medium and small news sites may make the links dofollow.

Q3. Do I Need to Write The Article or It Is Done By Brand Push Team?

If you are going for the Starter package, you will have to submit the content. In the Plus and Pro package, the content will be taken care by the Brand Push Team.

Q4. Can I Add Affiliate Links to The Article?

No, you are not allowed to add an affiliate link directly. However, you can create a landing page with your affiliate pages and link to the landing page.

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